Meal Prep Edition 7

Hey Everyone!  Today I’m sharing my meals from this week with you!  I hope you can find some inspiration if you need it, or try it out if you just want something different.  This week’s meals were quick, easy, and very tasty!  I made ground turkey taco salads.  more “Meal Prep Edition 7”

Keep On Going

Hey Guys!  I have been running around nonstop this week.  It’s been super crazy!  I feel like I haven’t had a single minute to myself to just relax.  But, you just have to keep on going!  This coming week will be much calmer and I am going to enjoy every minute of it!  more “Keep On Going”

Banana Oat Monster Cookies

Monday night I had a huge sweet tooth!  I was craving cookies and I almost dove into the chocolate chip cookie dough that’s in the fridge.  But, I have been doing pretty well with my sugar intake, so I decided to make something healthier.  Plus, I had three extremely ripe bananas that needed to be used or trashed.  So, I threw together some healthy banana oat cookies.  more “Banana Oat Monster Cookies”

5 Ways to Relieve Stress

Anyone out there ever deal stress?  I know I do! So, I have some tips to share on dealing with stress.  This past week I went to a workshop on ways to relieve stress.  It was a great workshop and the instructor had lots of advice on how to deal with stress.  I walked away with new tips and strategies that I didn’t know before.  Today I want to share those with all of you because I think everyone can use some help with stress! more “5 Ways to Relieve Stress”

A Solid Week of Workouts

Hi Friends!  Welcome to this week’s recap!  I had a really busy week of work, but I also had a solid week of workouts and runs.  And, the weekend brought some cooler temperatures so it was actually tolerable to be outside!  A busy week called for a relaxing weekend and that’s just what we did.  I included my weekend recap in this one since we relaxed all weekend.  Let’s go back to Monday.  more “A Solid Week of Workouts”

Advocare Cleanse Results and Review

Advocare cleanse results and review New blog post Run and Live Happy

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to share my Advocare Cleanse experience with you.  I want to start off by saying a HUGE thank you to Deneene from Southern Living Yankee.  She helped me tremendously with the meal planning before and also with motivation and support during.  I started the 10 day cleanse on August 1.  I want to share with you what I ate and how I felt during the cleanse in case you are considering doing one.  more “Advocare Cleanse Results and Review”

Heat Wave

Hey Everyone!  The first week in August is over and it has been a HOT one!  I hope you are all surviving this heat wave!  I had a great start to the new month and did pretty well getting back into a healthy eating and working out routine.  I tried to stay active everyday.  The heat really affected my running though, but I made sure to get in other workouts on days that I couldn’t run.   Here’s how my week went.   more “Heat Wave”

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Hi Guys!  Today I have a very special guest that is taking over the blog!   I’ve been telling you about her workouts, but there is so much more to her that inspires me.  Everyday she posts beautiful quotes and pictures that show what a strong woman she is inside and out.  She motivates me everyday to work on being a better me!   I invited her to share her story with you all today!  This is one inspirational and empowering lady! Meet Barbara, blogilates_princess, from Instagram. more “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”

Running, Eating, & Puppies!

Hi Everyone! 

Before I get busy this weekend, I thought I would catch you up on what I have been doing this week. 

It has felt like this week has lasted a year!  To be honest, when I sat down to write this, I couldn’t remember what I did on Monday or Tuesday.  So, I had to look back at what I have posted this week and I realized that I already posted Monday and Tuesday.  So, that brings me to Wednesday.  


On Wednesday, I had oatmeal for breakfast and a Smart Ones meal for lunch.  It was Alfredo with broccoli. It’s probably one of my favorites.  Since the weather has started to get cold, I have been wanting hot food.  So, I bought a bunch of frozen dinners to eat for lunch.  They are hot, and they keep me full all afternoon.  I ran 3 miles on Wednesday. 


It was a pretty good run.  I started having a little bit of soreness in my left leg.  It’s not the same pain that I was having in my right leg, so hopefully that is a good sign.  It’s just sore right above my ankle.  It’s more in the muscle, and it only hurts when I run.  So, after my run, I iced it and massaged it and it felt a lot better.  Then I took Jake for a walk.  It ended up lasting a lot longer than I planned because we ran into a pack of puppies.  I have no idea who they belong too, but they were super cute.  They squeezed through the fence so they could play with Jake and he loved it!  They were all jumping on him and rolling all around him and he just played and played with them.  He was mad when I pushed them back through the fence so we could go home.  He ran up and down the fence whining and barking with them.  We tried to convince Jeremy that we needed the black and white one, but he wasn’t going for it. 

Running, Eating, & Puppies! Run and Live Happy (7)

Once we got home, I got busy baking.  I made homemade oatmeal cream pies.  I got the recipe from Tara at Simply Taralynn.  You can see her recipe here.  Mine look nothing like hers.  I couldn’t get the filling to be thick and not runny.  But, they were delicious!  I mean, I could have eaten all of them by myself!  I actually cut the recipe in half because I knew we didn’t need a whole bunch, so maybe that was what went wrong with the filling.  The cookies were soft and chewy, and the filling was sweet.  After I let them sit for awhile, the filling seemed to harden up a little bit.  I’ll definitely be making these again! 

Running, Eating, & Puppies! Run and Live Happy (3)

On Thursday, I had oatmeal for breakfast and a Lean Cuisine chicken and Spanish rice meal for lunch.  It was okay, not one of my favorites, but I didn’t hate it.  I was really dreading my run because I was so tired.  But, I knew I had to do it, so I did and it was awesome! 

Running, Eating, & Puppies! Run and Live Happy (1)

It’s always days like that when I don’t want to do it, that I usually have a great run.  When I went out to start, I turned my app on and found out that I had forgotten to turn it off the day before.  It said I had run 3 miles in 18 hours.  Oops!  I ran 3 miles with no pain!  After my run, I got out all of our Christmas stuff, and got busy putting up our trees, and drinking eggnog.  You can see my Christmas tree post here

Running, Eating, & Puppies! Run and Live Happy (2)

Today, I ate an oatmeal cookie for breakfast!  It was so good.  Then I had a Fit and Active meal from Aldi for lunch.  It was Chicken Alfredo with spinach.  It was pretty good to just be 97 cents!  

Running, Eating, & Puppies! Run and Live Happy (4)

After lunch, I went to Aldi to pick up some wrapping paper, bows, gift bags, and ribbon.  They have cute stuff and it is cheap!  And, I also picked up some more of the Fit and Active frozen meals.  I’m going to try the lasagna next.  I’ll let you know how it is.  

I got a huge surprise when I got home.  When I pulled in my driveway, I noticed that there was a lot of water running out from under the garage door.  When I opened it, I found that the garage was flooded!  My washer had backed up, and there was water standing everywhere!  Jeremy was gone, so I had to try to clean it.  I had to move everything to the middle of the garage and dry it all off.  The water ran out in front of the washer and then down the side to the opposite wall of the garage and down it.  It was weird!  I had to sweep out all of the water.  I couldn’t believe how much of it there was!  But, once I got it all out, the floor dried pretty quickly.  We’re hoping that it just backed up because we got over 7 inches of rain this week and it just didn’t have any place to drain because there is so much water everywhere.  

Running, Eating, & Puppies! Run and Live Happy (5)

After cleaning that mess, I took Jake for a walk to see the puppies again.  He loves them!  He played with them while I talked to our neighbor.  We stayed out until it was almost dark, and then I made Jake go home because I was cold!

Running, Eating, & Puppies! Run and Live Happy (8) 

When we got home, I finished wrapping presents with all of my new wrapping paper.  And, Jake kept stealing my bows.  I thought this year I would try to put them on and see if he would leave them alone, but I guess that’s not going to happen!  

Running, Eating, & Puppies! Run and Live Happy (6)

This week was a really long week, but it was a good week as far as running and eating go.  I noticed this week that I am starting to get back on track.  I have really been struggling the last few weeks with my food choices.  I have tried to make healthy choices, but with all of the pies and breads and also with being so busy, I have really not been very good.  I was craving sweets and carbs, even a cheeseburger.  I know it’s only been a week, but I am already feeling better.  Getting back in a routine of running has really helped.  When I am consistently running, I crave healthy foods.  I make much better choices because when I eat junk, it makes it harder to run.  I am really excited about this marathon training.  It’s going to give me something to work towards!  

Tomorrow, I have 6 miles to run.  I’ll update you when my week one training is complete!  

What are your plans this weekend?