Circuits, Treadmills, & A Vacation

Hey guys!  Happy Wednesday!  I have finally had a chance to sit down and get you caught up on what I’ve been doing.  It’s been a really busy week.  I had the best weekend!  We went on a little trip and it was a nice and much needed break.  But, I’ve been playing catch up since we got back and literally have had no time to do anything else!  It was worth it! But, before we get to that, let’s go all the way back to last Monday and get you all caught up.  This is going to be a long recap!     more “Circuits, Treadmills, & A Vacation”

Christmas Recap

Hey Guys!  Can you believe that Christmas is already over?  I had such a great Christmas and I am a little sad that it’s over, but I’m looking forward to the new year.  We crammed a lot of celebrations into three days, and it was a whirlwind of fun!   more “Christmas Recap”

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hey Friends!!  How was your week?  Mine was busy, busy, busy!  I felt like I was on the go all week.  But, I knew that was coming!  This is my favorite time of the year, and this year I was ready for the season.  If you missed it this week, I posted some tips that have helped me reduce my stress during the holidays this year.  You can read about them here.   more “Busy, Busy, Busy!”

A Rainy, Lazy Weekend

Hi Friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  We had the best weekend!  It was my favorite kind – relaxing.  It rained a lot, so that meant that we were stuck inside.  Since we were stuck inside, we were really lazy, and it was nice! After a really busy week, I was super excited about this weekend and getting caught up on some rest.  I took full advantage of the rain and stayed snuggled up in a warm blanket and enjoyed Christmas movies.  I left you off on my weekly recap with Friday afternoon, so we’ll start here with that night.  more “A Rainy, Lazy Weekend”

5 Ways to Relieve Stress

Anyone out there ever deal stress?  I know I do! So, I have some tips to share on dealing with stress.  This past week I went to a workshop on ways to relieve stress.  It was a great workshop and the instructor had lots of advice on how to deal with stress.  I walked away with new tips and strategies that I didn’t know before.  Today I want to share those with all of you because I think everyone can use some help with stress! more “5 Ways to Relieve Stress”

The Only Oil You Will Ever Need

Hi Friends!  Today I have a new product to share with you.   Who out there loves coconut oil?  I know I do!  I love coconut oil because there are so many ways you can use it.  So when Skinny & Company asked me to try their products, I was all about it!  It was perfect timing too as I had just used the last of my “regular” coconut oil.  There is nothing regular about Skinny & Co!  They have so much more to offer than just regular coconut oil.  They also have lots of coconut oil beauty products too!  And I have a discount code just for my readers!  I can’t wait to share all of this with you.  more “The Only Oil You Will Ever Need”

A Big Surprise

Happy Monday Everyone!  I had a great weekend and I hope you all did too.  Mine was pretty low key though.  We did have plans on Saturday, but they fell through due to our sick puppy.  That’s okay though because I couldn’t have left and worried about him all day.  So, we hung around close to the house all weekend.  And, I did get an awesome surprise!  The best kind of a surprise because it was “just because”.     more “A Big Surprise”

Heat Wave

Hey Everyone!  The first week in August is over and it has been a HOT one!  I hope you are all surviving this heat wave!  I had a great start to the new month and did pretty well getting back into a healthy eating and working out routine.  I tried to stay active everyday.  The heat really affected my running though, but I made sure to get in other workouts on days that I couldn’t run.   Here’s how my week went.   more “Heat Wave”

Weekly Recap and New Goals

Hi Friends!  I have been a little MIA from the link ups and from reading and commenting on your posts.  But, I’m back!  I can’t believe July is already over.  That means that fall is just around the corner.  That makes me so sad.  I love summer!  This year is flying by so fast!  I have some new goals for August to share with you.  But first, let’s see how my week went.  We had some sickness in our house and that kind of put a damper on working out and running.  I still managed to get some in, but was super tired during all of them.  Here’s how my week went.  more “Weekly Recap and New Goals”

Weekend Celebration

Happy Monday Everybody!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I sure did!  It was full of family time – which is the best!  I got to celebrate my dad and grandpa.  Who are also the best!   Before we get to Father’s Day, let’s start with Friday.   more “Weekend Celebration”