A Fast Week & A Birthday Celebration Weekend

Hey Friends!  Today is a very cold day, so I opted to stay inside all day and skip my run.  I’m trying to stay well!  I just finished meal prepping for the week.  I made the same lunch that I did last week.  We’re getting ready to watch the Super Bowl.  To be honest, I’m more excited about Justin Timberlake at half time than I am the actual game.  Before the game gets started, let’s get right into my recap!  more “A Fast Week & A Birthday Celebration Weekend”

Workouts, Runs, & Eats From This Week

Happy Monday Friends!  It is currently 5 am and I am sitting here sipping my morning Spark and finishing up this recap.  I had it almost ready to go last night and I just could not keep my eyes open anymore.  This past week was filled with some really good workouts, runs, and lots of good healthy food!  Most of the time I eat my meals on repeat and it was no different this week.  more “Workouts, Runs, & Eats From This Week”