A Great Start to August

Hi Guys!  I have had a great start to the new month!  Today I’m linking up for this week’s what I ate Wednesday so I can share my great start with you.  This WIAW’s post comes from this past Monday.  I started the Advocare 10 day cleanse on Monday and I want to share what I ate.  I am really excited about the cleanse and I was happy to meal plan for the week and get back on a healthy routine.  Here’s what my day looked like. more “A Great Start to August”

WIAW: Fourth of July Weekend

Hi guys!  Today I’m linking up for another WIAW.  I’m doing this one a little bit different though.  My eats are coming from the holiday weekend.  I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and got to eat some awesome food!  I had a cheat weekend!  But, even though I ate not-so-healthy food, I tried not to eat a lot of it, just enough to enjoy it.  But, it was all so good, that it was worth it!   As much as I hated for the weekend to be over, I was ready to get back in the swing of working out and eating healthier.  I do so much better when I’m home and am fixing my own meals.  So, here’s a recap of my Fourth of July weekend and all the great food I had! more “WIAW: Fourth of July Weekend”


Happy Wednesday – It’s my birthday!!  I keep seeing the WIAW (what I ate Wednesday) posts and thought I would join in the fun!  This will be my first ever WIAW post.  I love seeing what other people are eating, and also getting ideas for new meals.  I hope you can find some inspiration from mine, or just see that I’m normal and sometimes I don’t always eat healthy.  I do like to treat myself and indulge in something not-so-good for me every now and then.  I’m excited join in on this link up and share with you what I ate.  You can join in the fun too here or here.   more “WIAW #1”