Spring Has Sprung!

Hey Everyone!  I hope you have had a great first week of spring!  We had some record breaking temps this week.  It was in the 90’s at the beginning of the week and then stayed in the upper 80’s the rest of the time.  It was so nice!   We were able to sit outside after dark and enjoy the warm weather.  The evenings offered the perfect running weather.  And, I love warm mornings.  I am so ready for summer!  more “Spring Has Sprung!”

Meal Prep Edition 6

Hey guys! Happy Hump Day!  Things have finally settled down around here and I have had some time to do some real meal prepping.  I love having just quick go to meals that I can prep quickly, but I do get tired of them sometimes.  The last couple of weeks I have been eating yogurt with fruit for breakfast and ground turkey and steamed veggies for lunch.  I have been buying the frozen steamer veggies.  By doing that, I can have my meals prepped for the week in less than 30 minutes.  But, I was ready for some real meals this week.  more “Meal Prep Edition 6”

It’s Been A Great Week!

Hey Guys! Guess what?!!  (<– I’m super excited!!)  The wellness challenge at work is over, and I won!!  My prize is (around) $360 cash!  I’m supposed to get it this next week.  I’m so happy!  I worked really hard.  Spinach, green beans, and broccoli for breakfast were not fun!  Two hours of workouts, 7 days a week wore me down.  And, getting 7 hours of sleep a night was definitely a challenge, but it was all worth it!    more “It’s Been A Great Week!”

Food, Fitness, and Life This Week

Hey guys!  How’s it going?  This week has been a blur.  It seriously went by so fast!  When I sat down to write this I had to look back at my pictures to try and remember what all I did all week.  But, I didn’t take very many so that didn’t help.  😉  I’m glad it’s the weekend and I have Monday off so I’m really excited about that!  I hope you all have a great week!  Here’s a recap of my week.  more “Food, Fitness, and Life This Week”

Meal Prep Edition 2

Hey Guys!  Welcome to this week’s edition of my weekly meal prep.  This week I tried to use up any food that I already had.  So, my meals are pretty simple, and there wasn’t much prep involved. 🙂 And, that means that this post is really short!  I hope you get some inspiration from my meals!   more “Meal Prep Edition 2”

The Word of the Week is Consistency

Hey Guys!  This is going to be a long recap, because it was a very busy week!  This week was all about being consistent!  This was my third week of marathon training, and I rocked it!  I hope I can keep this up throughout all of the training.  (15 more weeks!)  Since my second week didn’t go according to plan, I wanted to make sure that I worked hard this week.  I pushed myself hard in my workouts, but I also made sure to stretch a lot more, and get a lot of rest so my body could recover.  I really enjoyed my runs and workouts this week!  I felt stronger!    Later on when the training gets really hard, I’ll have to look back and remember how much fun I had this week! more “The Word of the Week is Consistency”

Meal Prep Ideas Edition 1

Hey Everyone!  I decided that this month I was going to start sharing my weekly meal prep with you.  I started meal prepping a couple of years ago because I got in a bad habit of eating out every day at lunch.  It was easy to run with a co-worker to a fast food restaurant and grab a quick lunch.  But, that was not healthy at all!  I started meal prepping as a way to have a healthy lunch and to save money.  I get a lot of questions about what I eat and how I prep it for the whole week so I decided to start a series and share with you what I do each week.  more “Meal Prep Ideas Edition 1”

Melons Anyone?

Hello!  TGIF!!  I have been looking forward to today since Monday! 

Yesterday was all about food and running and reading.  I finished the book Tell No One by Harlen Coben.  I highly recommend this book for anyone that likes a good mystery/thriller/suspense/even a little bit of a love story!  It’s all of those rolled into one!  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and it has so many twists, that you don’t actually find out the truth until the very last page!  You think you know, but you don’t!   It’s so good!  


Anyways, on to eating and running yesterday. 

Breakfast was the usual, oatmeal.  I mixed it up a bit and had a package of peaches and cream.  Lunch was leftover spaghetti squash!  I am so addicted to this now.

I also had a snack.  These are so good!  Aldi has them, and then they will be out of them for months. I stock up when they are in.  

Melons Anyone New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (1)

In fact, I’m so addicted that I ran to Walmart to pick up a couple more of them.  When I was walking out the door, carrying my bag of squash, some random guy creeper came up behind me and said, “Hey, you’ve got some nice melons.”  He thought it was hilarious.  I was completely shocked that a complete stranger would say that to me!  Seriously, who says stuff like that?!  Oh, and by the way, they aren’t melons! I just headed the other way. 

Once I got my melons squash home, I took Jake for a walk in the pasture.  The weather was beautiful, and it wasn’t too cold, it was in the mid-50’s.  Jake ran at full speed the entire time we were up there.  Once I finally drug him home, I went back for a run.  I was supposed to run 3 miles, but I got in 2 and a half and then a half mile walk. 

Melons Anyone New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (2)

One of my neighbors was out walking her dogs, and she started talking to me, so I just walked the last half mile and talked to her.  She is always so friendly!

When I got back home, Jake was still fired up.  So, I took him back down the road thinking he could play with my neighbor’s dogs while she was walking them, but she had already gone home.  So, I ran with him for almost a mile.  He must have thought we were in a race because he sprinted the entire time! 

Melons Anyone New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (3)

Then he went right in and went to bed!

Melons Anyone New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (4)

Jeremy had games, so I fixed more spaghetti squash for dinner.  (I will get him to try it!) 

Melons Anyone New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (5)

I fixed it with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese.  I love it!! 

Melons Anyone New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (6)


Then I caught up on Law and Order SVU and Big Bang Theory! 


Melons Anyone New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (7)

I hope you have a great weekend!