All About R.I.C.E.

This week was all about RICE!  That is not easy for me at all.  I tend to ignore aches and pains and keep pushing on.  But, I couldn’t ignore this.  I spent the first part of the week resting, icing, and elevating my feet while wearing compression socks.  So, this week was not a good one in terms of running.  But, it did get better towards the end, and my dad and I are planning a long run together next weekend.   more “All About R.I.C.E.”

The Word of the Week is Consistency

Hey Guys!  This is going to be a long recap, because it was a very busy week!  This week was all about being consistent!  This was my third week of marathon training, and I rocked it!  I hope I can keep this up throughout all of the training.  (15 more weeks!)  Since my second week didn’t go according to plan, I wanted to make sure that I worked hard this week.  I pushed myself hard in my workouts, but I also made sure to stretch a lot more, and get a lot of rest so my body could recover.  I really enjoyed my runs and workouts this week!  I felt stronger!    Later on when the training gets really hard, I’ll have to look back and remember how much fun I had this week! more “The Word of the Week is Consistency”


Hey! Hey!  Today I want to share some motivation with you.  I have been in desperate need of some lately, so I thought I’d share with you too.  During the winter months when it’s cold and dreary and the sun doesn’t shine much I have a hard time staying motivated.  I would rather curl up under a blanket with some hot chocolate and a good book or movie.  Even though sometimes we need that, we also need to be exercising too.  more “Motivation!”

A Solid Week of Workouts

Hi Friends!  Welcome to this week’s recap!  I had a really busy week of work, but I also had a solid week of workouts and runs.  And, the weekend brought some cooler temperatures so it was actually tolerable to be outside!  A busy week called for a relaxing weekend and that’s just what we did.  I included my weekend recap in this one since we relaxed all weekend.  Let’s go back to Monday.  more “A Solid Week of Workouts”

My Life This Week

Hi Friends!  I can’t believe another week has already gone by!  It feels like I was just sitting down yesterday to write a weekly recap.  Summer is definitely here.  This week our temperatures heated up quickly!  I had to get up really early to run before the days got too hot.  And you know I am not a morning runner!  But, I got it done. I really didn’t do much this week besides eating and running!   more “My Life This Week”

Friday Five: 5 Summer Fitness Goals

Hi Friends!  Happy Friday!  Summer is here and I’m so excited!  This is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love being outside and I love the warm weather.  Today for the Friday Five I’m linking up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?!, and Mar from Mar on the Run!.  The topic for today is fitness, so I am sharing with you my five fitness goals for this summer!   more “Friday Five: 5 Summer Fitness Goals”

Another Rainy Week Recap

Hi Friends!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  I have had a very busy week and weekend!  I hope you all had a great weekend and ate some great food.  Since we were so busy this week, I had to fit in workouts and runs whenever I could.  more “Another Rainy Week Recap”

Rainy Day Runs and Workouts

Hi friends!  I hope you all had a great week!  I had a very rainy week!  We had rain and storms just about every day this week, which can make it tough to stay active.  When I wake up and it’s raining, I don’t even want to get out of bed! Even though the weather forecast showed rain and storms for the next 15 days starting last Sunday night, I was able to still get out and get some runs in.  I also focused on a lot more strength training and core workouts.   I feel like I had a pretty active and productive week!  And, we did end up having a few days without rain!   more “Rainy Day Runs and Workouts”