A Fast Week & A Birthday Celebration Weekend

Hey Friends!  Today is a very cold day, so I opted to stay inside all day and skip my run.  I’m trying to stay well!  I just finished meal prepping for the week.  I made the same lunch that I did last week.  We’re getting ready to watch the Super Bowl.  To be honest, I’m more excited about Justin Timberlake at half time than I am the actual game.  Before the game gets started, let’s get right into my recap! 


This last week felt like it went by in a blur.  It didn’t really feel like during the week, but now that I’m looking back on it, it feels like it was gone so fast.  Monday was an extremely busy day!!  So it did fly by!  That meant I had to have lots of Spark!  I started my morning with Spark and a protein bar.  I went to work at 7:15 and got done at 3.  I barely had enough time to eat any lunch.  My lunch for this past week (and this coming week) was ground turkey, roasted zucchini and squash, and steamed green beans. 

At 3, I ran home and picked up Jeremy and grabbed a protein bar and some more Spark.  We headed to a basketball tournament.  It’s an elementary tournament and Jeremy usually calls one day each year and I volunteer to keep the book or work the clock.  This year I was keeping the book.  There were four games Monday evening and by the third one I was having a hard time not zoning out.  It was almost 9 before we got home. 

I was starving when we got home so I quickly showered and then fixed some dinner.  They had a hospitality room at the games, but it was full of cookies and sub sandwiches so I decided to wait until I got home to eat.  I scrambled one egg and 4 whites (my eggs were expiring today so I had to get rid of them) and then threw in the rest of the ground turkey that I had.  I topped the eggs and turkey with salsa and ate it all with a piece of multi grain toast.  Actually I couldn’t finish it all. 

After I ate, I fixed Jeremy some dinner and then we watched some more TV until I fell asleep.  It was a long day! 

Tuesday started the same as I do every day with Spark and a granola bar.  Lunch was the same as Monday.  I tried Monday to wear some cute wedge booties, but my foot obviously didn’t like them.  It was sore all day today.  When I got ready to work out, it was still hurting so I had to modify some of the moves.  I started off week 2 of the BBG workouts with the lower body workout.  I finished it up with lots of stretching so I wouldn’t be sore the next day.    

Jeremy was gone reffing tonight so I fixed something really good for dinner – or at least something that he wouldn’t eat.  When I told him what I ate, he said, “yuck”.  LOL!  I actually just threw together a big bowl of stuff I had in the fridge.  My bowl had ground turkey, one whole egg plus two whites, sautéed zucchini, and spinach.  I ended up putting some salsa on top and it worked!

After dinner I caught up on the Bachelor since I was gone Monday night. 

I did not sleep well Tuesday night and I was wide awake at 5 am Wednesday morning.  I went ahead and got up since I knew my alarm would be ringing soon.  Jake was comfortable in his bed.  🙂 (I covered him up around 3 am and he was still covered when I got up.)

I had some Spark (one scoop plus a little extra today) to start my day and give me some energy. Later in the afternoon I had a lot of energy – thanks to some more Spark.  I decided to double up on my run and BBG workout today.  I was actually trying to plan ahead because I knew we were going to have a busy weekend.  I ran 2 miles today and then did the BBG arms and abs. 

Jeremy was home Wednesday night so we cooked dinner.  He grilled some steak for himself and some chicken for me.  I baked him a potato and sautéed some zucchini and squash for myself.  This was the best chicken he has ever cooked!

Thursday I picked up some Elderberry tablets.  It feels like everyone I know is sick, most with the flu, and I do not want it!  I decided to be a little more proactive in fighting off the germs.  This stuff doesn’t taste great, but if it will work I’ll take it everyday! 

I took a rest day Thursday.  It wasn’t planned, but I was sore and tired from Wednesday and had absolutely no motivation to do anything.  I decided to take an Epson bath to help my soreness. 

Dinner tonight was 1 egg and 2 whites with ground turkey and half a pear. 

After dinner I read a book while Jake watched the puppy bowl training.  LOL  He seriously sat for probably half an hour watching the dogs on TV.

On Friday night, I had been planning on going with Jeremy to his game, but I backed out when I figured out that the weather was pretty warm, or at least warmer than it had been the last couple of days.   I headed out for a run and only made it 2 miles again.  My foot was sore all week after wearing those boots on Monday.  After my run I did a BBG total body workout.  I had to modify some of the moves because of my foot, but I got it done. 

My dinner tonight was eggs (1 egg & 2 whites), ground turkey, and spinach.  It was okay.  After eating it all week, I was a little tired of it. 

Jake and I went to bed around 8, and I was asleep long before Jeremy got home.  He came in around 10:15 and I got up long enough to say hello.  I went back to sleep on the couch until he woke me up to go to bed.  I have no idea why I was so tired, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. 

Saturday was Jeremy’s birthday!  We got up early and headed to OKC.  (Jake didn’t want us to get up.  He snuggled with me forever!)

We shopped all day!  We made a few stops and then went to the New Balance store to get fitted for insoles.  My doctor recommended them. I’m excited to run and try them out.  Of course they tried to sell me some new running shoes, but I just really love my Brooks. When we left there, we stopped at Del Taco to grab some lunch before we did some more serious shopping.  I had two chicken street tacos.  

After that I had to have a pick me up before we went to Academy. 

We seriously spent over 2 hours in there.  Jeremy really loves that store!  I at least ended up buying him a bunch of new camo for his birthday.  It’s so much easier when he gets to pick out what he wants.   

Later that evening, we met up with some friends and ate dinner at Outback for Jeremy’s birthday. 

I ordered the grilled chicken, veggies, and a side salad.  The chicken came out by itself and it took forever for us to get someone to get our waiter.  By the time he brought the veggies I was done and full, but I ate some of them anyways because they looked so good! 

The majority of that cheese went on Jeremy’s salad.

It was a fun night! (I got a cute new shirt that didn’t show up in the pic of us together.)


We were up almost all night because Jeremy wasn’t feeling well.  He hadn’t felt well all day, but toughed it out so he could celebrate.  His head and ear hurt bad.  So we slept till almost noon.  We were supposed to go watch the game today with some friends, but he’s still laying on a heating pad trying to get some relief.  So, we’re hanging out at home and watching all the pregame stuff.  Jeremy wants me to make some quesadillas later.  I’m going to make him some chicken ones and me a black bean and avocado one.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about them.  And, then we’re going to have some chocolate birthday cake!  (We’re having a family celebration later this week.)

Here is my calendar from last week.  I ended up having more rest days than I planned, but I got all of the workouts done except one run. 

Since I’m sure most of you aren’t reading this until Monday because of the game, I hope you have a great Monday and a great week!  And, if you are reading this today, enjoy the game! 

For this weekly update I’m linking up with Holly of HoHo Runs and Wendy of Taking The Long Way Home for their Weekly Wrap. I’m also linking up with the other Weekly Wrap bloggers.

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12 thoughts on “A Fast Week & A Birthday Celebration Weekend

  1. HoHo Runs Reply

    I love eggs for supper and often scramble some with cheese when I’m home alone. What type of inserts did you end up with? Are they custom or over the counter? I’m using Zelus and I think they are helping me with my previously fractured metatarsals. Let us know how yours work out for you! There are certain type of shoes I can no longer wear, but it is a small price to pay for healthy feet. Thanks for linking!

    1. Profile photo of Tara

      Tara Reply

      I got some New Balance inserts. They were kind of custom. They put me on a machine that scanned my feet and told where I put most of my pressure when I’m standing. It said I had high arches and put all my pressure on my heels. The guy brought out two kinds for me to try on. One was a memory foam that he said will mold to my feet, and the other was just a regular insert. They both had a raised section in the middle for arch support and he said they are both designed to help balance out the weight distribution in my feet and keep me from putting all my weight on my heels. I ended up getting the ones that weren’t memory foam. That raised section in that one really hurt my foot. My dad got some a couple of months ago and he loves them. I’m hoping that once my foot heals completely that I’ll be able to wear my cute heels again! (Fingers crossed!!)

  2. Wendy Reply

    I saw a study earlier this winter that taking a probiotic with Lactobacillus GG has protective effects against the flu. Just saying.

    Have a great week!

    1. Profile photo of Tara

      Tara Reply

      I take a probiotic every day. I’m going to look and see if mine has Lactobacillus GG in it. That’s good to know!

  3. Deborah Brooks Reply

    As a vegetarian, I also do a lot of egg dishes for dinner and just rotate the veggies. Have a great week!

    1. Profile photo of Tara

      Tara Reply

      I am really starting to like veggies mixed in with my eggs. Up until recently I had only ever eaten peppers, onions, and spinach in them. But, I’ve been mixing any that I have and they’re all good!

  4. Barrie Mooney Reply

    I just ordered the Spark triple-pink limited edition- cannot wait! My absolute fave is the coconut-pineapple- I agree with Wendy, I heard the probiotics are great for immune support- so I ordered those from Advocare too! I hear great things about elderberry though I have never tried it~

    1. Profile photo of Tara

      Tara Reply

      I haven’t ordered my triple pink pack yet. It’s going on my next order. I have been taking their probiotic for a couple of years now and I can tell a huge difference when I don’t take it. It’s good stuff!! Let me know how you like the new pink flavors. I’m excited to try them.

  5. Lesley Reply

    I did some good shopping this weekend too, though I needed to stay focused on what I needed. The stores I went to had so many things I wanted, but I couldn’t buy it all. I got new shoes and a new shirt for yoga. It’s some of the softest material ever.

    1. Profile photo of Tara

      Tara Reply

      LOL that’s always my problem when I go. I find so much stuff that I want and usually don’t need. I love getting new shoes!

  6. Kimberly Hatting Reply

    Eggs Eggs Eggs!! I actually made four scrambled eggs after my long run on Saturday, I loaded them up with lots of cheddar cheese and ate the entire thing LOL

    1. Profile photo of Tara

      Tara Reply

      I love cheese on eggs!! I really just love eggs. I think that is a food that I can eat every day!

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