The Road Ahead

I’m back….to running that is!  It’s been a long road of recovery after surgery, and it’s going to be an even longer road in getting back to running normally. more “The Road Ahead”

Current Situation

I’m just checking in with a quick update on my current situation.  Sometimes writing is therapeutic so I’m hoping this will help me deal.  I just got home from a doctor’s appointment for my foot and I’ve got a lot of feelings about it – I’m frustrated, I’m angry (mainly at myself), I’m upset, and I’m also a little relieved because I’m finally getting some answers.  I think a little part of me knew this was coming because of how much pain I have been in….but it was not the news I was hoping for or expecting today.   more “Current Situation”

5 Tips for Runner Safety

Hey Everyone!  It’s been awhile since I have done a Friday Five.  In honor of June being Runner Safety Month I thought I would do a Friday Five today with five tips on staying safe while running alone.  I know…I know…it’s best to run with someone else or a bunch of someones.  But, if we’re being honest, that doesn’t always happen.  Many times, or in my case, most of the time, we are running alone.   more “5 Tips for Runner Safety”

The Best Week of The Year

Hey Guys! Thanks for joining me as I host this week’s Weekly Wrap!  I’m so excited to host this week while Holly and Tricia are taking some much needed time off this summer!  If you’re new here, I’m so happy that you came by!  I hope you take some time to check out the link up and meet some new bloggers!  more “The Best Week of The Year”

Hello June!

Hey guys!  Happy June!  I hope you all had a great week!  I had kind of a slow week.  I didn’t feel 100% so working out and running was a bit of a struggle.  I left off my last recap last Saturday.  So we’ll pick up on Sunday and get you all caught up on what’s been happening in my life this week! more “Hello June!”

Staying on Track

Hey Guys!  I hope you are all having a fun Memorial Day Weekend!  I had a pretty solid week of staying on track with working out.  My runs were not so great, but I tried.  The heat is definitely here to stay and I picked the absolute worst times of the day to try and run.  All I did was make myself sick, so this next week I’ll be running in the early mornings or late evenings.  Not in the middle of the afternoon!   more “Staying on Track”