A Rainy, Lazy Weekend

Hi Friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  We had the best weekend!  It was my favorite kind – relaxing.  It rained a lot, so that meant that we were stuck inside.  Since we were stuck inside, we were really lazy, and it was nice! After a really busy week, I was super excited about this weekend and getting caught up on some rest.  I took full advantage of the rain and stayed snuggled up in a warm blanket and enjoyed Christmas movies.  I left you off on my weekly recap with Friday afternoon, so we’ll start here with that night. 


Friday night I went with Jeremy to his basketball games.  He had a busy week and had games every night except Wednesday.  I stayed home all week because he was calling games a long way from home and that meant that he didn’t get home until around 11 every night.  But, Friday night he was close and my best friend Lana’s son was playing, so I went.  She and I spent the entire time chatting.  We did watch some of the boy’s game, but her team won by 30, so it wasn’t much of a game.  Her son is a freshman and he got to play the whole last quarter, so we watched that. 


When the game was over, I went down to the floor to see another one of my good friends, Joni.  Her husband is the coach, and she sits on the bench to keep the book.  We sat and talked until they turned the lights out to make everyone leave.  

When we got back to town, it was around 10.  Jeremy had wanted to go to Applebees all week to eat wings, so that’s what we did.  They were extremely busy!  I hadn’t eaten since 11:30 that morning, and I was starving.  Since they were so busy, it was after 11 before our food came out.  Jeremy decided to order one of everything since they had half priced apps.  Just kidding, but he did order a ton of food!  I ordered 5 wings and we were going to try the pretzels because Joni told me they were really good.  Jeremy ordered a ton of wings, pretzels, cheese sticks, and a quesadilla.  I ate 4 wings, a half a pretzel, and a cheese stick and was stuffed!  We had a bunch of food left over. 

By the time we were finished, the restaurant had cleared out some.  Our waiter came to bring us our ticket and ended up standing there talking to us for at least 30 minutes.  When he finally got a new table, we left and headed home around midnight!  I was ready for bed.


Today was such a lazy day because it rained all day.  I slept in late!  I never sleep this late, ever!  I woke up at 4:45 am, and then I went back to sleep and slept hard until 11:15!!  I must have been really tired.  I got up just in time to watch the OU/OSU game.  We had wanted to go to the game, but it was a 100% chance of rain and that didn’t sound like much fun.  We sat around in our pj’s until the game was over.  Then, we went and did some shopping and picked up some groceries. 


It’s the beginning of December and I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done!  I’m so excited!! I only have 2 people left to buy for.  Usually it’s around December 20th before I even start on my shopping.  This year, I bought almost everything online and that made it so much easier!

Since it was raining, that meant that I couldn’t run.  So, I did some strength training and an ab workout.  Then, we got ready to go to dinner.  We headed to our taco joint and had our usual meals.  I had the chicken fajita plate.  I just really like their chicken. 


After dinner, we went over to my father in law’s to see Jake.  He usually stays there on the weekends.  Then we went home and watched TV for a little while.  Jeremy was getting up early to go hunting, so we went to bed early.  Being lazy really made me tired.  😉


Jeremy got up at 5 this morning to go hunting.  I tried to go back to sleep but had a hard time.  I finally turned the TV on around 8:30 and flipped through the channels.  I was freezing and didn’t want to get out of the warm bed.  When Jeremy got home, I got up and fixed some oatmeal and Spark.  He went back to bed to take a nap, and I got ready to run.  While I was waiting on my food to settle, I did some squats (Day 4 of the squat challenge).  Then I headed out to run.  It was freezing!  My body and lungs did not want to adjust to the cold.  It took me a whole mile before I finally could breathe without my lungs burning.  I ran 4.5 miles and then headed home to hop in a hot shower! 


Jeremy talked me into going hunting with him since it was the last day of rifle season.  He put me in a blind, and turned on the heater for me.   My feet were the only thing that ever got cold.  I got bored though because I only saw two deer.  One of them was a baby, and it was pretty entertaining.  A rabbit kept hoping around it, and that baby would start jumping and playing with it.  It was really cute!


When we got home, we fixed some fajitas for dinner.  We used some of our deer steak.  We had never made them with deer steak before, so we were a little nervous about how they would taste.  But, they turned out really good! 


We bought some fajita marinade, and let them sit in that all day. 

Jake was helping cook.
Jake was helping cook.

Then we cooked them in a skillet and put fajita seasoning packets on them.  We had a ton of meat, so that means lots of leftovers. 



We spent the evening watching Christmas movies!  My favorite movie was on – Elf! 


What is your favorite Christmas movie?

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  1. Mackenzie

    This looks like such the perfect weekend!!! And even though you called it “lazy”, I’d say you still were quite productive!!! Those pretzels from applebees are my weakness!!! So good. And those fajitas look amazing. I never thought of using the deer meat! DJ went hunting last year when we lived in the midwest- I will have to keep that in mind!

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