A Wild Weekend

Hey Guys!  I hope you all had a great weekend and maybe had some Super Bowl fun!  We had a very exciting weekend!  It was full of friends, food, and lots of fun!  We were on the go all weekend and I’ll probably be catching up on sleep all week.  I hit snooze this morning for the first time in forever!  Before we get to weekend, I owe you a quick recap from last week. 

First of all, I have good news!  I won week 3 of our wellness challenge at work!  I didn’t do a weekly recap because I was sick all week, so there wasn’t much to report.  I didn’t get to run at all!  I started Monday morning in the doctor’s office and ended up in bed all day.  I had strep and a bad sinus infection (that’s still hanging on).  Tuesday afternoon I was able to do some Yoga.  Check out what I found:

I did it twice on Tuesday!  I really wanted to get my points in for the week for the challenge, and I also didn’t like the idea of not running for several days, so I spent a lot of time doing yoga.  I also found other Fitness Blender workouts that weren’t a lot of cardio so I didn’t get too hot.  I did a few pilates videos, and holy cow those were hard! 

By Friday I felt a lot better, but the congestion just won’t go away so I didn’t run yet because it was cold.  Even though I didn’t get to run, I still made sure that I worked out twice a day and ate healthy.  I’m feeling much better today, but still have some congestion.  But, I got tired of waiting on it to go away and it was 77 degrees outside so I ran! 

Now, lets get to the weekend! 

On Friday Jeremy turned the big 40!!  He had to referee Friday night, so we didn’t do anything.  But, a couple of our friends, Brandon and Myka, helped me throw him a surprise party on Saturday.  We actually pulled it off and he had no idea!  I did have a new hat wrapped up for him to open on Friday so he didn’t think I forgot.  But, he thought that was all I got him.  😉

On Saturday, Jeremy was going to work for a few hours, so as soon as he left I got busy!  I baked some cookies and then went to pick up all the food and deliver it to our friend’s house. 

I also took Jeremy’s present and had it waiting over there too.  I got him a Yeti.  He’s been wanting one forever to take with him when he’s working.  But, he won’t buy himself one, so I did! 

I dropped off all the food and made it back before he got home!  He had no idea about the party!  I thought he was a little suspicious earlier in the week, because he kept asking me what we were doing Saturday night.  He also kept saying he didn’t want a party and that I better not be having one for him.  😉  I finally told him that I had tried to put together a party but that everyone was busy and couldn’t come.  So, he thought we were just going over to our friends to eat dinner and hang out.  We went early and got there before everyone else.  Myka had decorated with black decorations! 

Her daughter was so excited and had to show Jeremy his surprise and help him open his cards.  He didn’t believe me that the Yeti was his.  He was so excited about it and really thought I was kidding him.  He kept asking if I was serious that it was his. 

For a long time he still thought it was just us, until we started getting all the food ready.  He finally asked who was going to be eating all that food, and then he figured it out! 🙂

Finally everyone started showing up!  So many of our friends came, and Jeremy was so surprised and even got a little emotional!  It was sweet!  He was so happy!  We had so much fun hanging out and catching up with everyone!  Some of them we hadn’t seen in a really long time.  I was so excited that everyone came and that it was such a great surprise. 

We had hot dogs, hot links, and brats with chips and dip and cookies and cupcakes.  I ordered some cute toppers for the cupcakes, and they were supposed to be here by the 31st, but they didn’t make it. 

Brandon and Myka’s daughter and their niece had to sing Happy Birthday and help Jeremy blow out his candles! 

And then they wanted to blow them out several more times! 

We all sat around talking and laughing and listening to the guys tell stories about each other for hours. It was after midnight before everyone left, and then we sat and talked with B and M until close to 2! 

We slept in on Sunday.  I woke up around 9:30 and got up and checked the weather.  It was supposed to be warmer on Sunday and I really wanted to run, but it wasn’t warm.  It was still cold and the wind was blowing hard, and I was still congested so I stayed inside.  So, while Jeremy slept, I did a Fitness Blender workout.  When he finally woke up, we ate some lunch and then made our weekly trip to the grocery store. 

We watched tv for a little while and then I did some yoga from Fitness Blender before getting ready for the Super Bowl. 

Around 4:30 we headed back over to B and M’s for a Super Bowl party!  Most everyone came back for this party too.  This time everyone brought food and there was a ton!  B grilled some barbeque chicken, spicy chicken, meatballs, hot dogs, and hot links.  There was taco soup, chili, stuffed mushrooms, and so many dips – 7 layer dip, buffalo chicken dip, cheese dip, and ranch dip.  And of course there were cupcakes!


I really didn’t watch much of the game.  All the guys sat out in the shop and watched and all of us girls sat in the house and talked.  The game was on, but there was a baby there and he was way more fun than the game.  We watched the commercials, and I wasn’t too impressed with them this year.  I did like Lady Gaga though!  I thought she did a great job!  

We got home around 10 and I made a quick lunch for Monday before heading to bed. 

We had such a great weekend and I’m so glad we got to celebrate Jeremy’s birthday.  It made me so happy to be able to make his birthday so special and give him a party that he will remember and time to spend with his friends.  It just seems like the older we get, the harder it is to get everyone together.  So, it was really nice to see everyone.  It was such a fun weekend! 

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8 thoughts on “A Wild Weekend

  1. MomOf2

    Nice job pulling off the party! Those cupcakes look amazing. I can’t even imagine what 77 degrees feels like!! 20’s and 30’s and ice and snow here!!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I don’t envy you. I hate winter! Our weather is being g so weird. It’s 70 one day and 40 the next. But I’d still take 40 over 20s and 30s. Try to stay warm!! 🙂

  2. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    What a sweet birthday surprise! Looks like you guys had a great party spread!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      It was a lot of fun!

  3. San

    What a great birthday surprise. Happy birthday to Jeremy!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      🙂 He loved it!!

  4. Mackenze

    CONGRATS on winning the wellness week at work! That’s awesome! Also- thank you for sharing that yoga workout. I have been sick all week and need something like this. It’s been a REALLY bad year all over the nation for getting sick.

    Also- happy birthday to Jeremy! Ya’ll went ALL out for him! That’s wonderful. I need one of those cupcakes! What amazing family time. I hope you are 100% recovered by this point. Have such a beautiful weekend ahead!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      You need to do that yoga! It helped my muscles so much. I was aching so bad that I couldn’t even sleep! I hope you’re feeling better!

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