A One Run Week

Hey Guys!  This was week 2 of my marathon training, and it was pretty much a cross training week.  It was too cold and windy to run outside, and then it snowed.  I know some of you run in the snow and temps when it is negative degrees, and I’m super impressed.  But, I can’t do it.  I will run outside when it’s in the upper 20’s, but anything below that is way too cold for me.  So, I got one run in this week and since I was stuck inside all week, I found other workouts to do.  Here’s a look at my week.  

                  Mon.                Tues.                Wed.                   Thurs.                    Fri.                        Sat.                        Sun. 

Plan:      Rest                   3 mi                   3 mi                      3 mi                      Rest                      7 mi                      Cross

Actual:   Rest                   HIIT                 4 mi                      Abs                       Rest                     Strength              Rest


Today was a rest day from running.  But, Jake wasn’t going to let me totally rest.  We went on two walks during the day.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and I probably should have taken advantage of that.  It was 68 degrees!

 I really thought about running, but I was pretty sore from the Insanity workout on Sunday, so I didn’t.  I really regretted that decision on Tuesday and the rest of the week when the temperatures dropped drastically and snow showed up on the forecast.  I had a Kodiak pancake for lunch.  I’m in love with these! 

Monday night Oklahoma was playing in the Sugar Bowl.  We went over to some friend’s to watch the game.  We had so much fun!

 They always have so much food!  I snacked some, but tried to be aware of what I ate and made sure not to overeat.  They had the BEST spinach dip.  I’m sure it was filled with all kinds of unhealthy stuff, but it was delicious!  

(There were also little ham and cheese sliders.)

The game wasn’t over until almost midnight and I was definitely ready for bed when we got home!


Today I had 3 miles scheduled to run.  I woke up early and it was 30 degrees out.  My weather app showed that it was supposed to warm up after noon, so I thought I would run then.  I had some Spark and a pancake and waited on the temps to rise.  But, they just kept dropping.  By 1 it was 25, so I decided to forget running and workout inside instead. 

I tried out the interval training on my Fitbit.  It goes through 13 rounds of 30 seconds each with a 10 second rest.  I went through 4 sets of 13 each.  Then I did an ab workout. 



I started today with my usual oatmeal and green tea.  Lunch was ground turkey, brown rice, and avocado with a little bit of soy sauce. 

It was still pretty cold today, but not as bad as Tuesday.  So, I bundled up and headed out.  I had 3 miles scheduled, but I ended up doing 4.  Once I got going, I warmed up pretty quickly and it was a great run!


When I finished my run, I took Jake on a walk and then did a HIIT workout from Fitness Blender.  I loved it! 


I started today with the same breakfast as yesterday.  

And, lunch was the same also.  I like eating the same meals.  It’s easy to plan and make!  It was way too cold to be outside today.  It was supposed to snow and the temps stayed around 20.  

I was busy all day, but finally around 9 I sat down with Jake to play.  While he chewed on his bone, I did an ab workout.  I didn’t know that my fitbit would automatically track exercise, but it does.  Apparently it thought I was on an elliptical! (And it tracked a run on Wednesday while I was doing the HIIT workout.)


It snowed overnight!  We don’t get much snow where I live, so when it does snow, it’s a big deal!  It’s so pretty!

Jake kept wanting to play outside in it, but it was sooo cold!  I stayed out with him as long as I could, and then we’d have to come in and warm up for a while.  He just runs circles in it!  He whined all morning to go out.  

I skipped breakfast but had the same lunch as Wednesday and Thursday.  Later in the afternoon, Jeremy and I went grocery shopping so we could stay in the rest of the day and night.  The roads were slick and it was cold, so I didn’t want to get back out!  

We stayed in and fixed a big breakfast for dinner.


I went with Jeremy to his games today.  Since it snowed, all of his games were cancelled on Friday, so they were making them up today.  I woke up early, but it was still freezing outside and the roads were still covered in snow.  

That’s the road!

 So, I went back to bed!  

After Jeremy’s games, I did some stretching and strength training.  And then I took Jessie a carrot.  She’s never had one before and she loved it.  She kept licking my hand and nudging me with her nose wanting another one.  

Later that night we went to Applebees.  (Again, not my favorite place to eat….but one of Jeremy’s client’s gave him a gift card.)  Jeremy ordered some wings.  I ate 2 of them and ordered a side salad.  I forgot that it comes with bacon, so I picked that off.  


We got up early today and headed to Norman to visit some family and do a little shopping.  I did not get any exercise in at all today.  (Other than walking around the mall!)  We stopped by our cousin’s house first, and they stocked me up on some protein bars!  

I bought the Bear Naked ones at a gas station.  Those are my absolute favorite and everywhere in my town has stopped selling them.  So, I bought all I could find.  I also got some more Kodiak mix at Target! 

When we left their house, we went to the mall and went to find something to eat.  Neither of us had eaten anything yet and it was after 1, so we were pretty hungry.  We went to El Chico.  We ordered their 2 for $20.  It came with chicken nachos, and they were too greasy to eat.  Seriously, the chips were soggy and sitting in grease.  For my meal, I ordered a cheese enchilada and a chicken fajita taco.  The enchilada was okay, but I did not like the taco.  I don’t know what that sauce is, but it tasted like mayo, so I did not eat any of that!  

Our meal also came with a dessert. We ordered the churros.  But, we didn’t eat them.  They were warm on the outside and frozen on the inside.  Overall, we didn’t have a great experience.  I ate some chips and salsa and about half of the enchilada.  After lunch we did a little shopping and then headed back to town early.  

When we got back I did my weekly meal prep.  Look for a post over this on Wednesday!  And, check out my snapchat (runandlivehappy).  I posted all of it as I did it! 

The weather at the beginning of this week is supposed to be up in the upper 50’s and 60’s again.  So, I’m planning on a 7 mile run on Monday and then getting back on my regular schedule on Tuesday.  We are also looking for a new treadmill this week because our forecast is showing ice starting on Friday and going through Monday.  If that happens, that will probably mess up my running again.  

I hope you all have a great week!

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8 thoughts on “A One Run Week

  1. Ilka

    Your post make me miss snow here in South Florida. My boys really want to built a snowman:)
    Since you weren’t able to run much in this snow you got some nice cross training done at least. As runners we tend to neglect cross training sometimes, yet it’s so important and it really opts our running game. My training week fell pretty flat, too last week. I cam down with a heavy stomach virus and in addition I suffered from some foot pain. Sometimes that’s how it goes when you’re training for a marathon.
    Can’t wait to see your ideas for meal prepping! It’s such a great idea to keep your nutrition on track!
    Love the pic of Jessie checking out the carrot – cute!
    Have a great training week Tara! Stay warm!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      You make me miss sunny weather! Lol. Building a snowman would be fun! One of my friends sent me a video of her daughter playing in the snow and she kept rolling down the hill and laying in it! I’m trying to incorporate more cross training this time to see if it helps! I hope you’re feeling better and I hope your foots gets better soon! Thanks for hosting! Have a great week!

  2. Lesley

    I saw a video of golden retrievers running around in the snow in Dallas, and one enjoyed a running start to sliding in the snow. It’s so fun to see dogs get so excited and run around. I hope you can get outside this week, and I want to get outside too on the running paths. I think the slush is gone so maybe it’ll be good weather for an outdoor run.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I laugh so hard at my dog when he plays in the snow! The weather was back up to almost 60 today, so I definitely got out! I hope you got to get a run in!

  3. Lacey@fairytalesandfitness

    I am a wimp when it comes to running in the cold and snow too. More power for the people that do. My yellow lab loves the snow as well. They are so fun!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      They are! Jake just wants to stay outside. He gets so happy!

  4. Mackenzie

    I’m so excited you are doing a marathon! When is it?! I’m sure you said and I just missed it! How do you like spark? I have some but have never tried it! Ahhh I miss the snow!!!!! It’s been raining cats and dogs here lately, and I think I would take a nice snow over it sometimes. Also- DJ and I LIVED at Applebees in college because it was the only thing near us that could semi qualify as a “date night” restaurant. Lol. How pathetic is that ! Love reading your recaps always! Hope this week is off to a fabulous start!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      The marathon is at the end of April! I’m hoping I can do it. But, if not, I’ll be ready for the half! You should try the spark. I LOVE IT! It gives me so much energy! Jeremy and I had our first date at Applebees! 🙂 LOL Which is really funny because neither of us particularly like it. Have a great week!

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