Goodbye Exuma

Hi!  This is the last recap in my Exuma, Bahamas vacation series.  We have to say goodbye to Exuma today. 🙁  I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and maybe have added this place to your bucket list!  It was definitely on mine and I’m so happy that I got to cross it off.  But, I think it ruined everywhere else for me.  It is going to be so hard to top this one, because of how beautiful it is.  But we’ll keep trying!  Wanderlust…right? 

Since this is the last in the series, make sure you’re all caught up!

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This was our last full day at the resort.  I was really sad when I got up and wanted to enjoy every minute of it.  I got up early and went down to the beach to take some pictures of the sunrise.  It was beautiful and I was the only person out!  This was the most peaceful time of my day! I spent a long time down there walking (slowly) on the beach and watching the sun rise over the water. 

When I was done, I went back to wake Jeremy up and we headed down to the pool.  In the 20 minutes that I was in the room, the pool chairs completely filled up.  This was the only time during our stay that I saw it like this.  I’m not sure what was going on, but almost every chair was already reserved when we got down there around 8:30 and there weren’t any people out. We grabbed the last two empty chairs on the side of the pool and then went to grab an English muffin to eat in our chairs. 

Our morning started off really quiet – just like we wanted.  We just relaxed in our chairs and occasionally got in the pool to cool off.  It was super hot by 10 am!  It was looking like it was going to be the perfect day. 

But, around 11, that all changed.  The peace and quiet ended for the rest of the day.  The pool started filling up and I was seriously disgusted with how some of the guests were behaving today, and the fact that they were allowed to behave that way.  I guess some new groups came in Sunday night, or early this morning because there were several new groups that I had not seen before. And, when I say groups, I don’t mean couples.  I mean big groups of families or singles.    

The first group that was particularly rude was a group of four.  They were all wearing shirts that said “Team Let’s Get Wasted”.  They also brought their own pool floats including a very inappropriate blow up doll.  I could not believe that they were allowed to have that in the pool!  They also had it sitting in their chairs, and sitting at the pool bar, and floating all around the pool.  They camped out on one whole side of the pool bar and took all of the chairs on that side of the pool as well.  They was obnoxious, but not the worst of the day.  ( you can see in the background of the picture below.)

Around noon, the entertainment staff set up a ring toss game by the pool.  We went to play, and Jeremy went first.  He missed on all three of his shots.  I went next, and I ringed that bottle of rum on my first throw!  I got to keep it! The entertainment guy could not believe I did it!  I couldn’t believe I did it!  

Then Jeremy got to go again and he won a bracelet.  After that game, Jeremy ran and got us some slices of pizza out of the hot box for lunch. 

We were eating them in our chairs when another group came and sat next to us.  There were 7 of them, and they all tried to fit on two chairs.  We had our float sitting in between our chairs and one of the women in that group tried to come and take it from us.  When Jeremy told her we were using it, she said, “are you really?” He told her we would be as soon as we got done eating. 

When we finished, we hopped in the pool and were talking to another couple that we had met earlier in the week.  I looked over and one of the men in that big group was sitting in my chair – on top of my cover up, sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses!  Jeremy headed over there to get my stuff and that guy saw him coming and hopped up and walked away.  Jeremy scooted my chair over closer to his and got back in the water.  Less than ten minutes later, the same guy and taken all of my stuff out of my chair, put it on the ground, and moved the chair over to his group.  That made me so mad!!  But, we decided to ignore it.  I went and picked my stuff up so it wouldn’t all get wet and we tried to enjoy the rest of the afternoon floating in the pool. 

But, there was another group that made that very difficult.  From what we could figure out, it was a mom, dad, and 5 kids.  They had to be at least 18 to be there, although they did not look like that. They were throwing a football around and being very loud.  The whole group just kept get louder and louder as the day went on.  My only complaint about this whole trip was this day in the pool.  I thought this was supposed to be a couples resort, but we saw many single groups there during the week.  The ones today were just flat out rude and annoying!  But, there was always the beach! 

We finally decided to head down to the beach for the rest of the afternoon.  It was quiet and we were able to relax for a couple hours. 

At 5, we walked up to the Club Sandals Lounge.  They had promised me that we could have a golf cart to go out and see the back 9 of the golf course.  I kept hearing it had the best views and I was not going to miss it since we were so close!  But, there was no way that I could have walked that far, so I asked if someone could drive us. 

They gave us a golf cart and had someone lead us out there.  The water was absolutely gorgeous!  It is definitely a must see if you ever go there!  

We took some pictures…okay I may have taken close to 100 pictures….It was just soooo pretty! If I could build a house anywhere in the world, it would be right there on that golf course!  

And then we drove the rest of the course on our way back.  The whole course was beautiful! 

As soon as we dropped the cart off, we went in to get ready for dinner.  I wanted to eat at the pub again because it was quick and good!  Jeremy agreed because he wanted to try the other ribeye that they serve without all the sauce on it.  We took some pictures on our way to dinner.  😉

On our way to dinner we stopped to listen to a sax player that was playing in the pool tower.  They had the speakers set up so you could hear it anywhere in the central area. 

There were also couples up there that had paid to have a candlelight dinner.  I felt really bad for them because that group of kids that I told you about earlier was in the hot tub and the girls were yelling at the guys to show them their body parts…very explicitly.  I would have been pretty upset if I had paid $200 for a quiet, private dinner and had to listen to that. 

We went into the pub and sat at the bar to order appetizers and talk to Wil for awhile before ordering dinner.  

He is the funniest guy that we met!  I ordered the prawn salad and Jeremy ordered some hot wings for apps.  

Mine was okay.  There was just something about it, maybe the sauce, that I wasn’t a fan of.  I wouldn’t order it again.

The kids from the pool all came in there (in their bathing suits) so we decided to eat outside.  From where we were sitting, we could hear the sax player.  This was the best dinner that we had!  We were the only ones eating outside, and there was no one else around.  Our waitress brought out a candle for us, so we got our own free candlelit dinner with a sax player in the background.  It was pretty romantical..LOL!

One of the waiters came out to chat with Jeremy.  He’d made friends with him the second night.  Actually, he watched Jeremy play some pool and told him he was really good.  Jeremy, jokingly, told him that he played pool on TV.   That guy thought he was serious and talked to him every chance he got all week.  So, he asked where got the candle and we told him our waitress brought it to us, and he told us she was the boss.  After dinner I thanked her and told her we enjoyed it and the service that we had there all week.  She had to hug me and thank me for the compliment.  Everyone was so nice!  

Jeremy ordered the steak and loved it!  He said it was the best he’d had all week. 

I ordered a burger and loved it!  

After dinner we went over to the piano bar to listen and sing along. 

It was packed by the time we got there, and there was nowhere to sit.  We listened to a few songs, and then decided to go back to the pub to play in the game room.  On our way we stopped at the cafe for a late night treat.  

We shared a caramel crepe.  I forgot to take a picture.  When we got to the pub, the game room was almost empty so we pretty much had it to ourselves. 

We played darts, ping pong, and a game of pool before deciding to call it a night. 

Tuesday morning we had to be out of our room at 9.  So, we took our bags down to the front and went to get breakfast.  I knew we were going to have a long day of traveling so I made sure to eat a good breakfast!  I ordered an omelet with sausage, bell pepper, and cheese and I ate it with an English muffin. 

When we were done eating, we went back to the lobby to wait on our ride.  We were getting picked up at 10.  Since there are only two flights out each day, there was a big group waiting and nowhere to sit.  This little dude was taking up half of the couch!  But, he’s cute, so it’s okay. 

We were picked up at 10 and were at the airport by 10:15. 

We checked our bag…after having to take 10 pounds of stuff out of it! We tried to pack lighter this year and only take one checked bag.  But, we brought home some extra stuff and we packed in a hurry Tuesday morning.  And, we came home with three liters of rum.  One was a gift and two were prizes.  They will join all the others in our pantry and will stay there forever!  I guess we can start giving them as Christmas gifts.  LOL

I had read online that the airport was one room with no air and that it was miserable to sit in it.  So, we went across the street to a little bar and sat outside in the shade for about an hour.  We finally got too hot and went back to the airport.  The room that I had read about was not at all what everyone on Trip Advisor said.  It was air conditioned and much cooler than the picnic table outside. 

Our plane was supposed to leave at 1:15.  At 1:15, the plane wasn’t even there.  I’m not sure what time we finally ended up leaving, but they must have made up for the time in the air.  We were only a little late getting to Atlanta.  We got there at 3:20.  Our next flight didn’t leave until 9:55.  I looked on the way there and saw that there was a 4:35 flight to Tulsa that I was really hoping we could catch.  But, by the time we got through customs and baggage claim, the guy at the ticket desk said there would be no way that we would get through security and across the airport in time to make the flight.  So, we were stuck for several hours.  But that’s okay.  We did some exploring! 

Going through security, I set it off again!  This time the woman just patted me down and determined that it was the knot in the front of my shirt that did it. 

We found our gate, and sat for a little while before deciding to go eat some dinner.  Today was our actual anniversary, so we ate a really special dinner in the Atlanta airport at Buffalo Wild Wings. 😉  We split an order of wings.  I got the Asian Zing flavor on my half.  It was really good! 

After dinner I really wanted to try a Dunkin Donut.  I have never had one, and I see them all the time on Instagram, so I wanted to see what it was all about.  I have to say that I am very disappointed.  Maybe it’s just because it’s not the kind of donut I’m used to…or because I rarely eat donuts…I don’t know, but I didn’t like it.  It wasn’t sweet at all.  It tasted more like a biscuit than a donut.  I tried a chocolate one and a plain glazed.  I didn’t like either. 

The rest of our layover was spent people watching and getting caught up on emails.  I saw so many cute little dogs in the airport.  One was in a stroller that was being pushed by a really old man.  It was the cutest thing ever! 

Our plane was supposed to start boarding at 9:15.  But, at the gate we were supposed to board at still had the 8:00 pm flight waiting to board.  At 9:55 (our takeoff time), we got an alert that our gate had been changed.  We headed down to it and it was well after 10 before we boarded.  Then, we sat on the runway for over an hour.  Sometime after midnight we finally took off. 

So, we got back to Tulsa pretty late.  Luckily, Jeremy’s aunt and uncle live close to the airport.  We went there and crashed! 

I was not ready for vacation to end at all!  It was a great anniversary trip and it was definitely my most favorite place that we have been!  I’m already looking at where we can go on our next adventure!  Seriously, I would highly recommend this Sandals and this island if you ever need any ideas of somewhere to visit.  It was absolutely incredible! 

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye Exuma

  1. Lesley

    The end of vacation is always disappointing. As much as I love getting back and seeing my furbaby, and sleeping in my own bed, there are some vacations I don’t want to end. I’m having too much fun.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      That’s exactly how I feel too! I miss Jake soooo much but I really love being in our own bubble and at the beach!

  2. Debi

    Hi, Tara!

    I read your review of sandals emerald bay on TripAdvisor with the link to your blog. I loved reading all about your recent trip and I can so relate to your injury! We were scheduled to go the end of July to SEB as well this summer but one month before, my husband ruptured his Achilles tendon playing soccer and had to have surgery. He is also a runner and was training for a 100 mile “Tuna” run which is a relay with friends to the beach. Two months later, he is just now starting to walk and drive again. We had to reschedule our trip for next June. But I loved reading all about your adventures! I think we would have been friends at the resort if we had gone! Thank you so much!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I’m so glad you came and read about our trip! I’m sure you would’ve loved it and we definitely would’ve had fun!! That really stinks about your husband’s tendon. That sounds awful!! I’m glad he’s up and is doing better! A 100 miler sounds really scary. lol that’s very impressive that he was training for that! I’m glad you were able to reschedule your trip and I hope you have an awesome time!!

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