2017 Goals

Hey Guys!  Today is Tuesday, so that means it’s time for Marcia’s link up party to discuss all things running .  Today’s topic is your 2017 running resolutions.  I don’t like to set New Year’s Resolutions.  I have found in the past that I never keep them, and I’m always disappointed.  So, instead I like to set goals.  I’m sure you’re probably thinking they are the same thing, but to me they’re not.  Goals are more attainable and seem more realistic.  I have several goals for this year, both running and personal,  and I’m excited to share with you.  more “2017 Goals”

Goodbye 2016!

And so it begins…..This week started week 1 of marathon training round 2!  This week went really well.  I hope I can keep this up and really do it good this time!  Only 17 more weeks to go! Here’s a look at how my first week went.  more “Goodbye 2016!”

A Huge Decision

Hey guys!  Today, I’m kind of thinking out loud in order to think through some things.  I have been going back and forth about this for months now, and today’s the day to figure it out.  What am I talking about? more “A Huge Decision”

Post Run Recovery Tips

Hi Guys!  Today I am sharing with you some post run recovery tips.  I used to be bad about not doing anything after my run, but I have learned that doing these things really help my body.  So, here are some of my favorite ways to recover after a run.  more “Post Run Recovery Tips”

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hey Friends!!  How was your week?  Mine was busy, busy, busy!  I felt like I was on the go all week.  But, I knew that was coming!  This is my favorite time of the year, and this year I was ready for the season.  If you missed it this week, I posted some tips that have helped me reduce my stress during the holidays this year.  You can read about them here.   more “Busy, Busy, Busy!”


Hey! Hey!  Today I want to share some motivation with you.  I have been in desperate need of some lately, so I thought I’d share with you too.  During the winter months when it’s cold and dreary and the sun doesn’t shine much I have a hard time staying motivated.  I would rather curl up under a blanket with some hot chocolate and a good book or movie.  Even though sometimes we need that, we also need to be exercising too.  more “Motivation!”

5 Tips for Running in the Cold

Hi friends!  Today I want to share some tips with you for running in the cold weather.  Running is so much easier in the fall and spring.  I look forward to being outside when the weather is warm and there is a cool breeze blowing.  However, in the winter months, I have a hard time getting out the door.  I don’t look forward to running when it’s cold.  I absolutely hate being cold!  But, surprisingly enough, I actually like to run in the cold.  more “5 Tips for Running in the Cold”

Making it Happen

Hi Friends!  I hope you had a great week and an even better weekend!  It’s been a little cold this week, but today it’s back up in the 60’s!  I had a great week and got in some good runs and workouts.  I was pretty happy with that.  Usually this time of year it’s hard to fit those things in.  But, if it’s important you’ll make it happen.  I saw that on Pinterest this week and I’ve had it running through my head all week!  more “Making it Happen”

It’s December!

Hey Friends!  I can’t believe it’s December!  Christmas is just around the corner and this is my favorite time of year!  I love everything about Christmas, and I really got into the Christmas spirit this week.  The weather can’t make up it’s mind on whether it wants to be hot or cold.  It keeps going back and forth between temps in the 30’s and temps in the 60’s.  I’ll take 60 degrees any day!  The 60’s made for nice running weather this week! more “It’s December!”