Fun in the Sun

Hi Guys!  Today I’m continuing my Bahamas recap with days 4 and 5 of our vacation.  These two days were pretty low-key…the best kind of vacation days!  We spent them lounging around the pool and enjoying the beach, definitely having some fun in the sun!  We ate some exceptional food at night!  These two days were the most relaxing that we had.  

If you haven’t already, make sure you read the last two recaps so you know what all is going on.  

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Friday morning we slept till about 9:30.  When we got up, we were a little hungry but not hungry enough for the buffet.  We went to the dessert café instead and got a caramel crepe and ate it in our chairs at the pool.  That crepe was outstanding! 


We hung out around the pool all morning.  Mackenzie this pic is for you!  LOL I thought of you when I sat in this!  

When we got hungry for lunch, we went to the Barefoot By The Sea restaurant.  It’s like a pavilion on the beach.  There’s no walls, just a thatched roof.  The tables and chairs are sitting in the sand and the salty breeze off the ocean is blowing through.  I love being able to eat with my feet in the sand! 

I ordered the fish tacos. They were good, but not as good as the ones I get at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  They were definitely fresh, and I liked that. 

After lunch we went down to the beach for a little while. 

I just could not get enough of that water!  


Then we went back to the pool in time to do the bread tasting.  They have a bread oven near the pool and they baked fresh Bahamian bread a few times a week.  They gave us a sampler of plain, raisin, and guava.  My favorite was the guava.  All the bread is sweet, but the little pieces of fruit made it even better!  

We hung out at the pool with Rich and Julianne and a few more couples that we met and got a good game of volleyball going. 

Today was Bahamian day, so we learned a little about their culture and they had the band play for us. 

We stayed out until we were getting hungry again and then went to get ready for dinner.  We decided to try the Italian again. 

I ordered a Caesar salad and grilled veggies for my appetizer. 

Jeremy ordered the lasagna for his appetizer.  He said it was really good.

For our entrées, Jeremy ordered the chicken parmesan and I ordered a steak.  I was expecting a small piece of meat and was surprised when it was the size of the plate.  I’m not a huge pasta eater, and nothing on the menu really looked very good to me, so I figured I’d try the steak.  The service was still really slow, not like our first night, but still slow.  By the time the food came, I really wasn’t hungry.  I ate a few bites of the steak and the veggies and Jeremy worked on the rest.  Both entrees were big portions and we couldn’t eat it all.   

After dinner we went to the piano bar to hang out.  We were having a good time singing along with the piano man.

All of the sudden he got up and came over to me.  He told the crowd that I was winking at him and that meant that I wanted to sing a song with him.  He made me come sit and sing Brown Eyed Girl.  He changed it to blue eyed girl.  He kept leaning behind me and singing in a high voice.  He was hysterical!  The picture is dark because Jeremy videoed it so I had to pull pictures from the video. 

Then, after a few more songs, he pulled me back up there with a group of women to sing I Will Survive. 

When we got done, he said our husbands had to come up there and he made them sing My Girl to us. 

It was a fun time!!

When that was over, we stopped by the café to get something sweet.  Jeremy tried some ice cream and I ordered us a chocolate crepe to share. 

It was okay.  We each just ate a couple bites.  The caramel was so much better!  Then we headed to the pub.  We ended up meeting a couple that lives about 2 hours from us and we played a couple of games with them before heading to our room.

 The next morning Jeremy wanted to go check out the golf shop. 

We walked down to it, and while he looked over the clubs, I checked out the jogging trail. 

I had really been looking forward to this.  I had read online that it was a beautiful trail.  And, I talked to a girl in the pool that had run it a few days and she said it was gorgeous.  I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t get to run it, but on our last night we did get to take a cart out and see it.  (Which I highly recommend if you visit here.)

After that we grabbed some breakfast at the buffet.  I had an English muffin, some sausage, and pineapple.  Jeremy ordered some scrambled eggs with cheese and I had a few bites of them too. 

We had a pretty quiet day.  We went down to the beach for a little while in the morning. 

There weren’t any chairs to sit in, so we headed back to the pool.  I loved that the pool didn’t get busy until after lunch.  We had a quiet morning just relaxing in our chairs and cooling off in the pool.  It was super hot! 

When we got hungry Jeremy went and ordered us a pepperoni pizza that we ate in our poolside chairs. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing pool volleyball and floating around.  We went in early to get ready for dinner.  We were supposed to be meeting Rich and Julianne for dinner at Kimono’s (the hibachi show cooking) at 8:30, but she had food poisoning, so they weren’t coming.  So, we decided to go see if we could get in earlier so we could go to the Reggae show at 9.  We got to the restaurant around 6:45 and the host told us that she didn’t have any openings for the 7 o’clock seating.  So, we went over to Soy to have some sushi while we waited. 

We got to sit at the counter and watch them make the sushi.  And, since we were sitting there, they served us really quickly. 

I ate a ton of sushi!  It was soooo good!  Jeremy actually tried a piece that had fried shrimp in the middle of it.  He said he didn’t like it, but I think he secretly did.

On my first plate I had a salmon lover’s roll and the California roll.  I loved them both!  I wanted to try some more, so my next plate had the champagne lobster roll and the spicy crispy shrimp.  I did not like the lobster roll at all!  I think it was mainly the texture.  It was all very creamy and almost slimy.  But the shrimp was exceptionally good! 

After that, the host came to get us for a 7:30 seating.  We got to eat with another couple that we met in the pool during the week.  They were a lot of fun too!  She was a volleyball coach and you should have seen her spike that ball!  She was awesome!  And her name was Tara too!  I made sure to always be on her team!  🙂

By the time we sat down, I was so full that I couldn’t eat anything!  I just enjoyed the show, and Jeremy enjoyed my food. 

The chef was pretty funny and he had some crazy knife skills!  He let me toss an egg into his hat.  He said if I missed then we would get to see if it was boiled or not.  I kinda wanted to miss just to see.  LOL

After dinner we went to the reggae show.  We were pretty disappointed in it.  Last year the reggae show was awesome.  But this one was not.  They had a band that was playing really slow music that was going to put us to sleep.  So, we went to the pub to play some pool and then hung out for the Reggae after party dancing and karaoke.  I always love watching karaoke    

On Sunday, we took trip off the resort with Rich and Julianne.  I’ll write it in a separate post since we did a lot.  I hope you come back to read it.  We saw the most breathtaking beach that I have ever seen and it ruined all beaches for me for now on.  🙂 Make sure you come back and check it out.  

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  1. Lesley

    Soooo much food! I might’ve gone with the crepes for breakfast every day. I don’t need big meals, but smaller meals, plus snacks.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      That’s how I am too. And when it’s hot I don’t have much of an appetite. We mainly just shared everything during the day. I’m missing those crepes!

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