Add Me To The Injured Runner’s Club

Hey Guys!  I just wanted to give you a quick update about what I found out about my foot.  If you follow me on Instagram, you already know.  But, if not, here you go.  It’s not great news, but it could be a lot worse.  My foot isn’t broken!!  Yay for that!  But, I won’t be running anytime soon.    

I finally broke down and went to see a podiatrist about all the pain I have been having in my foot.  They took X-rays and thankfully they were all clear.  No stress fractures, which is what I had been worried about and what the nurse kept saying it probably was.  

Since they were clear, the doctor asked lots of questions.  He asked me if it was gradual pain or all at once.  When I told him it was all at once when I was running hills, he got this weird look on his face and asked why.  I said I was training for a race and was doing some hill repeats.   He was still looking at me like I was crazy and asked why again. Finally, we figured out that he thought I was saying “heels” and he couldn’t figure out why I would be training to run on my heels.  Once he figured out what I was saying, he knew exactly what was wrong with me.  He started feeling around on the top of my foot and every time he pressed on a tendon, I about came out of the chair.  It seriously hurt so much that I had tears in my eyes.  

I have tendonitis in all of the tendons on the top of my foot.  He said this was caused from up and down hill running. He said there is more stress placed on the tendons on the top of your foot when doing that.  

Then, he looked at the outside of my foot and said that I have peroneal tendinitis, which he said is more serious, and it was more than likely caused from overuse.  

He put me in a boot, and said I have to completely rest my foot in order for it to heal.   Which is going to be so hard! So, I am in a boot for a while and then maybe therapy after that depending on how it feels.  

I’m just so thankful that it’s not broken!  And, if it had to happen, I’m glad it happened now so I can quit worrying about trying to run in the heat!  🙂  Seriously, 97 degrees at 9 am is waaaaay too hot!  I guess there’s always a silver lining!  But, from now on, I will listen to my body and stop putting off injuries.  I should have had this checked a couple of months ago when it happened.  So for now I’ll be working on strength training and weights – just nothing that will put any pressure on my foot.  


Now you’ll know why I won’t have any running updates for a while.  

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8 thoughts on “Add Me To The Injured Runner’s Club

  1. MomOf2

    Okay, you are so tan!! Hilarious but kind of strange that he thought you were saying heels. Glad that got sorted out. The boot is a bummer but you make it look stunning!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL Thanks! We just got back from vacation and I got pretty tan! I wish it would stay all year! It was funny that he thought I was saying heels. I thought he was nuts because he kept asking me why I was doing that.

  2. Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy

    I am really sorry Tara. It so often seems like our feet are our weakest link, no matter how hard we try to train right. You are definitely in my thoughts, and hopefully you’ll come through it a stronger runner (I actually wish I could see a physical therapist on a regular basis, but then I’m weird).

    The whole “heel” thing is pretty funny though!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL I think that’s a great idea to see a PT on a regular basis. I bet they would keep us in top shape! And thank you for your kind words!

  3. Coco

    Glad you have an answer and know how to get better!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you! Me too!

  4. San

    Oh my, I am so sorry to hear you’re sidelined… but I am glad you got to see a doctor and take care of your foot.
    Reading all this, I am pretty sure that what I had a few weeks ago (some unexplained ankle pain) is not tendonitis, maybe just some strain, because it went away by itself within two weeks… but I am definitely going to be more careful now, because being put in a boot doesn’t sound so great. How long does he think you’ll have to rest?

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      It is not fun at all! I should have listened to the pain more when it first happened instead of just thinking it would go away. He’s hoping I’ll be in it for 4-6 weeks and that will give it enough time to heal. If not, then I’m looking at therapy…which may be a good thing!

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