One Month Down

Hey Guys!  Guess what!  Last week I won the weekly wellness challenge at work!  I got a new foam roller as my prize!   I was really excited!  I ended up with 81 points for the week!  This week’s challenge was still physical activity and the bonus points were still for getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night.  But, there was a new bonus challenge added.  You could earn 5 points for drinking 16oz of water first thing in the morning.  This one was a little challenging for me.  I usually drink water as soon as I wake up, but never that much.  But, I did it each day!

I am now one month into my marathon training and I am feeling pretty good about it!  Jeremy is worried about me though and isn’t sure I should do this.  He is worried because last year it made me so sick and I stayed sick after the race for a long time.  He’s also worried about my knee, especially since I’m already having to ice it.   (I’m worried about both of those too, but I’m stubborn and ignore them.  He’s the voice of reason!) We decided that we’d see how it goes and if I get sick or am hurting too bad then I’ll drop down to the half.  

This week I wanted to be as consistent as last week, and train just as hard as I did then.  I really tried, but it was a rough week.  We had sickness in my house, and I kind of fought that off all week.  In spite of not feeling 100%, I think I did pretty well. 

                                Mon.     Tues.     Wed.     Thurs.      Fri.       Sat.        Sun

Plan                       Rest       3 mi        4 mi        3 mi        Rest       9 mi        Cross

Actual                   Walk      4 mi        4 mi        Yoga      4 mi         9 mi        HIIT


Happy Monday!  I started my day with a bottle of water and then I had my tea.  Today was kind of an off day.  I’m glad it was a running rest day.  Jeremy woke up sick Sunday morning, and from the way he was feeling, I thought he had the flu.   He was worse today.  I had meetings all day, so I let him sleep.  I skipped my lunch stuff and went home to check on him, and was able to get him a doctor’s appointment for later in the afternoon.  By lunch time, I really thought I was getting whatever he had.  My throat, my head, and my stomach were hurting, and I was super achy.  But, I just kept trying to ignore it so I could get him to the doctor.  He had the flu, and the doctor him home with Tamiflu and some cough medicine.  He went straight back to bed, and as much as I wanted to do that to, I had too much stuff to do.  I took Jake for a long walk!  He hadn’t been out all weekend since it rained.  We walked for almost 45 minutes.

One of our neighbors was out walking her dogs, so we walked and talked with her for awhile.  And when we finished walking, we went to visit Jessie. 

When we got home, I got my meal prep and some laundry done and I was in bed by 6.  I slept for an hour and then Jeremy decided that he wanted a pizza for dinner.  At this point, I didn’t think I could hold anything down, so I went back to sleep until he came home with it.  He brought me some Ginger Ale, and I sipped on it.  I got about half of a piece of pizza down and I was afraid to try any more.  I went back to bed around 9, and slept until 5. 

Eats from today:
Breakfast:  Kodiak cake with sugar free syrup
Lunch:  Leftover roast
Snack:  rice cake with PB2 and a banana
Dinner:  half a piece of pizza


When I woke up this morning, I felt so much better!  I started today with a big glass of orange flavored water and my probiotic.  I spent a few minutes stretching my back and neck.  I sleep funny, and my neck and shoulders are always stiff when I wake up.  When I was ready, I had some pancakes for breakfast and headed to work. 

After work I took Jake for a long walk and after I took him home, I headed out for a run.  It was cold and I really struggled through the whole thing.  It was just a bad run.  I ran 4 miles, but the whole thing was forced and not enjoyable.  I was cold, achy, and tired!  But, I got it done and I’m glad I did. 

After my run, I got Jake and we went to visit Jessie.  She was super dirty from all the rain and rolling in the mud, so I brushed her and got her clean. 

Jake rolled in it while I cleaned Jessie.

It took forever and she loved every minute of it.  When you brush her, she stands there with her eyes closed and her head pressed against you.  It’s so sweet!  She has started licking me like a dog. I don’t know if she’s picked that up from Jake because he licks her on the nose every time we visit her.  But it’s hilarious (and kinda gross)!  I’ve never been around a horse that does that!  

When Jake and I got home, I warmed up and rested for a little bit and then I got busy!  I did some strength training and ab work.  And, of course I had help! 

I did 40 minutes of that.  I think this wellness challenge at work is helping to push me to keep going.  I want to get as many points as I can, so instead of doing 20 or 30 minutes of extra work, I push myself to go longer.  It’s also motivating me to go to bed earlier.  I want my 5 bonus points!  So I’m feeling much more rested and I have a lot more energy! 

Eats from today:

Breakfast:  Kodiak power cakes and sugar free syrup
Lunch:  spinach salad with chicken, Brussels, and Italian dressing and a small apple
Snack:  banana, yogurt covered pretzels, a few pieces of deli turkey
Dinner:  scrambled eggs with salsa, Sara Lee 45 calorie toast with sugar free jelly


 Today was a busy day!  I went straight home from work to check on Jeremy.  He was still sick in bed – or he was supposed to be!  When I got there, I found him in the garage getting ready to go over to some of our friend’s to look at the house they are building.  He’s going to be helping them with some of the work.  I told him that he could drop me off at the park and I would run while he did that, but he was afraid he wouldn’t be back to get me before dark.  So, we decided that I would run around their neighborhood.  They live in an area with houses that surround a big pond.  Everyone calls it a lake.  I ran 4 miles around the lake and the scenery was really pretty!  There were lots of hills, especially the last one going back up to our friend’s house!  (I sprinted up it!)  So, it was a good workout!  I’m going to have to start running there some more.  

When I got back, we headed home so Jeremy could go back to bed.  He napped for a couple of hours and then was super hungry!  His appetite has been weird this week.  The first two days that he was sick, the only thing that sounded good was McDonald’s.  Then it was pizza.  Tonight it was barbeque.  I keep trying to get him to let me cook him something, but nothing sounds good.  So, barbeque it was.  I ordered myself some smoked turkey. 

Before dinner I did some weight training and as always, Jake has to be right under me! 

After dinner, we both went to bed early.  I got almost 9 hours of sleep Wednesday night! 

 Eats from today:

Breakfast:  Kodiak pancakes with sugar free syrup
Lunch:  spinach salad with chicken, Brussels, and Italian dressing and a small apple
Snacks:  100 calorie yogurt pretzels, banana, and cheddar cheese rice cakes
Dinner:  smoked turkey


 Today was really rough.  I woke up with a lot of congestion and had a headache all day.  I was feeling achy and I just wanted to sleep!  (Probably from standing out in the cold last night after running and being all sweaty with no coat.) I tried to drink as much water as I could today in hopes that it might flush out the sickness.  That’s probably not even possible, but I was hoping!    

When I got off work, I just wanted to go home and go to bed.  I was super achy and tired and I just wanted to close my eyes.  But, Jake was not having that!  He was ready to go for a walk.  Jeremy was still not feeling well, but he had to referee, so he was gone late.  Jake and I went for a walk and then to visit Jessie.  She just wants us there all the time and she gets so sad when we leave.  I’ve never had a horse like her, she is seriously just like a big dog.  She’s so sweet! 

The weather was in the upper 50’s and it was sunny.  I just wanted to be outside.  But, the wind was blowing hard and it was super cold, so I didn’t want to get any sicker.  Since I wasn’t feeling 100%, I decided to not chance a run.  I had 3 miles scheduled, and I didn’t want to make myself sick and miss my long run on Saturday.  So, I did some yoga instead.  I spent 45 minutes doing yoga and that really helped with the achiness. 

After that, I baked some pumpkin muffins.  They were sooooo good!  I had one of these at work a couple of weeks ago and just had to have them again.  They aren’t too high in calories, but I still had to stop at one.  I took the rest to work to share so I wouldn’t eat them all!  (recipe here)

Then I parked myself in the recliner and watched tv until Jeremy got home.  You can tell that I didn’t feel great today because I had absolutely no appetite at all! 

Eats from today:

Breakfast:  Kodiak pancake & sugar free syrup
Lunch:  half a salad and an apple
Dinner:  Lean Cuisine pizza (I was not hungry at all, but I knew I had to eat something.  It was actually really good!)


I finally had to admit today that I may be getting sick.  I felt okay most of the day.  I even walked for 30 minutes of my break time with a friend.  Towards the end of my work day I started feeling bad again and was really dizzy.  I tried to ignore it and figured it would go away.  After work I went to visit my mom, and then stopped on the way home and bought Jeremy’s birthday present!  (I’m so excited, and he’s going to be so surprised!  But it’s still a couple of weeks until his birthday so I have to wait.)  

When I got home I took Jake for a walk and let him see Jessie.  Then I ran / walked 4 miles.  

It was so pretty outside!  I was still feeling dizzy, so I would stop and walk when I started feeling like that.  I realized that I hadn’t hardly eaten anything during the day, so I after my run I went home and had some oatmeal.  I thought maybe if I ate something I would feel better.  And I did for a little while.  But, it came back and it was bad.  I couldn’t even see straight!  It really started to scare me.  It lasted all evening and finally after I ate dinner I started feeling better.  I have no idea what caused that, I hadn’t done anything different.  I laid on the couch until Jeremy got home and watched Mean Girls.  I love that movie!

We went to Chili’s for dinner.  Jeremy was reffing a tournament and his games ran late, so by the time he got home everything in town was about to close besides Chili’s and Applebees.  You know I don’t like Applebees and Chili’s is right up there with it.  I will say that they are consistent – consistently bad!  I ordered the Margarita Grilled Chicken and a side salad and Jeremy ordered some kind of pasta.  When they came out they were both ice cold.  Jeremy’s was hard and looked like it had been sitting for days.  We asked the waiter if we could get them warmed up and he apologized profusely and said that they kitchen had been doing that all night.  He brought them back and mine was warmer but Jeremy’s wasn’t.  I ate some of the chicken breast and a little bit of rice but couldn’t eat any more.  Jeremy ate his bread.  The waiter at least gave us a discount on the ticket.

 Friday Eats:

Breakfast:  Oatmeal
Lunch:  Salad and an apple
Snack:  Oatmeal
Dinner:  Chili’s 


I had 9 miles scheduled for today, and I was planning on getting up early and getting it done.  But, I still didn’t feel great so it took me a little longer to get out of bed than I planned.  I had some spark and kodiak pancakes.  

Then, I headed to the park to run.  I was surprised by my time because I did have to walk quite a bit.  I just didn’t feel good….

I guess it was still early when I went because there was only a handful of people there.  It was quiet and even though I wasn’t at my best, I still enjoyed the run.  

Afterwards I made sure to eat something within thirty minutes.  (Last training I was bad about not eating anything for hours!)  Even though I wasn’t hungry, I made myself a green smoothie and drank every bit of it.  It had Bob’s Red Mill vanilla protein powder, spinach, kale, a banana, and frozen strawberries.  While I drank my smoothie, I iced my knee.  Then I did 30 minutes of strength training.  

When I got home from my run, I had a package on the porch! Happy Mail Day! I love getting Spark in the mail!

I spent the rest of the day at a basketball tournament with Jeremy.  

Snack at the games.


Today is my cross training day.  I just got back from running a mile with Jake.  Since it’s only 1:30, we’ll go on another run after he finishes his nap.  

As soon as I finish this post, I’m going to do a Fitness Blender workout and then stretch for a long time.  

I’ve got a busy afternoon planned.  I am going to meal prep, plan my week, and hopefully get started on cleaning out my closet.  It’s going to be a very busy week.  Jeremy is traveling for a lot for games, so that means I’ll probably be going with him several days.  I’ve got to figure out when I can run, and when I’m going to be doing cross training instead.  I like using Sundays to get everything organized for the week!  

I hope you all have a great week!

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10 thoughts on “One Month Down

  1. Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner

    Congrats on winning your work challenge and on getting more sleep. Sounds like you have a smart marathon training plan in place. Happy running

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you! I worked hard! 🙂

  2. Ilka

    Congrats on winning the Wellness challenge at work! A foam roller is an awesome prize!! Great training week besides not feeling well. I hope your dizziness is getting better. As runners we tend to lack electrolytes sometimes- staying hydrated is so essential!! Have a great week Tara! The pic of Jessie is gorgeous! So sweet that she never wants you guys to leave… 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you! I was pretty excited about the foam roller! I didn’t think about being dehydrated, but maybe that was it. I hope you have a great week!

  3. HoHo Runs

    You’ve had a productive first month of marathon training! Congrats on winning the fitness challenge at work. That’s a great way to stay motivated. Is it over now or did they start another one? A foam roller is a great prize for a runner. I’m glad you were able to avoid getting really sick. It looks like your weather was nice enough to get outside this week and enjoy your runs and those walks with Jake! Thanks for linking, Tara!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you! The challenge lasts until March. I just won the weekly prize. The prize at the end is cash! And I want to win it!

  4. Lacey@fairytalesandfitness

    Congrats on winning your work challenge! A foam roller is a great prize. I usually drink water in the morning as well, but probably never enough either. I need to start drinking more water and less coffee in the mornings.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      That water challenge is killing me! I have to run to the bathroom every 30 mins! LOL And this week the challenge has upped it to 24oz in the mornings! :0

  5. Lesley

    My cat isn’t one to help strength train, most of the time, but my parents have two cats, one of which LOVES to help. We were all together last week, and Hathaway was constantly “helping” with my strength training moves. I’d move him, and he’d move back. If I plank or downward facing dog, he loves to bridge me and purr in my face.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL That’s so sweet that the cat purrs in your face. My dog thinks he has to crawl under me when I’m doing planks! It’s really funny!

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