Mother’s Day Weekend Recap

Hi All!  I just had the best weekend!  We were go, go, go the whole time!  And I loved it!  We spent the weekend with family and ate a lot of great food.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I wanted to just enjoy my time with everyone instead of having to try and get pictures.  Here’s what we did. more “Mother’s Day Weekend Recap”

Weekly Recap and Marathon Training

Hey Everyone!  I have been MIA the last few days (unless you follow me on snapchat:  runandlivehappy) because we have been out of town.  I have done so much this last week, that I am going to have to break it up into a couple of posts.  I also want to update you on my week 11 marathon training, even though there’s not much to report.  Oops!    more “Weekly Recap and Marathon Training”

A Very Busy Weekend

Hi Everyone!  How was your weekend?  Good, I hope!  I had a weekend full of basketball!  It is playoffs, so Jeremy has lots of games, and they are all over the state.  But, we only have two more weeks and then it’s over.  Even though we were at basketball games the majority of the weekend, I did find time to get in a long run, visit some friends, and do a Be Fit workout video. more “A Very Busy Weekend”

The Beach is Calling


Now that the weather is cold, it makes me wish for a vacation.  Actually, I wish that I could move to a beach in the Caribbean and soak up the sun every day from now on.  I am not a cold weather person at all!  more “The Beach is Calling”

Shop Till You Drop!

Yesterday, we shopped until we dropped!  For Christmas, Jeremy and I got a lot of gift cards and money! So, yesterday we went to Norman to go spend it all!  I got up really early and was going to run before we left, but it was 28 degrees and there was ice on the ground so I didn’t.  Instead, I made lists of all of the places I wanted to go, and things I wanted to buy.  I definitely got a workout from walking around all day.

When we got to Norman, we stopped at Sooner Mall to go to Old Navy. 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (13)

My nana gave me a gift card for there and I was super excited about using it.  But, I went at the wrong time.  They were in the “in between” stage and there was not much on the racks or shelves.  Everything was on sale and they were trying to get rid of all of it.  I found 2 sweaters that I liked, but they did not have my size in either of them.  I was so disappointed, but at least I still have a gift card for when they do get their new stuff out. 

I have figured something out about Old Navy.  Tell me if you have noticed this too.  If I shop in the store and find something that I like, I can order it online for a lot cheaper.  Unless it is a really good deal in the store, I will take pictures of everything that I like and then go online and order it.  I think I save a ton of money that way!  They are always having big sales online.  Since they didn’t have my size in the sweaters I liked, we decided that we would go to the Old Navy in Oklahoma City later to see if they had them. (They were on sale for $10!)

When we left Old Navy, we walked across to Sun and Ski Sports to search for some new Toms.  I tried to find some before Christmas, but the store didn’t have my size.  Lucky for me, they had a sale for buy one get one half! 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (14)

And, they had my size in black and navy!  So, I got two new pairs.  The girl checking me out was teasing me because I wear kids sizes in Toms.  She went on and on about how much cheaper they are, and I agree.  The only down side is that unless I like hearts and flowers, there really aren’t a lot of kids designs that I can wear.  But, I was really happy to get these since mine were worn out!

File Dec 30, 6 41 37 PM

We decided we didn’t want to walk around the mall, so we left and headed to the other Old Navy.  It was about the same as the one in Norman.  The only difference was that it looked completely ransacked!  There was hardly anything hanging, it was all thrown on the tables, so you had to dig.  I had to do some searching, but I found one of the sweaters I wanted in my size! 

When we left there it was around noon and I was starving!  I had skipped breakfast because I wasn’t hungry and I figured we would eat an early lunch.  We went to Chick-Fil-A.  I got the chicken nuggets meal and thanks to Heather at Polyglot Jot’s recommendation, I tried the chick-fil-a sauce.  It was really good!  I think I like it better than the honey mustard now.  Jeremy tried it too and he really liked it!  I’m hooked now! 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (11)

We left there and headed to Moore to return some things to Gordman’s.  Since we didn’t have the receipt, we had to exchange them.  We got some new pillows, a new toy for Jake, and Jeremy got a couple of new shirts.  I also got a new silicone spatula. 

File Dec 30, 6 42 22 PM

Then we headed over to Hobby Lobby so I could find something to hang my medals on.  Right now I just have them laying on top of my dresser, but I really want to hang them up.  I found a rack ( I think it’s a towel rack) that will work for now.  I am eventually going to order one.  I want a metal one that says “always earned, never given”.  I’ll post a picture when I get them hung up!  I was bummed that we missed all of the Christmas stuff.  It was 66% off, but it was all picked over and there wasn’t hardly any left.  That’s okay though because we really didn’t need anything. 

When we came out of there, we walked next door to a Fan Outfitters store.  Jeremy bought us both a new OU t-shirt to wear while we watch the game tomorrow!  Mine’s the black one!

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (8)

After leaving there, we went down the road to Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (15)

Jeremy loves to shop this time of year because they have all of the camo and hunting stuff on sale. 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (16)

We He spent about an hour in there looking at all their hunting stuff.   I spent about an hour in there looking at running socks and shoes and clothes and they had this board with upcoming races. 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (17)

I think the Frozen Nose series sounds fun.  I will have to see how it could fit into my training schedule and also what we will be doing on those days.  (The race is 2 hours away from me)  We left there empty handed because everything he found, he thought we could find at Academy and he had gift cards there. 

We headed back to Norman and stopped at Ulta.  They were having their big sale on jumbo shampoos and conditioners.  I have desperately been searching for a new shampoo and conditioner since mine changed it’s formula.   I found Jeremy’s on sale for $12.99! 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (10)

I bought this kind for me, and I will do a post once I figure out if I like it or not. 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (9)

When I was in line to check out, I found this in one of the bins by the cash register. 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (7)

I didn’t pay attention to the box.  The bin said under eye concealer.  I got up extremely early yesterday morning and I had HUGE bags under my eyes.  And, ironically, while I was up so early I watched an infomercial about It cosmetics.  So I was thinking “Sweet! This will cover up the bags!”  I threw it in with my stuff and headed out the door.  Once I got in the car, and used it, I realized that it wasn’t concealer, it’s foundation.  I tried it this morning, and I don’t know what I think about it.  It seems really thick, but it didn’t seem to cover very well.  I’ll try it again tomorrow and see what I think.  (On that subject, my mom sells Mary Kay, so that is all I have ever worn.  I wouldn’t know how to go into a store and pick out makeup! My mom has always given me what I need.)

 When we left Ulta, we headed to Academy.  This is what Jeremy was waiting for all day!  He drove me around and followed me through all the stores I wanted to go in, so I could repay the favor!  By the time we got there my feet and legs were hurting from walking around in my Uggs all day, but I sucked it up and was a good wife.  (Very minimal complaining!)  Jeremy had some gift cards to spend, so I was thinking we would be in there around an hour.  If you follow me on Snap Chat, you got see how long we were in there, and how bored I was!  

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (20)

We spent almost 3 and a half hours in Academy!! We started with all of the compression stuff.  Jeremy needed new stuff to wear when he referees.  I had bought him a shirt for Christmas, but it didn’t fit.  So, he had to try on several different tops and bottoms.  Then, we moved on to camo.  They had all of their camo on sale, so we went through all of it and he tried on a ton of it.  He ended up getting 2 sets of pants, shirts, and coats.  (Which he needed, his is faded and old!) 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (21)

Then we looked at all of the deer stands that were on sale, and compared all of them.  He ended up getting 2 of those. 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (18)

Then, we went to the shoe department in search of some new socks.  He ended up trying on tons of shoes, and he even broke a display because he was trying to stretch the cord down so he could try on that shoe!  Oops! 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (2)

I did get a new foam roller, a running tank, and some new running shorts that were on sale for $5! 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (19)

We literally closed the place down!  All of the employees were standing at the front door when we checked out, and several of them gladly helped us load the car! 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (3)

With the car completely full of new things, we were done shopping since we couldn’t fit any more bags in there!  We were both hungry, so we went through our choices.  Neither of us wanted Mexican or Italian.  So we settled on Outback. 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (4)

We haven’t eaten there since March!  Jeremy ordered a Bloomin’ Onion and we didn’t even eat half of it.  

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (5)

It was good, but it was just way too much fried food.  I really wanted a cheese burger.  I rarely eat those, and that sounded so good.  But I’m trying to clean up my diet after the holiday’s so I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (12)

It was not so great.  The menu said it had avocados on it, but it came with guacamole that tasted like lime.  I scraped it off and ate just the chicken and few fries.  Jeremy shared his side salad with me.  He ordered a huge pork chop, baked potato, and side salad.  He said it was really good!  It must have been because he ate all of it! 

Shop Till You Drop New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (6)

When we finished dinner, we headed home.  It was such a fun day!  I didn’t really get much stuff, or many clothes.  But, I still have my Old Navy gift card.  I’ll make up for it soon! 

Are you getting back into a healthy routine, or do you wait until the new year? 

College Game Day – OU vs OSU

I had an awesome weekend!!  Jeremy and I got to go to College Game Day at Oklahoma State University!  They were playing (my team) OU. 

Jeremy’s aunt and uncle have season tickets at OSU, and since they were in New York with our cousin, they gave us their tickets!  I have never been to a bedlam game at OSU before.  I went a couple of times in college and just hung out at Eskimo Joes, but I had never watched the game in the stadium.  So, we were really excited when the tickets came in the mail!

college game day new blog post run and live happy (3)

We spent Friday night getting all of our cold weather gear out because the game was at 7:00 pm and the temperature was supposed to be 31 degrees and raining or snowing.  We wanted to make sure we were warm so we could enjoy the game! 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (13)

Saturday morning we got up really early and left because it was raining hard and the news said that the roads were icy.  So, we were going to drive slow. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (12)

And, we were making a little bit of a detour because I really needed new running shoes.  I buy my shoes at Red Coyote Running in Edmond, and that is about an hour and 45 minutes away from my house, so I don’t have many chances to get up there.  I would have just ordered my shoes, but since I’ve been having so much pain in my leg and foot, I wanted to be fitted again to make sure I was in the right shoe.  I also wanted to talk to them about insoles. 

When we left, it was pouring down rain, but we didn’t have any ice.  The farther away from home we got, the more ice we started seeing on the sides of the roads and the trees.  Once we got to Edmond, there ice covering everything!  We even saw a power line down across the middle of a road. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (10)

We got to Red Coyote around 10:30, and we were lucky because there wasn’t anyone else in there!  I got to spend the whole time talking to the saleswoman, with her attention all on me.  The last time I went to buy shoes, they were so busy, that I had to wait for 45 minutes to even have someone help me, and then she was helping me and three others at the same time.  So, this was nice to actually be able to explain to her exactly what kind of pain I have been having, so she could fit me in the best shoe and insoles. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (15)

She was so helpful and attentive, I got the best service!  I tried on four different pairs of shoes, and two different insoles.  The first pair were Nikes, and as soon as I stood up, the insoles hurt my foot so badly that I immediately had to take them off.  So, she put a different one in there, and it was so comfortable that I couldn’t even tell it was there.  I ran on the treadmill with the Nikes.  They were really lightweight, but I just didn’t feel like I had a lot of support.  Next I tried some New Balance shoes and I really liked them.  They felt really light, and almost bouncy when I landed.  They were comfortable too.  Then, I tried on some Saucony’s.  I did not like these at all.  As soon as I started running, I got sharp pains in my foot.  Finally, I tried on some Brooks.  These are my absolute favorite brand of running shoes.  They are all I have ever worn, so I know they will be good.  Of course as soon as I put them on, I loved the way they felt.  They are so supportive and comfortable, that I don’t even feel them.  Hopefully that makes sense.  I knew I loved these, but I wanted to make sure.  So I put on one Brooks and one New Balance and ran.  I could tell a huge difference!  The New Balance shoe felt light in my hand, but when I had it on with the Brooks, I felt like I was lifting a weight every time I picked my foot up. 

So, of course I went with the Brooks.  I got the Ravenna 7.  And, I got some new insoles.  I am itching to try them out, but yesterday it was still raining and gross, so today or tomorrow I may go over to my moms and try them on her treadmill.  I get really excited about new running shoes!  That is the best!  But, what’s even better than that is when your husband offers to buy them for you!  He was a little shocked at the price though! 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (16)

When we left Red Coyote, we stopped by the new Cabelas in Oklahoma City. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (6)

Everything was covered in ice there. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (18)

The store was really nice.  It was packed with people, and they had so much merchandise crammed in there that it was hard to get around.  They had all of their Christmas stuff out, and a beautiful tree up.   I am definitely in the Christmas mood!  (Now if I can just get my shopping done!)

college game day new blog post run and live happy (7)

Jeremy found something that he wanted for Christmas, and I found a toy that I wanted to get Jake. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (9)

I loved looking at all the animals!  I can’t even begin to imagine what a taxidermist made doing all of these!

college game day new blog post run and live happy (4)

We walked around looking at everything for a little bit before getting back on the road.  I like Cabelas, but you can find the same things at Academy for much less!    

We left there and headed to Stillwater for GAME DAY!! It rained and sleeted on us the entire day, but right before the game it stopped! 

Heading to College Game Day
Heading to College Game Day

We got to Stillwater around 2, and ran to Academy because Jeremy didn’t think I was going to be warm enough.   He bought me some new insulated coveralls to wear over all of my layers of clothes. 

We stopped at a McDonald’s so Jeremy could run in and put on all of his layers of clothes, and I just got dressed in the car.  Then, we went to find parking.  All of the lots we drove by said $40 or $50 for parking.  We got lucky because we saw this couple standing outside of their apartment complex with signs that said $30.  We pulled in, and they moved their car and gave us their hanging permit tag.  We were only a block away from Eskimo Joe’s and from the stadium! 

We headed down to Eskimo Joe’s to try and get something to eat before the game.  It was so much fun seeing all of the people tailgating up and down both sides of the road. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (8)

It was all OSU fans, but I wore my OU colors proudly!!  We were just about to walk in Eskimo Joe’s when we heard the Boomer Sooner song being blasted down the street.  We went to the curb to look, and there was a Range Rover with huge speakers driving down the road playing the OU’s fight song!  It was hilarious!  I’m surprised no one threw anything at that guy. 

We went in to Eskimo Joes, but it was standing room only, so we knew we would not be able to get a table.  Everyone was already camped out to watch the game in there. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (19)

So, we headed across the street to The Garage.  It is a burger joint, and it is really good.  We ate at the one in Norman and loved it!  There was a line out the door, but it seemed to be moving pretty quickly, so we waited. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (21)

While we were in line, we got to talking to the three people in front of us.  We waited in line with these people for about 30 minutes and then once we ordered, they asked if we wanted to sit with them.  Of course we said yes, and we had a lot of fun talking to them.  The restaurant was full, but it looked like it was mainly people hanging out at the bar.  We were able to get a table as soon as we ordered.  

college game day new blog post run and live happy (22)

Our food came out pretty quickly, and it was so good!  I forgot to take a picture of the whole burger, but you get to see what I didn’t eat! 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (23)

I ordered just a plain cheeseburger.  They had a game day menu, and all they had were burgers.  Their regular menu is huge, and has all kinds of things to choose from.  They even have turkey burgers and bison burgers.  I don’t eat a lot of burgers, so when I’m going to splurge and eat one, I want it to be good.  This one did not disappoint, it was awesome!  The meat was fresh and flavored just right.  The bun was good, but it wasn’t what we all thought they normally had.  We decided it must have been a game day bun.  The fries were hand cut, and were good.  They didn’t have a lot of seasoning on them though.  One of the guys ordered the garlic parmesan fries and he said they were really good.  We hung out with them for a couple of hours before heading back to the car to put on the rest of our clothes for the game.  When we got back to the car, it was not raining anymore, but it was cold. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (11)

I put on a base layer top and bottom, then my cold weather gear running tights and top, then my jeans and a OU hoodie.  Over that, I wore my new insulated coveralls.  Then I put on my insulated camo hunting coat, and over that I wore a Columbia coat.  Then I put on 3 pairs of socks and my insulated hunting boots.  I also had on two toboggans, a scarf, and ski gloves.  I felt like a giant ball, and could hardly move, but I was warm! 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (26)

We walked over to the stadium and had to wait in line for about 5 minutes to get in. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (27)

They wanted us to take our hats off and unzip our coats.  I asked him which coat.  LOL  Then, we ran into these guys on our way to our seats.  I had to have a picture!  (I look like I have chipmunk cheeks because of the hat and scarf!) 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (28)

The stadium is really nice!  I hadn’t been there since I was in high school.  

college game day new blog post run and live happy (30)

We went in and found our seats, and they were awesome!  We were on the 35 yard line, 14 rows up, and on the aisle. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (39)

We could see everything clearly!  We had great seats!  We got to our seats about 45 minutes before kickoff. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (33)

There was a little bit of a wind break inside the stadium, so it didn’t seem as cold.  I really enjoyed all of the pregame activities.  It was senior night, so they recognized all of the seniors and their parents.  Then they brought out Bullet (the horse).  

college game day new blog post run and live happy (36)

The way they introduced the players was exciting!  There was so much smoke, and we could watch them leaving their locker room on the big screen, and then they all came running out on the field.  It was cool!  

college game day new blog post run and live happy (38)

The stadium filled up, and the game began!  I was surrounded by OSU fans, my own husband even wore an orange hat!  (His was a hunting hat, but it was still orange!)  There were very few OU fans around me. 

Surrounded by orange
Surrounded by orange

Some of the OSU fans gave me a hard time, but in the end, they were telling me congratulations!  I tried not to celebrate too much since I was still outnumbered!  Actually, everyone around us was really nice and friendly. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (32)

We stood up the entire game, and I think it helped me stay warm.  The halftime show was great!  The bands were both really good.  OU’s band played Maroon 5 songs, and OSU’s band played Back to the Future songs.  Both bands had a twirler.  I was really impressed with both of them.  I don’t know how they held on to those batons in the cold.

college game day new blog post run and live happy (5) 

Then, after the bands were done, they brought out a little boy and his mom on the field.  They told him he won a prize from Pistol Pete and he got to take his picture with him.  Then, they brought out his dad who had just returned from Afghanistan to surprise him.  He was so excited.  He ran to him and just clung to him!  I’m glad we got to be there to see that.  Everyone in the stadium was standing and cheering for them!  It was such a moving experience. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (37)

After half time, I finally started getting cold.  Jeremy covered with me a blanket, and then only my feet were cold. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (41)

Sometime during the second half, something began to fall.  I thought it was snow at first, but then it just became a heavy mist.  Our outer layer of clothes was soaked by the time the game was over. 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (2)

We stayed until the very end.  We had so much fun at the game!  The stadium was loud and the crowd was very energetic!  And, my team won!!  Go OU!!  I can’t wait to go again! 

college game day new blog post run and live happy (1)

When the game was over, we headed back to the car.  We took off all of our wet clothes and threw them in the trunk and headed home.  It rained on us most of the way home.  We got lucky since the rain stopped for the game!  We got home around 1:30, and went straight to bed.  We slept until noon on Sunday! 

It was still raining on Sunday, so I stayed in and did some work on the computer.  I also did some online Christmas shopping.  I am having a hard time finding gifts for my family, because no one will tell me what they want! But, I did get a few bought!

Pile on the MIles Final Check in Run and Live Happy

I had such a good weekend, and I was not ready for it to be over!  

What did you do this weekend?

Halloween Weekend Recap

Hello!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was really, really busy!  So, this is going to be a long post, because I have so much to share! 

Friday, I got to dress up for work.  I was a Rockford Peach from the movie A League of Their Own.  I love this costume and have wanted to be this for the last three years!  So, I was really excited to get to wear it this year!

Halloween Weekend REcap Run and Live Happy

It rained all day Friday!! So now, this is what I have to drive on, since they still aren’t working to fix my road! 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (8)

Jeremy took my car Friday afternoon to get new tires on it.  He’s really good at making sure everything is always working right.  While he was gone, I packed up all of our stuff.  I had three bags!  One for my running stuff, one with my costume, and one for the rest of our things!  We looked like we were going somewhere for a week instead of just one night. 

When Jeremy got back Friday afternoon, we loaded the car and headed to Norman.  We decided to go stay with our cousins so that way we would already be there for the race Saturday morning.  It was raining really hard, so it took us a little longer to get there.  We ran by Pizza Shuttle and grabbed some dinner.  Jeremy got a pizza and wings, and I had spaghetti. It doesn’t look very good, but it was delicious!

Monster Dash Racing Recap New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (4)


I always eat pasta the night before a race.  We took our dinner over to our cousin’s house to eat.  I was greeted with this cuteness! 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (12)

Then, we all settled in to watch a movie.  I had a good snuggle buddy!

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (10)

We watched San Andreas.  I really like The Rock, but this movie is pretty cheesy! (But I liked it)  It has a good storyline, but the special effects are awful and some of the events are completely ridiculous, and totally unrealistic.  We were all in bed by 10. I was so tired, I went straight to sleep.  I was actually surprised I made it through the movie without falling asleep.    

We had an extremely busy day Saturday!  We got up that morning and went to the race.  You can read all about it here.  When we left the race, we headed to a wrestling tournament.  Jeremy’s cousin, C was wrestling and we made it just in time to watch his first match. He won 10-0!! 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (11)

When he was done with his first match, I headed back to their house to shower.  Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (14)While I was waiting to be picked up to go to C’s football game, I tried to use the foam roller on my leg, but the puppies weren’t having it! They laid and rolled all over me!

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (15)

Jeremy and his aunt and uncle picked me up and we ran to Taco Casa for lunch. 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (16)

I was starving by this time! I had a crispy taco and a soft taco.  I ended up just eating the inside of the soft taco and not the tortilla.  I also had a few bites of Jeremy’s chilada.  It was like an enchilada, except it was made with a flour tortilla.  I just didn’t like their flour tortillas very much.  Then we shared some cinnamon chips, and they were delicious!

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (17)

After lunch we went to the football game. It was freezing!! The wind was frigid and it was blowing right in our face.  It was colder than it had been that morning.  We all huddled together under blankets while we watched the game.  

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (18)

When the game was over, I rode back to the house with our cousin M.  She just got her driver’s license and got a sweet Jeep!!  Our cousins were having a Halloween party, so we helped her mom with all the prep. M made green jello and put it in a brain mold.  I was in charge of the tortilla soup.

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (21)

I also made corn muffins to go with the chili.

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (19)

And, I made gluten free honey corn muffins.

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (20)
Two of Jeremy’s aunts came in and helped us get everything set up. They were expecting a bunch of people, so they had a ton of food!  They had chili, beans, tortilla soup, and cheese dip. 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (24)

They also had hot dogs, all the stuff for frito chili pies, and tons of different chips and popcorn. 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (22)
There was also pumpkin spice salsa and pumpkin seed chips.  It was definitely an interesting flavor, something that would probably be an acquired taste.  I didn’t think the salsa tasted like pumpkin.  It was more like nutmeg.  It was odd. 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (23)

The guests brought the desserts, and there were tons of caramel apples, chocolate apples, and some cute Halloween cookies.  Jeremy tried the cookies and said they were like pure sugar! 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (2)
While we were getting everything set up, I tried some of M’s Advocare Spark.  I was already worn out from waking up so early, so I knew I would need some energy.  I was not a huge fan of the flavor. I think I could get used to it, and it did give a lot of energy, but I think I like the Herbalife Lift Off better.  I may try the Spark again when I run out of Lift Offs. 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (9)

Around 6, people started showing up.  C’s football team and their parents and siblings came. After they ate, they all headed out to trick or treat. Once they left, we ate dinner.  I had a hot dog and some apple slices with caramel. 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (25)

Jeremy and I stayed to hand out candy. We never have trick or treaters at our house so I was really eager to see all of them!  We actually handed out cheese balls and popcorn. 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (27)

The kids were thrilled about the popcorn!  There was a constant flow of trick or treaters for a couple of hours.

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (28)

The little kids were absolutely adorable! There was one little girl, probably around 2 years old, that was dressed as a Cabbage Patch kid. She was definitely the cutest one I saw all night! I wish I would have taken her picture.  This little princess was really cute too!Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (29)


We also had 3 grown women come to the door.  No costumes, no kids. I could not believe it!! I kept looking for their kids, I thought maybe they had babies in strollers, but there weren’t any.  I’m pretty sure that when you are over 40, you are too old to go trick or treating.  Jeremy figured up that we had over 300 kids come to the door! We had a blast handing out treats! Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (1)
After the treats were gone, we hung around and talked for awhile.  I love getting to hang out with our cousins.  We are all so busy, so we don’t get to do it as often as we would like. 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (4)
We left late and got home around 11:30 and went straight to bed! 

Sunday we rested.

Just kidding! 
We forgot to set our clocks back, so we got up earlier than we had planned to.  But that’s okay, because we got a lot done.  When I got up, my body felt so tired and my legs were a little sore.  Once we got up, we went grocery shopping, unpacked from the weekend, and did a ton of laundry! 

Since it was November 1st, that meant that the Pile on the Miles Challenge started! 

I hope you all joined me.  If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late.  You can join here.  The point of this challenge is to get you active during the holiday season.  My goal for this month is to walk or run for at least 30 minutes every day.  I went for a 30 minute walk to kick off the challenge!  After that, we went hunting. 

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (5) Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (6)

We saw one little buck, a doe and a baby.

Halloween Weekend Run and Live Happy (7)

I don’t know what the deal is because always before there’s at least 10 does that come in to eat every night.  This year we have hardly seen any! 

 After hunting, we went home and finally rested while we watched the Royals win the World Series! 

What did you do this weekend?

Playing Catch Up!

Hi everyone!  How’s it going?  I know I’m a little behind on my posts, but it’s just because we have been so busy!  I have had a great weekend and had a really fun visit with some family.  So, let’s get you all caught up! 

Thursday night after we finished hunting, we left town and went to one of Jeremy’s aunt and uncle’s.  They live about 45 minutes from us and have a farm in the middle of nowhere.  They have an old farm house on the property that they have fixed up, so we stay in there when we visit. 

Let's Catch Up New Blog Post Run and live happy (4)

Jeremy’s cousins were coming in also, so we could all go hunting together Friday morning.  I was so tired, that I bailed on the early morning hunting.  Getting up at 5:30 did not sound like fun at all!  I decided to sleep in.  But, too bad for me because right outside of my window was a ton of racket! They were weening the baby calves off their mom’s, so they cried all night and all morning!  They didn’t bother me when I went to bed because I was so tired that I went right to sleep, but they woke me up really early.  I tried earplugs, but they didn’t help.  So, I got up about 7:00 and worked on the computer.    

Let's Catch Up New Blog Post Run and live happy (1)

When everyone came in from hunting, we had breakfast.  We ate gluten free pancakes, and they were really good! 

Let's Catch Up New Blog Post Run and live happy (2)

After breakfast, I helped my cousin with her literature and chemistry homework.  The literature is easy for me, but the chemistry – thank goodness for google! Her chemistry class doesn’t have a textbook, how does a teacher expect someone to complete an assignment with no textbook?!  And, how do you teach chemistry without a textbook?  We spent almost 2 hours working on that ridiculous worksheet!  Her mom ordered the teacher’s guide off Amazon for her to have for the rest of the year! 

Let's Catch Up New Blog Post Run and live happy (3)

When all the homework was finished, we went to ride four wheelers.  Jeremy’s uncle has thousands of acres and it is so peaceful. 

Let's Catch Up New Blog Post Run and live happy (6)

Every direction that you look is just land for as far as you can see. 

Let's Catch Up New Blog Post Run and live happy (8)

We rode around for a a long time looking at all of the scenery.  The trees were beautiful.  They were filled with orange, red, and yellow leaves. 

Let's Catch Up New Blog Post Run and live happy (11)

We went up and down several steep hills, and I think I overcame some of my fears of four wheelers, because I really had fun!  (I had a really bad four wheeler wreck in college, so I’m a little leery of them.)

Let's Catch Up New Blog Post Run and Live Happy


While we rode the four wheelers, Jeremy was busy getting tree stands and feeders ready.  

Let's Catch Up New Blog Post Run and live happy (13)

Then it was time to go hunting again.  I wasn’t going to hunt, just the kids were, so I decided to stay and take a nap.  The sinus stuff was still hanging on, and after being outside most of the day, I was worried about sitting in the cold night air.  I don’t know if it’s the actual sinus infection, or the mucinex, or a combination of both, but it just makes me so tired.  So, I went up to the main house, to get away from the cows and took a nap for a couple of hours. 

When I woke up, the sun was going down.  

Let's Catch Up New Blog Post Run and live happy (16)

I helped get dinner ready.  We had hamburger steaks, fried potatoes, fried okra, salad, and I made oven roasted okra.  Jeremy’s uncle has a garden and had a ton of fresh okra.  Everyone loved the oven roasted okra and said it tasted the exact same as the fried! 

Let's Catch up New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

After dinner, we packed up our stuff and headed back home.  Jeremy’s aunt loaded us up with a lot of hamburger meat!  I’m really excited about that!  I love fresh hamburger meat.  It is so much better that the meat that you get at Walmart or Aldi. 

Let's Catch Up New Blog Post Run and live happy (18)

We went straight to bed when we got home!  I wish we would have had more time with everyone, but the kids had ballgames and dance classes on Saturday, so they had to head home too.  It was a really fun day, and I always love getting to visit with family. 

Let's Catch Up New Blog Post Run and live happy (17)