Our Own Hidden Gem

Hi Everyone!  I’m glad you’re back to read about our next adventure in the Bahamas!   Today was a fun day and I’m so glad we got to experience it.  I’m also glad we met such a fun couple to share it with!  We had a blast!  Today we took another trip off the resort to explore the island of Exuma.  It was so much fun to see.  

If you haven’t read my previous recaps about our trip, you may want to get caught up first.  This recap is for Day 6.

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If you’re all caught up, let’s get started!  

Today we got up around 9 and grabbed some breakfast…and some Spark.  We shared some eggs and an English muffin. We weren’t really hungry, but since we were leaving the resort and didn’t know much about the town, we didn’t want to not have anything to eat all day.  After breakfast we met up with Rich and Julianne at their room and then we all went to the front entry.  We rented a car and it was there waiting on us.  (Here’s a tip for anyone who may go to Exuma:  Rent a car.  A cab ride to and from the resort, no matter the distance, is at least $100.  We rented the car for $80 for the whole day.  So it was actually $40 each.)

We got a map from the front desk and headed out.  Basically they just told us to turn left at the entrance and follow that road. 

We wanted to go to the Tropic of Cancer beach.  Julianne and I had both read online that it was gorgeous and was a must see.  It definitely did not disappoint!  We got to Georgetown and drove around it.  The road goes one way in a circle.  You can go around the entire circle in less than 5 minutes.  

We found what we hoped was the right turn and headed to Little Exuma.  We kept driving – we figured the island would end at some point.  The GPS kept randomly coming on and it was all in Chinese.  It was also showing that we were in the water!  We finally saw the bridge.  It was a one lane bridge that connected Big Exuma to Little Exuma.  (Tip:  It was only about a 35 minute drive from Sandals to Little Exuma.  And, we were told by some locals that a couple miles past the beach is the best bakery on the island.  We didn’t go, but we heard from several that it was amazing!)

Exuma Bahamas Review

There were no cars or people anywhere in sight.  We drove about 3 miles past the bridge and found the entrance to the beach. 

Exuma Bahamas Review

I had read that it was one of the prettiest beaches in the Bahamas.  But, there are literally no words to describe how beautiful it actually is.  And to say it’s beautiful is definitely the understatement of the year!  I have never seen anything like it. 

When we got there, there was a couple gathering up their things.  They left and we were the only ones there.  It was absolutely incredible!  This is like a hidden gem, and for a little while, it was all ours. 

The sand is like white powder, and the water was crystal clear and bright blue.  It was breathtaking. 

We just sat for a little while soaking in all of the beauty. We also found a live sand dollar! 

I don’t know how long we stayed here, but I could have sat there all day.   

Exuma Bahamas Review

But, we were still exploring and had more places to go!  We headed back to Georgetown to catch a water taxi. 

Exuma Bahamas Review

We took the Elvis’ s Water Taxi over to Stocking Island to go hang out at the Chat N Chill.  

It was about a 10 minute ride over to the island. 

Right off the beach were stingrays swimming with all the people.  We touched them, and they felt like jelly. 

Exuma Bahamas Review

We hung out in the water for a little while before deciding to get something to eat. 

They had a tiny little building where you ordered food, and then you ate on picnic tables outside. 

Exuma Bahamas Review

Jeremy and I shared a burger and fries. 

They also do a pig roast on Sundays at noon.  We didn’t get there in time to see them bring the pig out, but I did see a lot of people eating it. 

After we all ate, we walked down the beach to another sandbar.  Julianne and I walked way out on it.  It was seriously at least a half mile out there. 

The guys weren’t too happy that we went so far out, but it was only waist deep so the boats couldn’t come near us and the water was crystal clear. 

Exuma Bahamas Review

When we came back to shore, Jeremy and I walked up to the conch bar to see what they were doing.  That guy was cutting up fresh conch straight out of the ocean and serving it.  He had some good knife skills!  I watched him cut one up.  It was pretty tough.  I’ve never eaten it fresh, but it looked like it would be tough to chew.

Exuma Bahamas Review

We hung out here for a couple of hours and and talked to some other couples from Sandals before we caught the taxi back to Georgetown. 


When we got back to our room, we had an anniversary surprise waiting on us!  I love surprises like this, and I love that they paid attention to that small detail.  (Although our anniversary wasn’t until the 25th.)

Exuma Bahamas Review

Jeremy and I decided to have dinner at the pub tonight.  They have a Sunday slow roasted ribeye and Jeremy wanted to try it.  We sat at the bar for a little while and talked to our favorite server, Wil while we ate some appetizers. 

He is hilarious! He kept us laughing so hard that I was afraid I was going to choke on my food! 

Jeremy had been raving about their hot wings since our second night, so I finally tried one.  They were delicious, and really hot!  I ordered a BLAT salad. I ordered it with no tomatoes, but it came with no avocados.  It was drowned in ranch, so I didn’t eat much of it. 

Exuma Bahamas Review

For dinner I ordered the grilled chicken.  It was cooked perfectly and it came with those potatoes that I love so much!  

Jeremy ordered the steak.  He was not impressed with that steak at all.  It came with some kind of mushroom wine sauce and he didn’t like it.  (Another tip for anyone who may visit here:  The steak that they serve every other day of the week is the best one at the resort.  Also, order it a temperature higher than you want it cooked.  All the steaks seemed to come out a little underdone.)

After dinner we went out and watched the show for that night.  

Then Rich and Julianne joined us and we played darts.  And, just throwing it out there that I was on fire tonight!  I couldn’t miss! Just saying because I’m usually not very good! 


This was their last night, so we stayed up late hanging out with them.  We made some good friends in a short time and had so much fun with them.  We are all sad that we live so far away from each other.  Hopefully, we can plan some trips to visit each other, or another vacation together!  

I have one more post about our last two days of our trip coming up.  I hope you’re enjoying this recap series and if you are looking for a place to visit, I would definitely recommend this one!  

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  1. Lesley

    My parents and I went to Hawaii when I was in college, and the luau we went to had a pig roast. The whole thing starts with them digging the pig out of the ground, and then they cut it up for the buffet. Pork isn’t my favorite, but it was pretty good.

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      That sounds like fun!! I have heard the meat is really good. I just wanted to see them dig it up!

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