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Hey Guys!  Today I want to share with you the only place that you will ever need to shop for vitamins and health and wellness products!  It’s Swanson Vitamins!  Not only do they have tons of vitamins, but they also have wide range of healthy, organic, foods, snacks, and baking ingredients.  And, the best thing about it is that you can shop for it all without having to leave your house!  I tried out some of the Swanson products and have a review of each one for you. 

The first thing I tried was the Organic Wildflower Raw honey.  This was the first time I have ever tried a honey besides the one you buy in a bear at the grocery store.  I will never buy that bear again!  The difference in the organic raw honey and the store-bought honey is unreal!  The organic honey has such a stronger honey flavor and I could definitely tell that it didn’t have all of the added sugars and artificial sweetener’s that other honeys have.  The consistency was thicker too.  I actually had been fighting a sore throat last week.  It kept feeling scratchy and kind of sore like it was coming, but I never actually got a sore throat.  I believe it’s because of this honey.  Of course when I first started feeling it coming on, I got on Pinterest and searched for home remedies.  I hate having a sore throat more than anything!  The first remedy that came up was to eat a spoonful of raw honey.  I didn’t really believe that it would work, but since I had some, I tried it.  And, it worked!  It coated my throat and I didn’t feel any scratchiness or soreness for the rest of that night and the next day.  The next time during that week that it started hurting was after I sat out at a football game in the cold.  I tried another remedy that I had found.  It said to drink honey, lemon, hot water, and a dash of cinnamon.  It worked, and I haven’t felt anything since I drank that.  Raw honey has so many benefits.  It helps with allergies, it has anti-inflammatories, it helps fight coughs, and it helps relieve sore throats, and those are just naming a few.  This is the best honey I have ever tried!  And, it’s only $7.99 on Swanson’s site. 

The next product that we tried out was Melatonin.  I had never tried it before and I won’t ever go without again!  I have always had such a hard time winding down at night and going to sleep.  I can literally lay in bed for 3-4 hours before I actually go to sleep, and then I don’t stay asleep for longer than a couple of hours before I’m wide awake again.  It’s frustrating and I never feel like I get a good night’s sleep.  But, that all stopped when I started taking this Melatonin.  Within thirty minutes of taking it, I feel sleepy and am able to actually go to sleep.  I also stay asleep and sleep for longer periods of time than I used to.  I never feel drowsy in the mornings when I wake up, instead I feel completely rested! 

I even got my husband to start taking this.  He is one that will not take anything at all!  But after a little convincing, he tried it.  He saw such a difference in that first night, that he’s been taking it every night since.  As much as I love how well it works, my favorite part is the price!  When I run out, I’ll be getting it on Swanson’s site for $2.99.

My next favorite product was the organic spices that they sent me.  I loved the organic garlic

I wondered if I would even be able to tell a difference in the organic and regular, and I absolutely could.  The color, texture, smell, and taste were all different.  The organic spices had so much more flavor than the grocery store kind. The organic one is so much lighter. 

I also loved the Organic Mexican Adobo spice.  I had never tried it before and I’m wishing that I would have tried it sooner.  We cook a lot of Mexican food, and it adds so much more flavor to the meal.  I’ve been putting it on everything, even vegetables!  I don’t have a comparison since I’ve never tried it before.  But, it has quickly become one of my favorite spices.   They also don’t cost any more than spices that you would buy at the grocery store, and they’re organic!  The garlic is $3.99 and the Mexican Adobo is $4.49. 

Flaxseed has been a staple in my pantry for many years.  I put it in smoothies, oatmeal, and I throw it in baked goods.  I like the healthy benefits that it offers. 

I tried out the Organic Milled Flaxseed from Swanson.  While, I can’t tell a difference in taste because it’s mixed into foods, I do like that it is certified organic.  I think everything is better when it’s organic! I really like the color of it! 

I tried organic raw cacao nibs for the first time.  I really liked them!  I love the chocolate flavor, and they aren’t overly sweet.  They made the perfect addition to my oatmeal. 

I’m going to make some healthy banana oatmeal cookies with them as soon as I have some overripe bananas.  The package of cacao nibs is only $7.99 on their site!

The last product that I tried out was the Energy C with Electrolyte drink mixture.  This is an effervescent vitamin C drink mix that has similar ingredients to Emergen-C.  But, Emergen-C does not have electrolytes.  One packet of Swanson’s mixture offers 1,000 mg of vitamin C.  I do feel like this drink mix has a lot of really good health and immune benefits, and I also think it’s the reason why I have not gotten sick these last several weeks.  My overall health and nutrition have really been lacking with everything that I have had going on.  My body has been completely run down and I haven’t been eating right, sleeping well, or exercising.  But, I have been drinking this and I think it has kept me well.  My only complaint with this mixture is the taste.  It is a very strong orange taste, which I like, but it was a little too strong for meI couldn’t drink a whole packet at once.  I started putting a half of a packet in a 16oz water bottle and I was able to drink that.  I have been drinking it twice a day, and I am confident that the vitamins that it is giving me are the reason why I have been able to stay well. 

These products are just a small sampling of everything that Swanson has to offer.  I seriously spent hours browsing their website when I was looking for products to try out.  I am happy with all that I tried, and I will definitely be ordering more.  I will also be ordering all of my other vitamins from here from now on because of their price and quality. 

Disclaimer:  I received all products free.  All opinions are my own.

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