Meal Prep Ideas Edition 1

Hey Everyone!  I decided that this month I was going to start sharing my weekly meal prep with you.  I started meal prepping a couple of years ago because I got in a bad habit of eating out every day at lunch.  It was easy to run with a co-worker to a fast food restaurant and grab a quick lunch.  But, that was not healthy at all!  I started meal prepping as a way to have a healthy lunch and to save money.  I get a lot of questions about what I eat and how I prep it for the whole week so I decided to start a series and share with you what I do each week. 

I like to do my meal prep on Sundays.  I will plan what I’m going to eat and we will go grocery shopping sometime during the weekend.  Then, Sunday afternoon or evening I will get it all ready.  I prep breakfast, lunch, and snacks and any leftovers are saved for a quick dinner during the week. 

Our schedule is so crazy with Jeremy refereeing or umpiring almost every night, so I don’t always know when we’re going to be home, or if I’m going to be eating alone.  On nights that he is gone late and I’m cooking for just me, my go-to meal is scrambled eggs and toast, and sometimes some turkey bacon or sausage.  If I go with him to his games and get home late, I will have a bowl of cereal (usually Special K) or one of my extra lunches. 

Weekly Meal Prep Edition 1 – January 9-13

Breakfast:  Egg muffins with spinach and bell peppers 

I will post the recipe on Friday.  They are delicious and full of protein!

Lunch:  Ground turkey, rice, and roasted broccoli

Snacks:  carrots, bell peppers, and hummus

I started by boiling my water for the rice and cooking the ground turkey.  While I did that I preheated the oven to 400 and cut up all of my veggies.  I saved half of the peppers for snacks and I roasted the other half to put in my ground turkey.  

I cut up bell peppers and put them into a plastic container as well as baby carrots so I can grab a quick snack to eat with hummus anytime during the week. 

I tossed the broccoli and some of the peppers in a tiny bit of olive oil and spread them out on a sheet pan.  They cooked for 30 minutes.  I stirred them around every 10 minutes. 

While they were cooking, I finished the rice and ground turkey.  I seasoned the turkey with garlic, Lawry’s seasoning salt, paprika, and pepper.  Once it was finished, I portioned it all out into my lunch containers.  I used a fourth cup to divide up the food.  I put in a little bit more than a ¼ cup of ground turkey. 

I sauteed some bell peppers and when they were done, I cooked the spinach.  

I put the spinach and bell peppers into the muffin cups to I could make the egg muffins.   

The veggies looked so good when they came out of the oven!

Once the veggies were out of the oven, I diced up the roasted peppers and put them in with the ground turkey.  

Then I cut up some lemons and limes so I can have a huge pitcher of lemon/lime water to drink in the mornings.  

Meal Prep Ideas Edition 1 Run and Live Happy

When the muffins were done, I stored them in plastic containers in the fridge and everything was finished! 

Meal Prep Ideas Edition 1 Run and Live Happy

All together it took me about an hour, but now I have breakfast, lunch, and snacks ready for the whole week! 

Do you meal prep?  

What are some of your favorite meals to prep ahead of time?

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6 thoughts on “Meal Prep Ideas Edition 1

  1. Meranda@Fairytalesandfitness

    I SO admire your ability to meal prep! I need to do this for my lunches. How do you keep your lunches fresh all week?

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I put them in tupperware containers and keep them in the fridge. The only thing that sometimes doesn’t stay fresh are the cooked veggies. Sometimes by Wednesday or Thursday they aren’t very good. But, the meat, raw veggies, and snacks all last all week.

  2. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Meal prep is definitely important to me too during busy work weeks. I typically make extra dinners and pack the leftovers for lunches throughout the week. I love making those egg cups with different toppings and veggies. I love them with some salsa on top!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I love salsa on my eggs! I like the dinner idea too. I’ve been doing that this week with my protein pancakes. I make enough for dinner and breakfast the next day.

  3. San

    Wow. Impressive.
    I don’t meal prep (in the way that you do), but we meal PLAN… which means I know exactly what I am going to eat during the following week. I mostly prepare breakfast and lunches the night before, but they usually don’t involve cooking , so it’s not a huge time suck or anything.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I need to get better at meal planning my dinners. But it’s so hard when my husband is gone most nights so it’s hard to cook a big meal for just me!

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