Girl’s Day, Pedicures, and a Skunk

Happy Monday Everyone!  Wow!  Where did last week go?  It flew by!  I hope you had a great week and are enjoying some fall weather.  Our weather can’t make up it’s mind if it wants to be cold or hot.  I didn’t do a lot this week, but it did get more interesting towards the end of the week.  And, I do have some pictures to share.  So here we go! 

Monday afternoon Jake and I sat on the porch to try and soak up the last little bit of warm weather. 

It got a little chilly this week.  But, in Oklahoma weather fashion, it turned back warm after a couple of cooler days.  We had to turn our heater on Tuesday night because it got so cold, but after that we have had the windows open all week and it’s been back in the 80’s.  Tuesday was work, work, work!  I literally went to work at 7:30 am and worked until 9:30 pm.  I didn’t get home until almost 10 and I was ready to crash!  Since I worked such a long day Tuesday, I had Wednesday off.  I slept until 10:30!  I woke up not feeling great.  My overall nutrition, sleep, and fitness have been lacking the last month, and I think it was finally catching up with me.  I started on Monday feeling like I was getting a sore throat, but thankfully (knock on wood) it hasn’t gone full blown “sore throat” yet.  I woke up Wednesday morning feeling achy, my throat was scratchy, and I had a headache.  I was really worried that I was getting sick.  I decided to rest all day and eat some healthy foods, and I drank a TON of water!  For breakfast, I made a shake with these new collagen peptides I bought to try out.  If you use these, what all do you put them in?  I tried to mix them in my tea and it turned it to clumps of gelatin and I couldn’t drink it. (And, I spilled this purple shake on not one, but two shirts!)

Wednesday evening I went with Jeremy to feed the horses.  I’ve missed Jessie so much!  She’s down the road in a pasture and I haven’t been able to see her since I had surgery.  She missed me too, because she laid her head against me when I went to see her.     

Then we fed Brooke.  She’s not very friendly unless you are feeding her. 

Thursday morning, Jeremy and I went and ran some errands and did some grocery shopping.  We decided to smoke some meat for dinner.  So we bought some baby back ribs and chicken legs.  


My mom texted us later in the afternoon and said they were going to the high school football game if we wanted to go with them.  We decided to smoke the meat on Friday night and go to the game.  We stayed until halftime because the score was 37-6 and we were bored, and it was cold!  When we got home, we let Jake out for a minute, seriously less than 5 minutes, and when I went to get him he had been sprayed right in the face by a skunk, on our back porch. (We think it’s living under our building.)  I immediately got him in the house and in the bathtub.  We looked up how to de-skunk a dog and quickly mixed up the stuff to wash him in.  His poor eyes were burning.  We washed him in the solution, and then with his shampoo, and he still smelled a little.

And, my house smelled awful!!!  We lit every candle that we had, turned on all the Scentsy’s, and it did not help.  I got up early on Friday so I could open up all the windows and light the candles again.  By this time I guess I was used to the smell, because I didn’t smell it until I walked outside and came back in.  Then I realized how strong it was! 

Around 11:15 I went to town to meet my friend Joni for lunch.  We ate at a sandwich shop that used to be a Schlotzsky’s.  They kept the same menu.  I had the Ultimate Turkey sandwich. 

It had turkey, salami, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, black olives, onions, and mustard.   We sat in there for almost two hours talking! 

Then we went to get pedicures.  I had wondered if they would give me a half price special since I could only get one foot done.  But, they didn’t.  I did have them paint my toenails on my other foot though. 

When I got home, we got the smoker ready and put the meat on.  We sat outside and enjoying the weather. 

And, Jake and Max would not leave our sides.  

Right before dark, Jeremy decided he was going to try and flush out the skunk and kill it.  We ran water under the building and it didn’t come out.  He shined a light under there and thought he saw it, but wasn’t sure.  We didn’t get it that night, but we’ll get it. 

For dinner, Jeremy smoked some baby back ribs and chicken legs. 

We weren’t sure if the chicken had cooked long enough.  It didn’t have the “crust” on it like the ribs did.  (The temperature on the smoker wouldn’t stay consistent while the food cooked. I think it was because it was cooler outside and extremely windy.)  So, before we ate the chicken, I brushed it with barbeque sauce and put it under the broiler for a few minutes.  The ribs were really good.  I wasn’t real fond of the chicken.  I think next time we will try a different rub, and cook it a lot longer. 

This night I really felt like I was getting sick.  It hit hard.  My throat felt sore and my tonsils felt like they were swelling.  I looked on Pinterest for home remedies and tried one out.  I drank a cup of hot water mixed with lemon juice, raw honey, and a dash of cinnamon.  I wasn’t confident that it would work, but it was a miracle drink!  Almost immediately all the pain went away and I felt so much better.  I have not had any more sore throat feelings since I drank it!  (If you’re curious, it was 1 cup hot water, 1 ½ teaspoons pure lemon juice, ¼ cup raw honey, and a dash of cinnamon.)

We slept in on Saturday and then spent the rest of the day cleaning.  With me not being able to walk very well, my house has really suffered!  It has been has been driving me crazy!  (I’m a little OCD.)  So, Jeremy helped me, because I can’t push the vacuum. 

We opened all the windows and let the fresh air blow in while we turned up the music and got the whole house clean.  I even went thru some clothes and came up with two bags full that I’m going to donate!  I was in full on cleaning mode! 

When we were finished cleaning, I still felt really good, and my foot wasn’t hurting, so I decided to try a light workout.  I know I’m not supposed to be doing anything, but I needed to.  I did a light ab workout, and didn’t do any moves that would use any muscles in my leg or foot.  It felt so good!  It was like those muscles were waking up after a very long nap!  I can’t wait to be released so I can actually start doing some stuff.  After that, we took Jake for a walk. 

The first colors of fall are starting to show on the trees!

Later in the evening we got ready to go eat dinner – and we had a pretty eventful evening!  We wanted to go to our favorite taco place so we could watch the Yankee game.  But, their TV’s weren’t working, so we ended up going to another Mexican restaurant.  The only place in this one to watch the game is in their tiny bar.  (There is a bar, and then right behind it there is one long booth seat on the wall with three little tables in front of it….tiny!)  We sat down next to another couple and started watching the game. 

There was a girl at the bar, who obviously had already had too much to drink, that was cheering for the Astros.  She was being sooooo loud and screaming at the TV.  During a commercial, she turned around and asked us who we were for.  We said Yankees, and the other couple said they liked the Rangers, so they guessed they were for the Astros.  In a few minutes, Jeremy got up to go to the restroom, and when he did, that girl got off her stool and came and stood right between our tables.  She looked right at me and said, “F the Yankees”!  (She said the whole word.) And then turned to the couple next to me and told them that she was buying their dinner since they are Astros fans.  It was really kind of funny.  After that, she made comments the whole rest of the time we were sitting in there.  It was like she was wanting us to argue with her or something, but we just laughed.  We got to talking to that other couple and sat in there forever. 

While we were sitting there, the girl and I were watching the weather because we were supposed to get some storms.  It showed that it was going to hit us in about 30 minutes so we headed home, and the storm hit before we were even close.  The wind was blowing so hard and so was the rain that the visibility was almost nothing.  The wind was also blowing limbs and all kinds of debris across the road in front of us.  As we were passing our little airport, we heard the tornado siren.  My first thought was something is wrong with it because this is October – not tornado season!  I texted my mom and she said to take cover.  About that same time, I got the alert on my phone that we needed to take cover , there were two tornadoes in our area!  I seriously hate tornadoes and I really freak out!  We were still trying to get home, which was almost impossible with all of the debris blowing at us.  We finally made it and got my car in the garage.  We were going to jump in the Jeep and drive across the street to Jeremy’s dad’s and get him and Jake and go to the cellar.  It was lightning and storming and I was scared.  My first instinct was to run to the Jeep.  I wasn’t even thinking about my foot, and I started out and took one step on it and about fell to the ground.  (It has been so sore since then.)  We made it across the street and inside, and about the time we did the news was saying that the tornado had just moved past us.  But, it was still storming bad and we had 50 mph winds, and they were still watching some potential rotation right above us, so we stayed at my father-in-law’s until there was a break in the storm around midnight.  

Sunday morning we went grocery shopping.  I went to Wal-Mart with 7 things on my list:  yogurt, carrots, brussels, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, and chocolate peanut butter cheerios.  They only had yogurt, and not even the flavor that I wanted.  I know my emotions are all over the place right now, (and I know it’s a little ridiculous), but it really upset me.  I almost had a complete breakdown in the middle of the store.  My Wal-Mart app showed that they had that cereal in stock.  I couldn’t find it, so I asked a customer service representative.  His reaction to me is about what sent me over the edge.  He just dismissed me and said they didn’t have any.  He didn’t offer to go look or ask anyone.  He just said they didn’t have any.  I showed him my app where it said it was in stock and he still just said they didn’t have it.  I was fighting back tears at that point.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

I had to go to another grocery store to get all of my produce, and they had everything except the cereal.  I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t find that cereal anywhere.  I hope it comes here soon!  

When we got home, I meal prepped my lunches for the week.  I made roasted veggies and barbeque chicken in the crockpot. 

And, that’s what I had for dinner to!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  

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6 thoughts on “Girl’s Day, Pedicures, and a Skunk

  1. Lesley

    Poor Jake! Is there a service that could flush out and re-home the skunk? They’re probably looking for food and stuff before winter.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I don’t know if we have a service like that here. I may have to look into that. I haven’t seen or smelled it since Thursday so hopefully it’s moved on!

  2. Susie

    Aww, Jessie and Brooke are beautiful! I love horses. And poor Jake! I hope he’s doing better now. Has Jeremy been able to catch the skunk?
    WHAT – no pedicure discount?! I love the purple toes though (and you have such cute toes)! How funny about that “tea” – I grew up drinking hot water with fresh lemon juice and honey (no cinnamon) whenever I was sick. Sometimes I crave that concoction even when I’m super healthy, lol.
    OMG, reading about that tornado was so scary! Having to deal with that AND that rude chick at dinner – oh my!
    Have a great week!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I love horses too! Jessie is like a big dog. She just wants to be brushed and petted. Jeremy did not catch the skunk yet. He turned a radio on in the building and has left it on since Friday. We haven’t seen or smelled it since Thurs so hopefully it’s gone!
      I love purple! And thank you. I think my toes are short. Lol.
      I will use that “tea” from now on. I wish I would’ve found it sooner! It actually did taste pretty good. I was worried it would be something I would have to force down.
      Tornadoes scare me so much!!
      I hope you have a great week! Are you on Instagram?

  3. San

    I’ve been using the Collagen Peptides for a while and I put them in my morning coffee. It’s like a creamer – I never had problems with clmps. Mmh?! You could also use them in baked goods for this extra bit of collagen.

    Ugh, I am so sorry abou the skunk situation… skunk smells awful 🙁 I hope you’ll catch it (or at least get it to ‘move away’;)).

    The food that you made looks delicious. Now I want ribs 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I’ll have to try the peptides in something hot and see if the dissolve. They made my smoothie kind like gelatin. I wondered if I put too much in.

      That food was really good!! ?

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