Parties, Shopping, & Last Minute Preparations

I cannot believe that Christmas is tomorrow!  Can you?  It seems like December just started and now it’s almost over.  I love Christmastime and I’ve really been enjoying all of the Christmas festivities.  I’m super excited for the next two days.  But, before we get to that, I wanted to share my week with you.  It’s been extremely busy, but a lot of fun! 

Monday was a busy, busy day.  My lunch was leftovers from family Christmas on Saturday.  It was a spinach salad with almonds, cranberries, and turkey with poppy seed dressing.  (I put a little too much dressing on there.)  

When I got home, I found my neighbor’s dog carrying around a shoe in my yard.  I chased him home and got it away from him.  It was Jeremy’s umpiring shoe!  He chewed it up completely! 

Before and After

This is the second pair of shoes that he has chewed up.  He keeps sneaking in our garage.  The owners came home while I was trying to get it away from him.  They said that he brought home a sweater the other day and they hoped it wasn’t mine. 

I had to run a couple of errands and then I had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up things a party that I was going to the next day.  By the time I got home, it was dark.  I wasn’t going to skip a workout, so I decided on a quick circuit.  I was so tired that I didn’t think my body would last through it, but I did.  Then I crashed in the recliner and I stayed there until I was hungry.   Monday night was probably the healthiest meal that I’ve had all week.  It was 3 egg whites, spinach, and a sprinkle of fat free cheese with Sara Lee 45 calorie toast.  

After eating I laid on the couch and slept there until Jeremy woke me up at 12 to go to bed.

Tuesday morning I had a Christmas pancake breakfast that I went to.  I forgot to take any pictures of the food.  But, it was an ugly sweater event, and I did get a pic of that!  

Tuesday night I had a fun Christmas party!  One of my co-workers hosts us at her house and she goes all out!  She makes the best apple cider.  I seriously look forward to the cider all year long!

And, she always sets her table with the fancy china. 

Once everyone was there, we ordered pizza and sat around and talked.  My co-worker’s husband left us some wine to try.  He told her we would love it.  A few of us took a sip, and it burned all the way down!  I think he was playing a joke on us! 

We sat around the table eating and talking forever! 

And then there was dessert!

Then we played dirty Santa.  There were a lot of funny gifts!  I ended up with an awkward family photos desk calendar. 


It was late when I got home and I was ready for bed! 

Wednesday morning I slept in and then met Jeremy for lunch at Subway.  I tried this tea and I wasn’t a fan.  

After lunch Jeremy and I went all over town shopping for his Christmas present.  He finally picked out a new pair of shoes.  He thinks that’s all he’s getting, but it’s not. 

When we got home from shopping, I headed out for a run.  I ran 3 miles.

After that I cleaned my house to get ready for Christmas Eve. 

Thursday was a low key day.  I ran some errands and picked up Jeremy’s big Christmas present.  I hung around the house all day and did a short circuit workout. 

Thursday night Jeremy and I headed to our favorite taco joint.  I had the chicken fajita plate.  It’s so good! 

Then we headed to Aldi and Walmart to pick up all of the groceries that we need for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

This morning I got up early so I could run, but it was raining.  I loved running in the rain this summer, but when it’s 38 degrees outside, I’m staying in!  It’s still raining, and it’s supposed to all day.  I’m hoping that it will warm up a little bit and that maybe there will be a break in the rain so I can get in a run.  If not, I’ll do a circuit workout later. 

I know this isn’t much to report, but I’ve mostly just been running errands and finishing up last minute Christmas stuff. 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! 

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2 thoughts on “Parties, Shopping, & Last Minute Preparations

  1. San

    Oh my that is awful that your neighbor’s dog chews up other people’s stuff… will he replace the shoes? And I do hope it wasn’t your sweater the dog brought home…

    or if it was, I hope it was an ugly Christmas sweater, haha.

    You also had some tasty food this week. Now I want pancakes 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Pancakes are soooo good! Our neighbor’s moved today! And, no they did not replace the shoes. 🙁

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