Healthy Tips for a Busy Lifestyle

Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to stay healthy when you have absolutely no extra time in your day?  I know I sure do!  But, it is doable!  Today I’m sharing some tips for staying healthy when you are super busy!  I know with my schedule I sometimes find it hard to fit in a work out, or even to eat healthy.  When it’s late and I don’t have a meal prepped and I don’t feel like cooking, fast food can be an easy choice.  But, it’s not the healthy choice.   Even though sometimes it feels like you just don’t have time to be healthy, I promise you do!  I have put together some tricks that I use to help me stay healthy, and hopefully they can help some of you that feel like you’re on the go 24/7!

There is just never enough time!  It seems like there is always something that needs to be done.  Being an adult seems to have that effect on us!  Errands to run, grocery shopping, cleaning, work, family, pets, and when is there time for sleep?  The list could go on and on.  It feels like there is absolutely no time in the day to cook healthy meals or exercise.  When are you going to fit it in?  So, how do you make time to keep yourself healthy?

The first thing you have to do is PLAN. 

Planning has helped me to find extra time in my days.  It probably helps that I am a planner and I love making schedules and lists!  I plan my whole week on Sunday.  This includes my meal planning, exercise planning, and everything else.  I plan what foods I will eat and what exercises I will do on each day.  I even plan what time of the day I will do them.  I look ahead at my schedule each week and see when I can fit in a workout.  Right now while I am training for a marathon, I look at my training schedule for the week and see how many miles I have to run during the week.  I also check out the weather and plan for what days I can run outside and what days I will be working out inside.  Then I plan the days and times I am going to do my runs and workouts around my work schedule and everything else I have to do is scheduled around that. 

This may sound like a lot, but it really helps to free up extra time in my week when I know exactly what I have to be doing and when. 

I also plan my food for the week and I prep it on Sunday.  That way I don’t have to worry about cooking breakfast or lunch all week and I have a healthy meal waiting for me.  I also prep snacks so I have something healthy to grab anytime. 

Doing meal planning and prep helps me from wasting time trying to figure out what I’m going to cook, running back to the grocery store to get ingredients, and then spending the time cooking and cleaning up.  It also helps to keep me from grabbing something unhealthy to eat because we all know there are times when we just don’t want to cook and there are times when we’re in a hurry and don’t have time to cook. 

Meal prep inspiration:

Meal prep edition 1

Meal prep edition 2

The next thing you can do is wake up earlier.

I know that sounds awful!  We only get so much sleep, so why would we give any of it up?  As hard as that sounds, I have been doing it the last few weeks and it is making all the difference in my day.  I actually have more energy too!  The morning sets the tone for your whole day.  I get up and have time to get ready for the day without feeling rushed.  I also have time to get a few things done, like laundry or dishes. 

If you start slowly by getting up 5-10 minutes early it’s not that bad.  Once you’re used to that, add another 5-10 minutes.  I am now getting up 30 minutes earlier than I used to, and I love it.  I have time to stretch or workout and also enjoy my breakfast without having to try and eat it in the car.  I have time to make sure I have everything ready for my day.  Another thing that helps with this is to get everything ready the night before.  I lay out my clothes, have my breakfast in the fridge, my tea already waiting on me, and my gym bag packed for my run after work.  This saves me time from running around crazy trying to get to work.  Check out my post:  5 Healthy Ways to Start Your Day.  

Make the time

Surely you have a few extra minutes in your day.  Even ten minutes would allow you to do a quick workout.  Maybe if you sit down and look at what you do each day you could find some time.  On days that I know I will be busy after work, I will use my break to take a walk or to get in a quick workout.  Or, I will use my break time to run errands so that’s one less thing that I have to do after work.  Some people use their lunch time to get in a run or a workout as well. 

I used to think that I was so busy and that I had no time to do anything other than go to work, but I was wrong.  I was using my time the wrong way.  I would work all day and then come home and plant myself in front of the tv.  But, when I decided to change my lifestyle and get healthy, I had to make it a priority, and make the time to do it.  I figured out that I wasted so much time binge watching tv (and mindlessly snacking) and that time could be spent doing more important things.  Sure, sometimes I have a tiring day at work, and all I want to do is go home and lay in my recliner.  Sometimes I do.  But, working out is a priority, so I usually fight that urge to skip a workout.  I schedule it into my day just like anything else, and plan around it.  I treat it like a job – a job that I enjoy! 

I will be honest, there are days when I literally have no time to get anything done except work.  Sometimes that does happen, and when I know I’m going to have a day like that I try to plan that day as my rest day for the week.  That way I’m not missing out on a workout. 

Make Healthy Choices

A lot of times when we are on the go working, traveling, or just being busy, we aren’t home long enough to plan our meals, much less prep them.  Or sometimes we have no choice but to grab a quick bite to eat somewhere.  It’s times like this that you have to try to make the healthy choices.  Do I really need a burger and fries for lunch, or can I find a salad somewhere?   Do I really need this cookie, or can I eat some fruit?  If you are traveling, does the hotel have a gym so you can work out or can you do a work out in your hotel room?  Here’s a post on How to Make Healthy Choices When Eating Out.  

It’s all about making choices.  You just have to choose to be healthy.  I know sometimes that can be hard, and in times like that don’t stress about it.  You can make the healthy choice next time! 

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  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Great tips! I used to think it was such a drag to think about things in advance…now I dont know what I’d do without the planning! Also, something I like to remind people is that grabbing a piece of fruit is technically “fast food” too! What’s quicker than grabbing fruit?! haha!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL That comment about fast food is hilarious! I don’t think I could function without planning everything.

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