Circuits, Treadmills, & A Vacation

Hey guys!  Happy Wednesday!  I have finally had a chance to sit down and get you caught up on what I’ve been doing.  It’s been a really busy week.  I had the best weekend!  We went on a little trip and it was a nice and much needed break.  But, I’ve been playing catch up since we got back and literally have had no time to do anything else!  It was worth it! But, before we get to that, let’s go all the way back to last Monday and get you all caught up.  This is going to be a long recap!    

Last week the wellness challenge was only tracking mental activities.  You could earn 5 points (30 points max each day) for doing activities like reading, journaling, praying, meditating, or getting a massage.  I was sooooooo happy that I didn’t have to eat green veggies for breakfast anymore!!  I started a new book series on Monday.  I finished the first book and read half of the second one last week.  I’m reading the Shatter Me series.  It’s another dystopian society book and it’s really good! 

Last week’s training is pretty pitiful to look at.  The pollen count was super high all week and I could not go outside for more than a couple of minutes without having to use my inhaler.  So, that meant no running, just indoor circuits.  I still have 8 weeks left, but at this point I am strongly leaning towards the half marathon.  I’ll just have to see how the last half of training goes.  Last year I missed three weeks of running because of the pollen and being sick, and I still ran it, so I still could do it!

Here was my schedule for the week:


                                Mon.            Tues.            Wed.         Thurs.          Fri.            Sat.              Sun.

Plan                       Rest               3 mi            7 mi             4 mi            Rest           15                  Cross

Actual                   Circuit           Circuit       treadmill    treadmill    Rest           Rest               Rest 


 My breakfast today was Kodiak cakes.  Seriously if you haven’t tried these you NEED to!  

Lunch was ground turkey, steamed green beans, and steamed sweet potatoes. 

I knew I would be out of town from Wednesday through Sunday so I just cooked what I had in the freezer to get me through the first of the week.  Since I had to stay inside, I did this circuit. 

Total Body Circuit Workout

I really hope that when I do get to start running outside again that these circuits have been helping me. 


Breakfast today was yogurt and lunch was the same as Monday. 

Today was a very busy day!  As soon as I got off work I ran over to my grandma’s to help her with a few things.  She got to come home from the hospital on Monday!  When I left there, I met Jeremy in town and we ran a few errands.  Then I headed home to start packing. 

Jeremy got selected to do the high school basketball state tournament this year.  He’s one of 16 for the tournament, and one of 8 for the finals!  I was so excited!!

We were leaving as soon as I got off work on Wednesday so I had to pack everything tonight.  Before I started packing, I did a quick circuit workout.  I didn’t have much time, but I had to do something since I wasn’t getting to run. 

It took me forever to put together my outfits and get it all ready.  Before I realized it, it was almost nine.  We decided to order a pizza because we still had a lot to do and didn’t have time to cook. 

While we waited on it, we finished up packing and we booked our vacation!  I can’t wait till this summer.  Bahamas here we come!! 

It was 10:30 before I finally got to sit down and I read for an hour before going to sleep!


As soon as I could get away from work, I headed home.  We packed the car and got on the road.  We stayed at our cousin’s house in Norman since Jeremy had to be in Oklahoma City early Thursday morning.  We got there in time to go to dinner.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and Jeremy and I shared fajitas.  I also tried chicken mole for the first time.  It was different, but I liked it! 

When we got back to the house, I took advantage of their treadmill and ran for 45 minutes.  My cousin turned on Talladega Nights for me to watch while I ran.  That helped pass the time! 

Macy wasn’t home, but she left me a gift!  I can’t wait to try these!  


We were up early today and on the road to beat the traffic.  Jeremy had a meeting at 8:45.  After his meeting we headed over to the hotel to check in, but the rooms weren’t ready yet.  We stayed at a Double Tree by Hilton!   Super nice!  We hung out in the lobby with all the other refs and their wives until 11 and we all went to eat lunch.  We went to a buffet restaurant.  I had a salad and baked chicken.  I also got a baked pork chop on my plate because I saw it before the chicken, but I only ate a bite of it.  It was very tough. 

After lunch we went back to the hotel and were able to get into our room.  Once we unloaded the car, we headed over to the fairgrounds for Jeremy’s first game of the day. 

I love the big arena!  And I love how they have a section right on the floor reserved for all the refs and their families.  It is so great how the other refs come to support each other when they aren’t calling. 

After that game, we headed to Yukon High School for Jeremy’s second game.  Then, when that game was over, all the refs and their wives met at Louie’s for dinner.  Louie’s kept their grill open late for us all weekend!  It was after 10 every night before we could eat dinner.  Those Slim’s really came in handy since I wasn’t getting to eat at normal times. 

Jeremy and I shared a club sandwich and fries.  I never eat fries, but I did all weekend.  Louie’s has the best fries!  I seriously could have eaten my weight in those…or maybe twice my weight! 

After dinner we all headed back to the hotel.  Some of the guys were hanging out in the lobby talking so I decided to run.  I wasn’t tired and I knew I would have the gym all to myself.  They all made fun of me because it was 12:30 at night.  But, I didn’t care!    

I ran for an hour until Jeremy finally came and got me when he was ready to go to the room.  I have got to get a new treadmill!   I had such a great run.  I turned up the speed and ran fast for the whole time.  I could actually breathe!! 

I had to read for awhile to wind down and be able to go to bed. 


 We slept until 9 this morning.  I should have gotten up early and run, but it was after 2 before I could wind down enough to sleep, so I slept as much as I could. 

We missed breakfast this morning.  We thought it lasted until 11, but it was over at 10.  So, I grabbed a granola bar and a Slim and we headed over to the fair grounds to watch the games.  Jeremy’s semi-final game wasn’t until 1:30, but everyone goes and watches each other.  We sat there all day!  I’m glad I got my steps in with my late night run.  My fitbit kept buzzing at me to get up and move!  One of my friends was there watching, so I went and sat with her for a while.  That got me moving.  We were joking that we were probably losing steps because of how much we were sitting all weekend.  

After Jeremy’s game, there was a break between the game sessions so a group of us went to Cimarron Steakhouse for lunch.  I had a grilled chicken breast, baked potato, and salad. 

Then we went back to the fairgrounds to watch the three evening session games.  During the second game we ran back to the hotel so Jeremy could shower and change.  While he did that I laid down and read.  I could have gone to sleep and slept until Saturday.  But, I had a Spark and we went back to watch the last game, and after that game was over we all headed over to Louie’s for dinner.  Jeremy and I shared a chicken wrap.  It was okay, the chicken was pretty dry.  But, the fries were delicious! I seriously ate more potatoes this weekend than I have eaten in the last year!  

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and a few of us hung out until close to 2 am.  It’s fun to listen to the guys tell stories on each other! 


Today was Championship Saturday!! 

We slept until 9 and went downstairs for breakfast.  It was included in our room.  I had some eggs, a sausage link, and pineapple.  The pineapple was so good!

We got to the fairgrounds around 11:30 and watched the first two games.  There was a break in the sessions, so we went back to the room to get Jeremy’s stuff.  He had the third game of the day.  He was too nervous to eat and I wasn’t even thinking about it until we left the hotel to go back to the arena and my stomach started growling.  I had a granola bar before his game.  Jeremy’s game was a close one and it was exciting to watch.  He did such a good job!  I was so proud! 

There was one more game after his and we watched it.  Most everyone was going home after the games, but those of us that were staying went over to Louie’s.  There was one ref who was retiring this year, so everyone went to eat dinner with him.  I was so hungry!  I had not eaten hardly anything all day.  We ordered wings, a pizza, and an order of fries!  All the junk!  And it was delicious!   We ordered way too much food and had a ton left over. 

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and hung out at the pool with another couple that stayed Saturday night.  They have a 3 year old son and he was swimming.  He was so cute and entertaining!  We sat in there until a little after 11 and we went to the room and crashed!  We were both exhausted.  I slept so good in that bed.  It’s like sleeping on a cloud.  I say that every time we stay there, but it is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in! 


We slept in until 10 and headed down to breakfast.  I really could have slept all day in that bed!  We ate with the couple that we hung out with last night.  I had some eggs, sausage, pineapple, and a piece of French toast. 

After breakfast we packed up our stuff and got ready to go.  We were going to hang around the city all day and do some shopping but we were both so tired that we decided to just go on home.  Plus we missed Jake.  I read half the way home and then fell asleep.  I could not keep my eyes open. 

When we got there I unpacked everything and started some laundry.  It was raining outside, so I curled up under a blanket to read some more and ended up falling asleep again.  I was so, so tired. 

Later in the afternoon Jeremy and I did our grocery shopping.  I meal prepped and did more laundry.  I ended up going to bed before 9!  I was exhausted. 

This weekend was so much fun!  I really enjoy getting to spend time with all these other refs and their families.  They are such a great group of people!  We have made some good friends and we all have something in common that bonds us together.  It’s almost like a family reunion each year.  I can’t wait until next year! 

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6 thoughts on “Circuits, Treadmills, & A Vacation

  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Glad you got to take some time off and get away–always nice! Also, so exciting about the Bahamas this summer! I was there for two stops on my honeymoon cruise and it was beautiful!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I can’t wait to go! I have been wanting to go to Emerald Bay for probably 10 years now! It’s like a bucket list destination for me. 🙂

  2. MomOf2

    You have to indulge sometimes!! Fries are definitely one of my (many) weaknesses!

    Will you talk more about how/when you use Spark, Slim, and any of the other products. I’m curious about Spark but kind of feel like I don’t know where to begin.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Of course!! I’ll email you some information too! It’s great!

  3. Mackenze

    I LOVE dystopian novels- so I definitely will be checking that book out. Thank you big time for the suggestion!

    UGH I do need to try those pancakes. They always look SOOOO amazing.

    Congrats to Jeremy!!!! That’s AMAZING!

    I’m the same way like you with fries- I hardly eat them, but when I find good ones it’s soooo hard to stop!

    Ahhh. Tara, this weekend looked like tons of fun and I’m glad you were able to enjoy yourself ☺ Hope this week is treating you well too!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      You should totally read that book. I loved it! It also has three novellas to read after the series and they were good too. I read all 6 books in two weeks. 🙂 You do need to try those pancakes. They are to die for! I will never eat regular pancakes again!

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