The First Christmas of the Year!

Hey guys!  Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I also hope you’re staying warm!  We finally got hit with really cold weather this weekend, and even had a little bit of snow.  This morning when I got up it was 8 degrees outside!  We had our big family Christmas this weekend, and it was so much fun.  I can’t wait to share it all with you.  I didn’t take a ton of pictures because I was enjoying family time, but I got some! 

Saturday morning we got up and headed to Norman.  We were having Christmas all day.  This Christmas is all of Jeremy’s family, and he has a lot!  They come from all over the state.  There were at least 40 people there – the house was full! 

The lunch menu was finger foods.  There was so much food to choose from!  I forgot to take pictures of all of the choices, but I had some salad, turkey, and a few bites of other finger foods.  I love the bacon wrapped dates!

There was also so much dessert.  I had a couple of pieces of peppermint bark, a bite of sopapilla cheesecake, and Macy and I shared a piece of cherry cream cheese pie.  I was stuffed!


(Aunt Sandra makes all of the candy, and Macy made the peppermint bark!  I had some will power with the candy and didn’t eat any, but that was only because I knew she was sending some home with us!)

When everyone was done, we played dirty Santa.  I ended up with a cowboy Santa Clause that plays music and dances.  My father-in-law ended up with a blanket, and he gave it to me!  I love blankets!

After dirty Santa, we got out the games.  We started with Left Right Center.  I didn’t win.  L  Last year I did!  We played a few games of that until everyone was out of money. 

Then we got out Speak Out.  It was hilarious!  I laughed so hard the entire time! With that mouthpiece in your mouth, it is impossible to say the letter ‘b’. 

My first card said, “Buddy is a fuddy duddy”.  I got to laughing so hard I couldn’t even get it out!

Then we played Spoons.  This game always gets a little violent!  But, it’s so much fun!

The rest of the day was spent playing with the babies and enjoying visiting with everyone.  (I had a Spark to give me some energy to keep going!) 

Sometime in the afternoon it started snowing, so several people started leaving.  Most everyone ended up leaving before dinner.  But, those of us that were there ate more food from lunch.  I was still pretty full from lunch, so I just snacked on some sausage balls, bacon wrapped dates, and a piece of turkey.  After dinner, Macy and I worked on a gift for one of her friends.  It was super cute!  It looked like a scrabble board and you make words that describe the person that you’re giving it to.  Very creative!

After dark, the snow was really coming down and the temperature dropped a lot.  So, we headed home a little earlier than we planned so we could get home before the roads got bad.  Jake was so happy to see us when we got home!  My mom went over and let him out a couple of times so he wasn’t alone all day.  He was wound up and wanted to play.  But, I was ready for bed and it was too cold for him to play outside.  As soon as I could, I crashed and I was asleep as soon as I laid down!  I was so tired.  It was a long day, but it was so much fun!  I love family Christmas every year when we all get together under one roof!

Sunday was a pretty boring day.  It was so cold and I didn’t want to be out.  But, we were.  We slept in that morning, and I really could have stayed in bed all day!  It was 20 degrees outside and I just wanted to stay wrapped up in my warm covers.  But, we got up and headed to town to get Jessie some new food that the vet recommended and we also got some new brushes for her.  Then we went to every farm store that we have in town looking for a blanket for her.  I’m going to have to order her one.  It’s so cold.  I’m hoping she’ll wear it when we find it. 

When we got back from running errands, I got Jessie’s new brushes and tried them out.  She loves to be brushed.  She stands there and closes her eyes.  It’s funny.  Then she played with Jake.  We couldn’t stay out very long because it was so cold! 

I wrapped more presents when we got home.  And, Jake thought he needed to help again.  Jeremy thought it was hilarious how Jake has to be in the middle of it all, so he was no help!  It took me twice as long to wrap them with Jake in the way.  He brought all of his toys, and every sock he could find to the room where I was wrapping.  Then, when I moved them under the tree, he really wanted to open them! I hope he makes it till this weekend!

We watched Home Alone 2 and Elf the rest of the night.  I love Christmas movies!  It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend! 

I hope you all have a great week! 


6 days until Christmas!


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4 thoughts on “The First Christmas of the Year!

  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Sounds like so fun! I’ve been seeing that Speak out game pop up here and there online. How do they keep that clean with those mouthpieces?! Does everyone share those? haha!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      That game is so much fun! You get several mouth pieces in the box, but you play on teams so only one person has to wear it. We washed them so everyone could have a turn.

  2. San

    Oh, what a fun family weekend! I love those (don’t have them very often, sadly)…. good food, games… so much fun.
    That Speak Out game looks and sounds like so much fun with a bunch of people. And the Cowboy Santa is hilarious!
    Glad you had such a nice family weekend.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      It was so much fun! I’m sorry you don’t get to have them very often.

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