A Very Random Week

Hey Guys!  I fully intended on getting this post up yesterday.  But this weekend got busy and by the time I got home last night I was exhausted! So, I came in tonight and got it all put together!  This week was full of random things, so here is what my week last week looked like. 

Monday was a busy day!  I started it with some Spark and some yogurt.  (Spark is what got me through the week!)  This is my current favorite flavor!

I meal prepped on Sunday for the week so I had baked ground turkey and steamed green beans for lunch.  (You can find my 2 ingredient baked ground turkey recipe here.) 

After work, I picked up Jeremy and we headed to his ball games.  Tonight was his first night of basketball for this season.  I didn’t want to sit at home alone, and his aunt and uncle and a couple of their friends would be at his games so I tagged along.  It was some really bad basketball, but at least I had people to talk to! We got home around 10 and I had some peanut butter and chocolate cheerios for dinner.  I am so excited that I finally found them!  No one in my town has been selling them yet so I bought two boxes when I saw them.  They are amazing!! 

Tuesday I had yogurt and Spark again to start my day.  When I got home from work on Tuesday we had some guys there cutting down our cedar trees.  (I used to babysit these boys (twins) forever and I was super nervous when I saw one of them up in the top of the tree.  That’s not as high as he was when I first saw him!)

I’m super allergic to cedar, and we’ve been meaning to cut them down for a while.  They were putting the limbs into a chipper and it was blowing everywhere.  I could even smell it in the house.  I was praying that I didn’t break out in hives!  When they finished for the day, I took Jake for a quick walk.  Today was the coldest day we’ve had so far.  But, since he couldn’t go in the backyard I bundled up and we walked down the road. 

When we got back, I did a short arms and abs workout. 

Jake wanted to play since he’d been inside all day.  He tore up his toy while I was working out and then spread that cotton all over the house before I could get it away from him.

Jeremy had games far away and had to leave before I got home from work, so I was home alone.  I spent the night talking to my cousin and my best friend on the phone and watching movies on Netflix.  Dinner was my go-to for when Jeremy’s gone – breakfast!  I fixed three eggs and toast with sugar free jelly.  I usually fix two eggs, but Jake loves them, so I fixed him his own tonight.  🙂  He may be just a little spoiled!  LOL I actually only had three left in the carton. 

Jeremy didn’t get home until 11, and I had a hard time staying awake until he did. 

Wednesday morning I started with Spark and pumpkin spice oatmeal.  It’s really not as good as it sounds, but it was cold and I wanted something warm.  Wednesday afternoon Jeremy had an appointment to get tubes in his ears.  He has had an ear infection since July and three rounds of antibiotics and drops have not helped at all, so they finally decided to try this.  I’m hoping it works and he can get some relief!  So far, it’s only made it worse and nothing is draining.  His hearing has gotten awful!  But, the doctor was pretty positive that this would fix it, so we’re still hoping.

My uncle came over to get some of the cedar and brought me this vase.  It’s so pretty!  He turns wood and is going to make me something else out of our tree.  He just wanted to make sure that I can breathe with that in the house.  So far so good! 

Thursday afternoon I took Jake for a nice long walk.  We went a little over a mile.  My foot has been pretty sore the last few days so I haven’t walked since then.  The weather was back up in the upper 60’s and it was the perfect day to be out! 

Dinner that night was breakfast again!  This time Jeremy wanted it.  I could eat it every night!

Friday morning, I got a call that my grandma had been admitted in the hospital.  I was so upset all day.  When I get like that I can’t eat.  I sat up there for several hours and finally had a snack of animal crackers that afternoon while we waited on the doctor to come. 

After she ate her dinner and was getting sleepy, I left and went home.  Jeremy took me to get some tacos for dinner.  I had fish and chicken again! 

While we were sitting in the restaurant, the lights suddenly went out.  We were on one side and it was completely dark, but the other side was still going.  It was about 15 minutes before they came back on, and then they went out again.  Our waitress said she was looking for a candle to bring us when she brought our food.  🙂

As soon as we got home after dinner I crashed!  I woke up early Saturday morning worrying about my grandma.  I called and she was doing okay, so we went and got some groceries.  I got to the hospital about 1:30 and ended up staying until around 11.  We had some trouble with some of the aides not coming to help her when she needed it and being extremely disrespectful to her.  (Two of them told her that they had other patients and couldn’t come help her!)  Once the RN and charge nurse got involved they made my grandma feel so much better.  The daytime RN even stayed two hours past her time to go just to make sure that my grandma was okay.  We all really appreciated her!  The night RN helped us all to feel comfortable leaving her alone all night and she did a really good job taking care of her.  It was a long day and it was a very emotionally draining day. 

We grabbed McDonald’s on the way home.  I ate a cheeseburger and fries and I didn’t even feel bad about it because the only other thing I had eaten during the day was a granola bar.  Jake wanted some fries.  🙂

Sunday was spent at the hospital again.  My grandma was up and walking laps around the floor.  I guess I did get some walking in because I walked with her.  I ate lunch with her and I got this salad from the cafeteria salad bar.  It was really fresh and good! It had spinach, arugula, green peppers, eggs, carrots, cucumbers, pickles, turkey, grilled chicken, and croutons.

By the time I got home, I was too tired to meal prep, work on this post, or do anything other than crash on the couch.  I was asleep before 9 pm. 

We got my grandma home this evening and she is doing well!  She will be back to normal in no time! 

My week wasn’t that exciting, but I did get some walking and workouts in.  I’m heading to bed early tonight to try and catch up on some sleep!  I hope you all have a great week! 

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One thought on “A Very Random Week

  1. Brooklyn Murtaugh

    I hope everything turns out good for your grandma!! How disappointing that some of the aides were disrespectful. I’m glad the RN’s were much better.

    I’m like you, I could eat breakfast for dinner every day.


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