Staying on Track

Hey Guys!  I hope you are all having a fun Memorial Day Weekend!  I had a pretty solid week of staying on track with working out.  My runs were not so great, but I tried.  The heat is definitely here to stay and I picked the absolute worst times of the day to try and run.  All I did was make myself sick, so this next week I’ll be running in the early mornings or late evenings.  Not in the middle of the afternoon!  

Monday morning I started the day with some Spark and toast.  

Then I did an hour workout.  What I did is below.  The first part of it is from Khloe’s Revenge Body workout. 


After that, I fixed a strawberry banana smoothie and took Jake for a walk to see Jessie.  

She kept trying to lick my straw!

When we got back I spent the next few hours grocery shopping, running errands, and walking Jake again.  It rained again, and after it quit I headed out for a quick 3 mile run.   

Monday evening, Jeremy and I went and tried a new restaurant in town.  We went to Cotton Patch.  Neither of us had ever eaten at one before.  We had heard mixed reviews about it, but thought we’d try it for ourselves.  The Monday night special was a chicken fried steak meal for $7.99 so Jeremy wanted to try that.  I ordered a grilled chicken breast and salad.  It said it came with rice on the menu, and I told the waitress that I didn’t want rice, but I got it anyways.  My salad didn’t come until I was almost done with the chicken because they were out and had to cut more lettuce.  That wasn’t a big deal, and overall the service was good.  But, the food was very bland.  Jeremy said his was really tough and dry.  My chicken was a little dry and it had no flavor at all.  And the salad was just a few pieces of lettuce with some chopped cucumber.  We weren’t too impressed, so I don’t see us going back there anytime soon. 

Tuesday morning I had wanted to sleep a little bit.  We stayed up until almost 1 Monday night watching TV.  But, Jake wasn’t having it.  He was up before 8 and sat at the bed staring at me and whining until I got up with him.  So, I got up and had some Spark and got ready to workout.  I did the first part of the workout that I did on Monday, then I followed that with some squats, lunges, wall sits, and abs. 

This is what Jake did while I worked out!
I was a little sore from Monday, so I added to it.  That’s the best kind of sore! It was cool outside, so I stretched out there with Jake.  

After I cleaned up, I went over to visit my mom and grandma.  Then, I spent the rest of the day in the kitchen.  I made some homemade salsa with my cilantro from my garden.  I made two different batches, one with cilantro, and one without.  I wasn’t very happy with the recipe I used, and neither of them really had much taste.  I am going to have to try another recipe next time. If you have a good one, send it to me! 

Then I made enchiladas.  I make them ahead of time so all I have to do is cook them when we’re ready to eat.  But, they take awhile to put them together.  I made cheese enchiladas and chicken enchiladas.  I’ll post the recipes soon. 


After those were prepped, Jeremy and I took Jake on a walk to see Jessie.  Then I laid on the couch for awhile.  I was super tired!  Since I prepped those enchiladas during the day, dinner was quick and easy when we were ready to eat!

I started Wednesday morning with Spark and toast again.  Jake went to the groomer, and I got this picture of him. 

He just makes himself at home.  She said he will stay there all day until she bathes him and then he gets right back in there.  He will share it with her little boy, who will sit all day and pet him.  It’s funny because he is not allowed on the furniture at our house, so why he even thought to get in that chair is funny to me.  Who knows he may sleep in my chair when we’re not home! 

Before my workout this morning, I had some dark chocolate Kodiak cakes with sugar free syrup.  They taste just like brownies with little pieces of chocolate in them. 

I spent almost an hour working out in my “gym” (I have turned our spare bedroom into my own work out space).  I was planning on a run too, but the pollen count was extremely high and I knew I wouldn’t be able to breathe, so I decided to skip it.  My workout is below. 

I spent the day working on some freelance stuff, and then later we took Jake for a walk.  Jake’s friends were out, and he actually played with them!  Usually he just kind of stands there and watches them, but tonight he ran and ran with them. 

Thursday morning I woke up early but had a bad headache so I stayed in bed.  I slept until 10:45! I got up and headed into work for a little while.  When I got home I did a 45 minute workout and this is what I had to deal with while I was trying to do abs.  Jake’s new favorite toy is an oven mitt and he decided that he wanted to play with it and kept putting in my face. 

Then I ran 3 miles.  It was stinkin hot! Summer is definitely here and I am not going to be able to run in the afternoons anymore. 

Jeremy came home for a few minutes during the afternoon to pick up some stuff for a job.  I took Jake outside to see him and when he left Jake tried to follow him.  It was kind of sad.  🙁  He stood and watched him until he couldn’t see him anymore.  

That evening I had just gotten out of the shower and Jeremy called me and told me to hurry and  come out in the garage with him.  A HUGE snake had gotten underneath our cabinet and he needed help getting it out.  I HATE snakes and didn’t want any part of that, but I at least tried to help.  In order to get to the snake, we had to tilt the cabinet up and I couldn’t hold it long enough.  So Jeremy went and got our neighbor and they were able to get it out.  It was at least 5 feet long! 

After that, I fixed some more enchiladas for dinner.  I made cheese and beef.  I’ll post my recipe soon.  It’s one that Jeremys mom taught me and we love it! 

Before we went to bed, we checked on Jake and found him sleeping like this.  He’s just so cute!  

Friday morning Jeremy and I got up early, had breakfast, and I took Jake on a walk.  It was already 82 degrees at 8:20 am!  And it felt like it was 92!  

After Jake’s walk, we headed out of town.  We went to the Winstar World Casino for the day and we had tickets to a concert that night. 

We hadn’t been there in several years and it had grown so much!  We spent the first hour just walking around exploring!  That place is huge! 

We tried gambling a little, but we never win so we get bored with that pretty quickly.  We spent a lot of time people watching.  It’s pretty interesting! 

Later in the evening we went to El Felix and shared some chips and queso before the concert.  We went to watch Rodney Carrington.  I’m a little embarrassed because I didn’t know how vulgar he is.  I had seen him on TV and in a movie and thought he was funny, but his live show was a whole different story.  A lot of it was funny, but there were times when he got really gross.  But, we had fun. 

What was really intriguing throughout the show were some people sitting two rows in front of us.  I wanted to get a picture but there were people in the way.  There were three people sitting together and through the entire show, the first guy had his arm around a girl, and the girl had her arm around a guy on the other side of her and kept rubbing his back.  It was very strange….

After the show, we tried our luck again and ended up winning $40.  I cashed out as soon as I won that!  The casino was packed full of people now, so we walked around some more before heading home. 

We got home sometime after midnight.  I was so tired that I don’t even know what time it was.  We went straight to bed and slept till 11 Saturday morning!

When we got up, we worked in the garden for a little while.  It was super hot!  By noon it was already 94 degrees!  

Then we played on Jeremy’s new toy!  We drove it down to a pasture by our house and drove it around there.  It was fun!  

Later in the afternoon I did a workout inside.  It was way too hot to run, and it was supposed to start storming in the evening so I didn’t think I would get a run in.  

 We spent the evening watching the weather and listening to the storms. We have some fun plans for the rest of the weekend. I hope you all have a great holiday! 

For this weekly update I’m linking up with Holly of HoHo Runs and Tricia of MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap.

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13 thoughts on “Staying on Track

  1. MomOf2

    Definitely post your enchilada recipe! Those look delicious!!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I’m working on it today! I’ll have it up soon! They are definitely not healthy, but they are a great cheat meal! 🙂 LOL

  2. Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner

    I love making my own salsa as well. I find the key to taste is cilantro, garlic, a few jalapenos, chunky tomatoes, and lime and salt. Takes some playing with to find what you like. Have a great week!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you! I’m going to be playing with the tastes all summer! As soon as the tomatoes and jalapeno’s start growing in my garden, I’ll have plenty to try out!

  3. Kimberly G

    Way to go on a great week of workouts! I love your workout on Monday – it looked intense! How do you like using Spark? I’ve heard about it but never tried it.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      It was intense, and I loved it! I definitely felt like I had done something when I was finished. I love Spark! I drink it before every workout, and sometimes when I just need some extra energy. It works almost instantly and it lasts for several hours. You don’t have a crash after it wears off. I can tell a huge difference when I drink it and when I don’t! You should try it!! If you want more information, shoot me an email!

  4. Kimberly Hatting

    I have made homemade salsa for several years now. I used to use a recipe, but that involved a lot of cooking and prepping…but now I just wing it and slice & dice everything. Cooking it made it kind of mushy, but I prefer it more chunky anyways. I need to get my salsa garden planted…YIKES.

  5. Rachel

    What a very busy week! I’m amazed you manage to pack so much into it.
    Jake looks right at home on that chair, he’s adorable!
    I’d love to know your enchilada recipe 😀

    Coffee & Avocados

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I have weeks like that where I’m just go, go, go, and then after that I’m worn out. LOL I might should slow down sometimes. Jake is such a mess! My enchilada recipe will be on the blog on Friday! I hope you try it and like it! 🙂

  6. HoHo Runs

    It’s nice that you have a spare bedroom to turn into a home gym! I might be more motivated to do other workouts and strength training if I had that. Maybe. LOL. It is definitely too hot here to run in the afternoons. Your enchiladas look delicious. You were smart to prep them ahead of time. Thanks for linking, Tara!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL It is motivation when I have to walk by it all day long. I feel guilty if I don’t work out since I’m having to look at it! I wish I could adapt to the heat, but my body just doesn’t like it – unless I’m in a pool or on the beach. 🙂

  7. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Nice that the spare bedroom is now a gym. Great to have a designated space for it! Sounds like a jam packed week of fun and lovely weather!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I’m loving my new “gym”. It’s super convenient! It was a great week!

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