About Last Week….

Hey Friends!  Happy Monday!  I hope you are all staying warm.  I’m loving seeing all the snow pictures on Instagram, but I’m glad we haven’t gotten any yet.  This last week was a rough one!  It was one of the basketball tournament weeks in our state and Jeremy was gone late every night last week except Wednesday.  That meant that I didn’t get to bed until late and was getting up early.  It also meant that most days we saw each other for about 10 minutes, if that.  Week’s like that are one reason why I love Spark so much!  I seriously could not have functioned without it! 

Last week the winter weather finally made it’s appearance on Tuesday.  I will take 70 degrees in December any day over this!  And, I know I’m whining and I also know a lot of you have a lot colder temperatures than 35 degrees, but I am just not a cold weather person.   I would be happy if I could live on a tropical island all year!

I loved my lunch last week, it was quick, easy, and delicious!  Sunday night I ordered some smoked turkey from Rib Crib and got bag of the kale salad and threw it all together so I would have easy lunches during the week. 

Monday I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning that ended up taking an hour and a half!  Granted I did get there a little early and had to wait.  But, there was a new dental hygienist and she took forever!  She also kept telling me that I had a cavity and needed to get it filled immediately.  After she went on and on about it, she had the dentist come in and look at it and he said there was nothing wrong with my tooth. I was so glad to finally get out of that chair and get home.  When I finally got home, I worked out. 

I had a DiGiorno veggie pizza for dinner and then read a book until Jeremy got home sometime after 11. 

The cold weather finally hit Tuesday.  I woke up and was freezing and I just wanted to stay snuggled up inside where it was warm! 

I power cleaned my house today.  It was in desperate need!  This was the first time I have pushed a vacuum since September.  I was really liking having Jeremy do it.  🙂

I had a really good workout tonight!  I started with my stability ball and did 3×25 of the core moves on this chart. 

I also an upper body circuit and I finished with some deadlifts and squats.  Dinner tonight was leftover pizza.  I also baked some healthy protein muffins.  I used Kodiak Cake’s mix, 1 cup of water, 1 egg, three packets of stevia, and sprinkled some chocolate chips on the tops before baking for 14 minutes at 350. 

Tonight was another late night.  I flipped through the channels until Jeremy got home around 11. 

I really don’t remember what I did Wednesday.  It must have not been anything interesting because I have no pictures either.  The only thing I do remember is that I shattered my phone screen tonight.  It’s not bad, and I actually laughed when I did it.  Not because it’s funny, but just a little ironic I guess.  I have had this phone for a couple of years and have dropped it daily (probably more than once )…and on lots of hard surfaces:  concrete, tile, hard wood, asphalt, and it has never broken!  My Otter Box case has chipped in a couple of places, but other than that, nothing.  I dropped my phone while I was cooking dinner and it landed on the rug and the tempered glass screen shattered.  Ever since this last update, I have been complaining that I need a new phone anyways.  Nothing works anymore, so this is just another reason to go get one!

Dinner tonight was tacos.  I fixed ground turkey for me.  I couldn’t convince Jeremy to try it! 

We watched a Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel and I fell asleep before it was over.   

I got up at 5:00 Thursday morning!  My mom was having surgery on her shoulder and had to be at the hospital at 6.  I made it there around 6:40 and sat with her until they took her into the surgery room.  Then I headed to work.  After work I went to visit her.  She did really well in surgery and was home sleeping.  I sat and talked to my dad for a while before heading home to see Jake.  Jeremy had games out of town and was gone all day.  He was in one town during the day and then had night games in another town.  It was a long day for both of us!

I had thought about taking Jake for a walk, but it was almost dark by the time I got home and the cold north wind was blowing hard.  I was too big of a wimp to stay out in it.  (LOL which is funny because if I was running I wouldn’t mind it so much…all my fellow runners get me?!)

I didn’t feel too bad because Jake didn’t act like he wanted to go out in it either.  I let him out in the back yard and he immediately wanted back in. 

So, instead of a walk, I did an upper body and ab workout, while Jake tried to play with me.  He kept putting his ball in my face!

Dinner tonight was leftover kale salad.  I wasn’t very hungry all day so it was just enough. 

I cuddled up under a blanket on the couch and watched the Pentatonix Christmas Special and then caught up on some other shows on my DVR.  Jeremy didn’t get home until around midnight.  I tried several times to go to sleep, but Jake kept hearing things and barking.  I think he knows when Jeremy isn’t there and he tries to protect me.  But, it kept me up until Jeremy came in.  I was so tired that I literally just said good night and headed to bed. 

Friday morning came way too soon and I had some Spark and tea to wake me up.  I had ground turkey and scrambled eggs for breakfast today. 

I ate this on Thursday morning too and it was so filling and kept me full all morning.  In fact, I wasn’t even hungry at my normal lunch time, so I didn’t even finish my lunch.  Today was the same way.  I ended up eating about half of my salad, one piece of turkey, and some pineapples. 

That afternoon I did another strength workout and I took Jake for a walk.  Jeremy was home pretty early, and we decided to stay in and watch Christmas movies.  We ordered barbeque for dinner.  I had some smoked chicken, smoked sausage, and a few fries. 

We spent the night watching movies and going to bed early.  It had been a draining week and we had to be up early on Saturday. 

Saturday morning we left town early to head almost two hours away for more basketball games.  I tagged along today because Jeremy had a full day of games and I wanted to keep him company on his drive.  Once we got to the gym, I went in search of some food.  I didn’t have time for breakfast, and by then it was around lunch time.  The hospitality room didn’t really have anything that I would eat.  I grabbed a few sausage balls and hoped that would hold me over.


After those two games, we had another hour drive to the next gym.  (I am really not a fan of tournament week.)  And, again when we got there we went searching for food.  This one also didn’t have anything good to eat.  I grabbed a piece of what I think was some kind of cinnamon crunch bread and settled in for two more games. 

By the time these games were over, I was starving!  We went to Krebs (Oklahoma’s Little Italy) for dinner.  This is the real reason I came!   We tried a different restaurant tonight.  We went to Isle of Capri. 

It was completely decorated inside and out for Christmas and I loved it!  We both ordered the spaghetti and meatballs dinner.  It came with salad, raviolis, bread, and fries, which I thought was weird in an Italian restaurant.  I inhaled about half the bowl of salad while waiting on our entrée.  I tried the fries, but was not impressed.  They were very flimsy and greasy.  I also tried a bite of the ravioli and didn’t like it either.  I’m not a big fan of raviolis anyways.  I think it’s a texture thing.  This one was very mushy and I didn’t like it at all.  I ate both of my meatballs and about half of the spaghetti that’s on my plate.  I was stuffed!

It was almost midnight by the time we got home and it was seriously a struggle to drag myself out of the car and into bed!

We slept in on Sunday and then went to do our grocery shopping.  That afternoon I went over to visit my grandparents and parents while Jeremy went hunting.  When I got home, I got busy meal prepping for this week. 

For lunch I fixed ground turkey and I used my air fryer to roast some green beans and squash.  Then for breakfast, I used this recipe from Skinny Ms. to make ground turkey breakfast sausage.  It’s good; however it doesn’t really taste like breakfast sausage.  But, I like the flavors.  I’m having that with scrambled eggs and spinach for breakfast all week. 

Jake kept whining at me, so I gave in and took him for a walk.  The temps had come back up and it was 67 out.  We walked for a long time until he was tired. 

We spent the rest of the evening flipping through the channels and playing with Jake.  Jeremy ate the leftover spaghetti and I fixed myself an omelet with the ground turkey sausage, spinach, and some cheese. 

We had a pretty relaxing Sunday!  I love days like that!

I hope you all have a great week and are staying warm!


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3 thoughts on “About Last Week….

  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Sounds like a sold week! You don’t like ravioli?! Oh man, I think thats my most missed food since having to eat gluten free. Thats so great you got a day in the 70’s! It’s been cold with ice and snow in PA already..it makes me so sad. I don’t think I’d hate it so much if I didn’t have to commute to work every day in it. Blah. I agree with you on the tropical island living.

    1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

      solid not sold by the way hahha!

    2. Profile photo of Tara


      I’m the exact same way about the weather. If I could stay inside and admire it from the warmth then it would be fine. But I hate being out in it! I’m hoping this warm weather doesn’t mean we are going to have extremely cold weather later 😬.

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