It’s Been A Great Week!

Hey Guys! Guess what?!!  (<– I’m super excited!!)  The wellness challenge at work is over, and I won!!  My prize is (around) $360 cash!  I’m supposed to get it this next week.  I’m so happy!  I worked really hard.  Spinach, green beans, and broccoli for breakfast were not fun!  Two hours of workouts, 7 days a week wore me down.  And, getting 7 hours of sleep a night was definitely a challenge, but it was all worth it!   But, enough about that.  Let’s get to this past week.  


I woke up early today to take my grandma to a doctor’s appointment.  She’s doing much better, it was just a check up.  I just went with her.  After that was over I did a little shopping!  I was doing some spring cleaning and organizing my jewelry box and I found several gift cards!!  I have no idea how long I have had them.  I’m sure they were for Christmas or my birthday, so thanks family!!  I went to Maurice’s and bought an $80 pair of jeans and I only had to pay $7!  Then I went to Rue 21 and bought two shirts and I only had to pay $10.  I was pumped!!  New clothes always make me happy.  πŸ™‚

After shopping, I came home and fixed some lunch to fuel me up for a run/workout.  

It was actually a rest day for running, but it was so pretty outside and I wanted to get out.  But, I took Jake for a walk and it was way too windy and pollen-y.  (LOL  I know that’s not even a word, but the pollen count was “very high”.) I barely made it through Jake’s walk so I decided to workout inside.  

Every. Time. :

Every time I get my mat out Jake has to lay on it.  I was trying to do some abs and arms and he kept crawling underneath me or laying on my feet.  He thinks it’s his mat.  

After my workout, I ran back to town to meet Jeremy.  We have a store in town that is kind of like a Ross.  They get some name brand items and sell them 40-60% off.  I won a gift card in our wellness challenge for there, so we went to look around.  Everything was picked over, so we’ll go back when they get a new shipment in.  

On the way home, we stopped at Aldi to get some fruit.  This was not one that I got…

Here’s my snack basket and Jeremy’s snack basket.  πŸ™‚ 

For dinner we fixed hamburgers.  I fixed a turkey burger for me.  It had onions mixed in and was seasoned with Cavendars, garlic, Lawry’s, and pepper.  It was really good!  

We got sucked into the Bachelor all night.  Jeremy kept saying this show is awful, but he wouldn’t stop watching!  I think that is probably what most people think too!  


I slept in a little today.  I don’t know why I have been so tired the last few days.  I think it just must have been all of last week catching up with me. I did a leg circuit and then I got ready for a meeting. Our local school’s PTO is wanting to put on a race at the end of the summer as a fundraiser and they asked me if I would meet with them to help brainstorm.  I know both of them, that’s why they asked me.  I am super excited to be a part of this race from this side of it.  I am interested in seeing all the planning and everything that goes into putting one on.  It’s going to be fun.  I think it was a successful meeting.  We just bounced around ideas on how to get families involved and also how to bring in the runners.  It will be fun!!

After that I went home and ran 4.5 miles.  It was actually really tough.  I tried a new pre-run fuel and it didn’t settle very well.  It tasted good though.  

But, about a mile in, my stomach was just gurgling.  I ran a route that is out from my house and then back, so I couldn’t just go back home real quick.  Coming back, it is mainly uphill and the wind (and all the pollen) was blowing hard at me.  That’s what made it tough.  But, I got through it!  I was just worn out when I got back home.

When I got home, I took Jake for a mile run and then we went to visit Jessie.  

Lunch was a leftover turkey burger wrapped in lettuce with mustard and pickles.  

And, then I cut up some of the fruit I bought on Monday and snacked later in the afternoon.   

Dinner was breakfast, and you see that enough on here so no picture.  Actually it was late and I was so hungry that I ate it all before I remembered to take a pic.  πŸ˜‰


I got up today and met my best friend for an early lunch. We tried a local restaurant that she’d never been to.  I’ve eaten there a couple of times but it’s been a long time.  We started with some fried zucchini.  

For my lunch, I ordered sliced chicken and a side salad.  The chicken was really flavorful and wasn’t dry at all.  But, after eating the zucchini, I ended up taking home half of the chicken.  

We sat and talked for over an hour!  We both have such busy schedules, it’s so hard to get together.  It’s always fun when we do!  

After lunch, I went home and took Jake on a long walk.  Jake played with all the neighborhood dogs that were out.  And when we got back, I had a package on the porch!  I love getting mail!  I won a giveaway on Instagram from Just Live Active Wear.  It’s cute!!  The package that it came in made me laugh! πŸ™‚

By the time we got home, Jeremy was there waiting on me.  We went to run some errands and pick up some food for dinner.  We also got this new plant.

Our bedroom seriously has the driest air ever!  Lately it seems like it is so much worse.  I keep waking up in the night with a scratchy dry throat and am coughing a lot.  The last few nights I’ve had a hard time sleeping because of it.  I have a humidifier, but it makes such a huge mess and gets a white film on everything, so I thought we’d try a plant first to see if it helps.  We’ll see……

When we got back home, I did an ab workout.  I had 8 miles scheduled today, but I just didn’t feel like running.  I was looking at maybe doing a half marathon on Sunday so I didn’t want to overdue it this week in case I did.  

This workout kicked my butt!  I did each column two times through – 30 reps of each.  OMG I can’t move!  LOL

Back to the running – I have been thinking so much about this marathon, and I have gotten some really good advice.  I think I have made up my mind, but I’m not totally sure just yet.  I think I am putting so much pressure on myself to run it and stick to my schedule that I’m just not enjoying running right now.  It’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but right now it’s not.  I dread it and am obviously coming up with reasons to skip runs.  After getting some good advice from one of you this week, (Thanks Carly!)  I decided that I’m not going to stress about it or force it.  If I am not having fun, I’m not going to do it. If I want to skip a run, I’ll skip it.  I know that’s probably not a good attitude to have, but I need a little break from the stress and pressure…..

Anyways…after my workout, I made a fruit salad.  I was only going to eat half of it, but I just couldn’t stop.  I was so hungry!  It had strawberries, a small banana, and half an apple.  

Then I took Jake on another walk to visit Jessie.  While we were visiting Jessie, Jake rolled…and rolled…and rolled some more in the dirt.  He was brown when we left.  

I tried to brush him, but it just left brown streaks, so Jeremy got the leaf blower out and blew him off.  Jake LOVED it!  He’s so weird.  He also loves it when I vacuum him.  LOL

Dinner was kind of a smorgasbord of food (most of which I don’t eat).  We found some seasonings at the grocery store that we wanted to try and couldn’t decide on pork or chicken and which seasoning, so we tried it all.  We tried a Shake and Bake bbq glaze and it was my favorite!  It was a breading and once you put it one, it soaked in and turned into a glaze.  It kept the meat very moist and had a lot of flavor!  

We also tried a Lawry’s Panko Seasoning packet.  It didn’t really have much flavor.  It also all fell off as soon as the food came out of the oven.  We did a pound of pork chops and a pound of chicken breasts.  We had a ton of food left over!  

To go with it, I made Jeremy some Velveeta shells and cheese. (Ewww!)  Am I the only person who does not like velveeta?? Or mac and cheese??  We also had some cheesy scalloped potatoes.  Needless to say, we had a ton of leftovers and my father-in-law will eat well for the next couple of days. : ) We don’t usually eat leftovers, so any that we have go over to him.  


I started today with an ab workout.  (And lots of kisses from Jake – he has to be right in my face when I’m trying to work out.)  Then I went to visit my parents and grandparents.  I sat down with my dad and had a long talk about the marathon.  He has been hurt and is just now feeling better, so he isn’t going to do it.  Talking to him confirmed what I have been feeling about it.  I just don’t think this is the marathon for me to do.  I would much rather do one with him so we can train together.  While I think I already have my mind made up to do the half, I want to try one more long run and see how it goes before I completely make up my mind.  I just can’t seem to let go of wanting to do another one.  But, it may end up being a different race than this one…..

Lunch was a granola bar.  These are my new favorites! They are from GNC.

When I got home, I took Jake for a run and then headed out for a 3 mile run on my own.  

It was a good run, but my ankle was feeling really tight and kind of hurting.  I couldn’t figure out why……….and then I remembered….When I ran on Tuesday I had to jump off the shoulder of the road to avoid a car that wasn’t slowing down or moving over and I rolled it when I landed in a hole or on a rock…I’m not sure which, but it hurt.  It hasn’t hurt since then, but it kind of nagged at me today during and after my run.  

After my run, Jake and I went to see Jessie.  She was obsessed with my shoes.  I guess because they were so bright. She kept trying to lick them.  

For dinner, Jeremy took me to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  It kind of felt like a Friday night.  We never eat out during the week.  I had my usual – the fajita chicken plate.  All I had eaten during the day was the granola bar and a banana, so I ate every bit of my dinner!  

After dinner we were both wanting something sweet.  I decided to throw together some muffins.  I’m not really much of a baker.  I mean I can follow a recipe, and usually it turns out okay.  (lol)  So, I was pretty excited with how these turned out, especially since I played it by ear and just literally threw it together.  I used my whole wheat, oat, and honey Kodiak Cake mix.  

I haven’t baked anything with this mix yet, so I wasn’t totally sure what it would do.  But, I was really, really happy with how they turned out.  

Cinnamon Apple Muffins – 1 cup Whole Wheat, Oat, and Honey Kodiak Cake mix * 1 egg * 1/2 cup almond milk * 2 tbsp cinnamon * 2 tbsp Stevia * 1 small apple, peeled and diced.  – Bake for 13-15 minutes at 350 – Makes 6 muffins.


I actually made 5 1/2 muffins.  LOL  And that little one barely made it out of the oven before someone ate it!  Before I baked them, I sprinkled some stevia and cinnamon on the top.  They probably could have used a little more Stevia in the batter, but they were good.  They weren’t overly sweet but they were perfect for my sweet tooth!  


I started today with an ab workout too.  I am really focusing on toning.  I’m hoping if I continue to focus on this, I will start to see some results.  

I was planning on doing some blogging Friday afternoon but that didn’t happen. I had just sat down and  Jeremy called and needed me to bring him a rake. So, I took it to him and got suckered into helping him all afternoon. 

He was shoveling gravel for an older lady and he didn’t have any help so I felt bad for him doing it alone. Let me tell you, it was a workout!  My back and arms were still sore on Sunday!

That took all afternoon, and when we finished that, we went home and cleaned out our flower beds. But, I had to have some lunch first.  I fixed a half of a turkey sandwich with Italian dressing, turkey pepperoni, and swiss cheese.  

Jeremy’s aunt and uncle, Sandra and Bill, came to town to visit. When they got here, we headed to get some dinner. Jeremy picked a BBQ place because he was wanting some ribs and sliced brisket. Once we started ordering, Jeremy tried to order his meats and they were out of ribs and sliced brisket. He wasn’t very happy!  I ordered some smoked chicken and shared some of Sandra’s salad. 


We got up this morning and went to get brunch. I had a veggie omelette with a side of toast. 

After brunch, we went grocery shopping. I got all my food for the week so I can meal prep later tonight. 

Then I did a circuit workout and an ab workout.   The temps went up to the upper 80’s today and we didn’t have our air conditioner on yet. It was like a sauna in my house! I was soaked when I got finished! 

When I finished that, I made some more cinnamon apple muffins with my kodiak mix for Bill. 

They are so quick and easy!  

Later that night we headed to dinner. We went to a Mexican restaurant. We ordered some queso fundido for an appetizer. 

Jeremy and I shared some nachos for our meal. I was stuffed when we left! 


I got up Sunday, had some Spark, and ran 4 miles. It was hot! But I’m not complaining! 

After my run I did an ab workout and then took a cold shower! 

We went out to lunch at the Asian buffet. We haven’t eaten in here in forever. And it was so good!! They were rolling fresh sushi while we were there so of course I had to have some. (I don’t like to eat it from there unless I see them make it.)

I also tried a little bit of some other stuff too. (And some hibachi chicken and crab – I forgot to take a pic!)

And then there was dessert!  This thing tasted like an apple pie!  

I know how to do a buffet!  lol I was so full that I’m probably not going to eat dinner! 

After lunch, we gave Jessie a bath.  She has been rolling in her manure and she was dirty.  We washed her off and I brushed her and as soon as I quit brushing, she laid down and started rolling again!  She was clean for all of 3 minutes!  


Tonight I’m meal prepping for the week so I can get back on track! 

For this weekly update I’m linking up with Holly of HoHo Runs and Tricia of MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 

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13 thoughts on “It’s Been A Great Week!

  1. MomOf2

    Okay, I wouldn’t survive in your house with Jeremy’s snacks nearby! How do you have such strong willpower? The chocolate looks too good, but, honestly, I feel better when I eat the fruit and more healthy options. If I know this then why does my brain tell me I NEED chocolate?!

    Way to go winning the work challenge! That is a nice chunk of cash for sure!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      lol I really don’t like candy and I hate those grandma’s cookies. I do like Oreos, so that’s why I put that next to my fruit bowl so I’ll feel bad if I go to reach for a cookie instead! Maybe set your fruit next to the chocolate? Lol or just dip the fruit in chocolate then it’s half healthy! πŸ™‚ Lol and thanks!! I’m really excited!

  2. Kimberly Hatting

    Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with running and following the “plan.” I think the key to having a successful training cycle is to find a plan that works for YOU (and not necessarily for someone else). If it has you doing more miles than what feels right, or not enough rest days, or speed work that you don’t enjoy….I’d consider finding a different one that is a better fit. Good luck!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      That’s really great advice! I didn’t even think about that! I’m going to start looking now for a different plan and see if that helps. Thanks!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Ilka

    Congrats on winning the Wellness challenge! Good job! I think Kimberly is right- finding the right training plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle is key – otherwise Marathon training becomes becomes really hard and less enjoyable. I’m pretty sure you will find a happy solution Tara- and if you’re only running the Half that a wonderful accomplishment as well!! Have a great running week!!

  4. Lacey@fairytalesandfitness

    My sister’s lab always wants to lay on her yoga mat as well when she takes it out. Must be a lab thing. Thinking everything is their’s…….haha. I love hibachi and sushi…yum!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL Labs are so funny! I love hibachi and sushi too! I need to eat it more often. πŸ™‚

  5. Lesley

    I’ve downgraded to 10k’s because I felt like doing half marathons were a “I have to do this” training. I’m finding fun with 10k’s because I don’t have to worry too much about skipping a run when I’m tired.

    I love making big meals to have leftovers. It makes cooking during the week a little easier when I don’t have to plan out at least one meal, and all I have to do is heat it up in the microwave. That day tends to be a bigger workout day because I don’t have to make time to cook.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      That’s what I’m going to do after this race. I feel like I “have to do this” since I’ve come this far in the training – whether I do the whole or half…I have to do one of them. But, after that, I want to have some fun with running. I like making big meals and then having leftovers for lunch! We don’t usually do leftovers for dinner, but I will throw some leftover chicken on a salad or fix a lunch with everything left from dinner the night before.

  6. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Wow you won the giveaway, won the instagram giveaway, and found giftcards?! I’d call that a solid week! πŸ˜€

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      It was!! πŸ™‚

  7. San

    Nice job on the wellness challenge! Woot! Oh, and I just love when I find giftcards that I had forgotten about… (I wish that would happen more often :)).

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL I wish that would happen more often too! What’s funny is when I took them into the store to see how much was on them, the sales girl said one seventy five and I got all excited thinking there was $175 on there! But, it was $1.75.

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