Four Christmases

Hi Friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that it was filled with family, friends, and good food!  I am still recovering from all the activities and all the food.  I feel like I’ve been in a food coma since Saturday!  And I added to it with a lunch date with a friend today!  I usually break up my Christmas recap into several different posts, one for each event.  But, since this year was different (and difficult), I’m going to include it all in one.  Well, all from this past week.  We still have one more to go next weekend. 

We’re going to start back at last Tuesday.  My coworkers and I always have a Christmas party.  One of them and I always co-host, she has it at her house and I organize it all.  Even though I wasn’t feeling very excited about it this year, the organizing gave me something to do and it was good to be around everyone.  I wasn’t in the best mood, and I honestly would have liked to just stay home.  But, I know it was better for me to do my normal stuff and be surrounded by supportive friends than to sit at home alone so I went and I’m glad I did.  (Plus, I know a couple of them would’ve come and drug me out of my house if I had tried to skip. LOL)

Our hostess makes the best apple cider!  That is always my favorite part. 

She also sets her table with all the fancy china and her nutcracker collection. 

This year we ordered pizza and just brought sides and dessert to go with it. 

I brought a platter of chocolate dipped cheesecake bites.  I tried a plain one and a caramel one.  They were good, but they made my stomach hurt!! I tried to say that I made them, but no one believed me.  😉

After dinner we played dirty santa and I ended up with this gag box and a bag of batteries…gift not included.  It was a pretty funny gift! 

My next Christmas celebration was on Saturday in Norman.  It’s all of Jeremy’s extended family and it’s usually a really packed house.  But, this year only half of the family was able to make it.  A lot of them were sick and some had to work.  It was really different with such a small group, but we still had a really fun time.  We had a huge lunch spread.  There was several different kinds of bbq meat, beans, and chick fil a nuggets.  There was also a fruit and veggie tray, bacon wrapped dates, and cheese and crackers.  

I snacked on some dates before lunch, so I wasn’t very hungry.  

And there was tons of Christmas candy for dessert.  (Thanks to Jeremy’s aunt Sandra.  She makes every bit of it!)

After lunch we played dirty santa.  I ended up with some cast iron skillets. 

Then we played some games to keep the kids entertained.  Somehow I got volunteered for the first game and ended up in this suit. 

We played charades and it was pretty hysterical trying to act out things in that sumo suit! 

Then we played Left Right Center and I won!  This is my second year in a row to win!!

After the games, a lot of the family started leaving.  Some of them had longer drives home than we did.  Macy, little F, and I hung out and played with Macy’s gift.  She got a Google Home and we played music all night and let F sing and dance.  She was pretty entertaining.  A couple of Macy’s friends stopped by and F got us all in on another game of Left Right Center.  She won twice and was super excited.  She kept saying, “I winned all the money.  I’m rich!”  She had to count it and then put it in a bag with her name on it so no one took it. 

When Macy’s friends left, the three of us sat down to make gingerbread houses.  I helped F with hers, and she lasted about 20 minutes and then she was done.  It was getting late and we were all getting tired. 

Around 9, we all piled in the cars and headed to a house outside of Norman that puts on a huge light display.  The whole show was about 30 minutes and I loved it!  I have included a few of the videos. 

After that we headed home to get some sleep and get ready for Christmas Eve.   We always host Christmas Eve at our house for my father in law, and Jeremy’s uncle and aunt, Bill and Sandra. 

Before they got there, my parents brought over my niece (my sister’s God daughter) so I could give her her present.


When they left, I got busy cooking.  This year we had smoked ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and hot rolls.  I didn’t realize we were missing something green until after all the stores were already closed and I nothing in the freezer.  But, it was good and we had a ton of food!  I had some ham, sweet potatoes, and a hot roll.  The hot rolls are homemade and we get them each year from a friend of the family.  They are sooooo good!  I could seriously eat only those and be completely content! 

After dinner we opened presents.  Jake went first and opened all of his and then torn most of them up within minutes. 

He was so excited!  He also got a new bed. 

After seeing how much fun we all had with Macy’s Google Home, my father in law went and bought me one for Christmas!  I love it!  I also got the new North Face Jacket that I had put on my Instastories a while ago from Jeremy!  I love it too! 

After presents, we had some dessert and then everyone went home to go to bed.  

Christmas morning I was up early because all of my family was coming over for lunch and I had to get everything cleaned up from the night before and ready for lunch.  I also couldn’t sleep because I was pretty upset about today.  I knew it was going to be hard having our Christmas without my sister.   This year instead of having our usual Christmas breakfast at my mom’s, we decided to have lunch at our house.  I cried several times while I was trying to get ready, when I set the table and didn’t have a place for her, when I started cooking and remembered how much she loved this meal….everything about today was difficult.  

My family got here around noon, and before we ate my mom had a gift for me and my grandma.  She wanted to get the emotional part out of the way so we could try and enjoy the rest of the day.  She had us each a blanket made out of my sister’s shirts.  It even smelled like her.  I’m so glad she did that. 

After we opened those, we all got ready to eat.  We had what my family calls Mexican Fiesta.  I’m not sure where this recipe came from, but we’ve been eating it for a while and it’s one of my favorite meals.  It has a lot of ingredients – ground beef, rice, tortilla chips (crushed), diced pecans, green and black olives, shredded lettuce, onions, avocado, coconut, sour cream, picante sauce, tomatoes, and shredded cheese.  You just mix it all together like a big salad and eat it.  The coconut may sound weird, but it is the best part and gives it a sweet and savory flavor.  I don’t eat tomatoes, olives, or sour cream, but the rest is sooo good!

After lunch we opened presents and then ate dessert.  We had strawberry cake, lemon pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cherry cream pie, and all kinds of candies and popcorns. 

Then Jeremy went and got Jake from his dad’s across the street.

My mom brought Jake a present.  He was super excited about more stuff to open.

It was a pretty good day.  I really just loved having them all around for the day.  Later in the afternoon when they left, we packed up the car and headed out of town to visit Jeremy’s mom.  She lives about an hour away.  We spent the evening with her and headed back home late.  I could barely keep my eyes open! 

We took down all of our Christmas stuff on Tuesday and got it put up.  And with that done, I’ve been taking it easy!  I’ve got a couple more days to relax and then we go to Jeremy’s aunt and uncles for another Christmas this weekend.  I’m excited for it!  

I hope you all have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and I’ll be back sometime after that with a weekend recap!  


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6 thoughts on “Four Christmases

  1. Fairytales and fitness Reply

    What a beautiful and thoughtful gift your mom made for you and your grandma.❤️

    That candy plate your aunt Sandra made sure looks yummy!

    1. Profile photo of Tara

      Tara Reply

      It was perfect! And that candy is dangerous. Lol. You can’t eat just one!

  2. Lesley Reply

    What a great gift. I hope you were able to enjoy the day with your family.

    1. Profile photo of Tara

      Tara Reply

      We had a good day and it was the perfect way to include my sister.

  3. San Reply

    I am sure Christmas was bitter-sweet this time. You tried to enjoy family as much as possible, but also missed your sister. This is hard… but I am glad you did have things going on and enjoyed being around the people that are dear to you!

    1. Profile photo of Tara

      Tara Reply

      It was definitely hard, but being around family helped so much.

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