A Week of Activities

Hey Everyone!  I decided to come back and join the Weekly Wrap link up!  I haven’t been linking each week because since surgery I haven’t been able to run or workout.  But, this week I was somewhat active.   I walked almost every day and got in a few short workouts as well, so here I am! 

Where did this week go?  It felt all week that it was dragging, but once Friday was here it felt like it had flown by!  I really debated doing a post or not because I didn’t really do a whole lot this week.  I was busy, but it wasn’t all exciting.  But, I love all you guys that read each time I post, so I wanted to keep you updated. 

If you read my last post, then you know my grandma spent last weekend in the hospital.  I drove her home Monday afternoon and got her and my grandpa some dinner.  (He had been eating sandwiches for every meal all weekend.   We could not convince him to eat anything else.  He needed something better!)  My mom and I sat with her until she went to sleep.  When I got home, it was still light outside so I took Jake for a quick walk.  

I didn’t feel like cooking anything, and Jeremy wasn’t very hungry so we ate cereal for dinner.  I am completely in love with the new chocolate peanut butter cheerios!  I think I could probably eat an entire box in a day! 

Tuesday morning I was having a hard time getting out of bed.  I had some spark and oatmeal to get me going.  Lunch was a Jimmy John’s unwich.  It had turkey, light provolone, light avocado spread, cucumbers, sprouts, and Italian vinaigrette.  I have decided that I’m not much of a fan of Jimmy Johns.  I don’t like their bread, and the unwhich just doesn’t have much flavor.  That was probably the last time I will eat there. 

That afternoon I took my grandparents some dinner.  They wanted Chicken Express and it made my car smell soooo good!  Then I sat for a little while visiting with them.  When I got home, I took Jake for another walk. 

This time Max came with us for part of it. 

When we got back, I did an upper body and ab workout.  Jeremy was gone refereeing, so I had a grilled cheese for dinner. 

Jake and I sat around watching TV all night. 

I have no pictures from Wednesday – they seriously just disappeared off my phone before I could upload them!  My grandpa had to work, and my mom and I took turns sitting with my grandma.  At this point, she didn’t really need us there, but I would rather be there than sitting at home worrying about her.  When I got home, I did an ab workout.  I haven’t been able to walk and workout as much as I had wanted when I got semi-released.  My foot has been hurting a lot this week, so I’ve tried to take it easy and not push it.  My doctor said it would take a while for it to quit hurting.  It’s just taking longer than I had hoped. 

I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of dinner Wednesday night.  Jeremy wanted burgers so I fixed us some in the skillet. 

Thursday afternoon I ran by my grandma’s on my way home.  She looked completely back to normal!  I was so glad!  I took Jake for a quick walk when I got home.  My foot was hurting so badly that I couldn’t walk for long. 

When I got him home, I ran to town to pick up some sushi for dinner.  I’m not sure if it was good.  After several pieces, my stomach started hurting so I didn’t finish it.  But, it still looked good, so here it is.

Later that evening, I did an ab workout while Jake played. 

Jeremy was gone late refereeing and by 9 I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I feel asleep and then woke up for a few minutes when Jeremy came in around 11.

Friday morning I took Jake (and Max) on a short walk.  The weather was absolute perfection!  It’s almost December and the temp got up to 85 on Friday!  I love warm days! 

Friday’s lunch was a black bean burger patty and a small fruit cup. 

I really didn’t have much of an appetite this week, until about Saturday.  I don’t know if it was just stress or what.  I had oatmeal every day for breakfast, and then other than Tuesday, lunch was just a black bean patty.  Some days I ate fruit with it, some days I ate it by itself. 

Friday afternoon I took Jake for a walk and then Jeremy and I went to a football game.  It was so nice out that I wore a t-shirt and never got cold.  When the game was over, it was late and we hadn’t eaten yet.  We were both tired so we decided to just grab something on the way home.  We got a pizza from Little Caesar’s. 

I had pictures of all day Friday and Saturday but my iphone has been totally screwed up since I did the new update.   Is anyone else having this problem?  It has started saying that there is no space on it.  When I try to see what is taking up all the space it says “system” and it will say 9 GB and if I restart it, it may drop down to 4 GB, and then 10 minutes later be up to 6 GB. 

This is the lowest that it’s been, and this is without me deleting anything. And, the total amount of space used has still not changed.

The total amount of GB used never changes.  I have deleted everything possible on there to clear up space and nothing is working.  I’ve tried to delete apps and reinstall them to get rid of the cache, but it doesn’t help much.  It’s to the point where half the time it won’t let me take pictures or download a book.  I am so frustrated!  I have searched what could be causing it and I’ve found several apple forums where tons of people are having this same problem, but I’ve not found any answers.  And, the charge does not last.  I’m not even exaggerating.  It can be at 100% and I can read for an hour and it will be around 30%!  Usually I can charge my phone and use it to read, listen to music, and play games for several hours before it gets that low.  (Jeremy’s is doing this too!)  Does anyone know what I can do??  So, long story short – I somehow lost all of my pictures from Friday and Saturday.  They completely disappeared and pictures from 2015 showed up in album from those days in their place.  So frustrating! 

Saturday was opening day of rifle season.  Jeremy got up at 4:45 to go hunting.  It was supposed to be extremely windy so I didn’t want to get up that early since the deer don’t come out when the wind is blowing hard.  By the time I finally went back to sleep, Jake woke me up about half hour later and was up for the day.  I drug myself out of bed around 7 and walked him. 

It was warm out, but the wind was ridiculous. 

This is the prettiest tree on my street!

When we came in, I curled up on the couch and read a book until Jeremy came home.  He didn’t see anything that morning, but he decided to go back anyways that afternoon.  I decided to stay home and clean out my closet and bake some cookies.  They did not turn out like they normally do.  I need a good recipe for chocolate chip cookies.  If you have one, send it my way please!  I used one that I found on Pinterest and it was similar to what I always have used.  But, these turned out more cake-like than normal, and they really didn’t have any taste other than the chocolate chips.  We tried one and didn’t end up eating them. I don’t want them cake like, I just want regular chocolate chip cookies. 

That night we went to eat barbeque.  I had a side salad and some smoked chicken. 

That salad was enough to be a whole meal and I couldn’t finish it.  Jeremy even helped, and we still left almost half of it. 

This morning (Sunday) Jeremy got up early again to go hunting.  He came home empty handed.  I didn’t want to get up that early since it was going to be in the 30’s outside.  I decided to wait until this afternoon to go with him. 

I haven’t shot my bow or gun at all this season, so I just sat with Jeremy. 

We saw a lot of deer, but no trophy bucks.  I’ll get us a doe later in the season because we need some meat!  

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with family and friends! 

For this weekly update I’m linking up with Holly of HoHo Runs and Tricia of MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. I’m also linking up with the other Weekly Wrap bloggers.

Questions for you:

  1.  Are you having any issues with your phone since the update?
  2. Do you have a good chocolate chip cookie recipe?

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3 thoughts on “A Week of Activities

  1. Lesley

    Have you looked on Food Network? Alton Brown has some good chocolate chip cookie recipes, and there’s variations if you want crunchy or chewy cookies.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Awesome! Thanks I’ll check it out!

  2. HoHo Runs

    It’s good to see you back, Tara. I hope all is going well after your surgery. I always used the old recipe on the back of the Tollhouse chocolate chips. It was pretty good. But then I started buying their premade break apart cookies. They are also good. (I’m lazy!). You’ve got pretty fall colors there! Thanks for linking.

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