My Kind of Weekend

What’s up everyone?!  Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend and are off to a great start to your week!  My weekend was kind of restful, which is the kind of weekends that I love.  I left you off on my recap yesterday on Friday, so we’ll pick up on Saturday.

Saturday morning I woke up really early.  I was planning on running, but as I laid in bed listening to the wind blowing super hard, I decided that I didn’t want to run in that.  It sounded like a tornado from inside my house!  Since it was going to be so windy and cold, I decided to take a rest day and I stayed in bed.  Jake must have been cold because he came and got in the bed and laid right on top of me.  We slept for a couple more hours before I got up.  I headed over to my grandparent’s house to help my grandma get out all of her Christmas stuff.  We set up her tree on Friday night, so today we got out all of her decorations.  She has a lot!  It was fun setting them all up and decorating the tree.  On my way, I stopped and bought her a big poinsettia. It was really pretty!  She had some delicious chocolate chip cookies and I had a few of those while we decorated! 

When we got finished with that, I went to meet Jeremy to go to his ball games with him.  He was calling a tournament and my best friend’s son was playing.  Jeremy’s aunt and uncle, Bill and Sandra, came to town to visit and came to the games too.  After the games we all headed to our favorite taco joint.  Jeremy and I got there first and chowed down on some chips and salsa.  (All I’d had to eat all day was some cookies so I was super hungry!!)  We ordered some tacos to split for dinner.  I had a chicken fajita taco and a fish taco.  They made them different this time, and I did not like it!  They put cheese on them and they didn’t have any onions or cilantro.  But, they weren’t bad and I ate them anyways. 

After dinner we went over to my father-in-law’s to visit for a little while before we finally went home and went to bed. I went to check on Jessie and she had her head buried in the hay! 

Sunday morning we slept in.  When I finally did get up, I got dressed and ready to run. Sandra was fixing a big lunch so I decided to run before lunch, or I would be too full afterwards.  I bundled up and headed out, and I was way overdressed!  I was so hot!  I ran 3.5 miles and headed in to clean up before lunch. 

Sandra fixed a huge lunch!!  I had a hamburger steak, steamed green beans, salad, and a couple of hot roll.  It was so good.  During basketball season I don’t cook very much at all because Jeremy isn’t home much, so it was really nice to have a good home cooked meal. 

We also had strawberry shortcake!  

That afternoon was spent visiting and playing with the horse.  The weather was absolutely beautiful!  It was sunny and in the 60’s.  It was the perfect weather to be outside.  We put a blanket on the horse and rode her bareback for a little while.  She loves attention!

After Bill and Sandra left to go home, Jeremy, Jake, and I headed back across the street to relax the rest of the night.  Jake went to bed immediately.  He didn’t get to nap like he normally does, so he was tired.  Jeremy watched football and I watched Netflix on my phone.  We were still full from lunch, so we both just kind of snacked before bed.  I ate a really small bowl of cereal. 

We went to bed pretty early Sunday night, and Jake thought he was going to sleep with us.  He woke me up at 12:30 when he decided to get in his own bed.  I went right back to sleep and slept all night! 

13 Days till Christmas!! 


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4 thoughts on “My Kind of Weekend

  1. Mackenzie

    This sounds like awesome, awesome family time!!!! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us! Hopefully they will get those tacos better next time 😉

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL I hope they get them right next time too! We always have fun with family!

  2. San

    What a fun weekend! 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      It was! 🙂 I love fun weekends!

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