Happy Birthday Jake! (Weekend Recap)

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! I had an awesome one! We didn’t do anything really exciting, but we got to relax a lot and we had a birthday party for Jake! It was a lot of fun! 

Friday night Jeremy had basketball games and I went with him. Neither of the teams were very good. There were some parts that were a little interesting though. During the girls game, two girls almost got in a fight. One of them got so mad that she shoved a girl down and that girl got up and went right back after her. But, their teammates got in between them before anything happened. Then, during the boys game, one of the players was mouthing and pushing on several others and when Jeremy called a foul and told him to stop, he yelled at Jeremy really loud. His coach put him on the bench before anything else happened. Other than that, they were pretty boring  games. 

When we got home after the games, we ended up staying up late and watching TV. It always takes Jeremy a while to wind down after his games. Saturday morning Jeremy got up to go to work for a few hours. I didn’t even hear him and I ended up sleeping until 10:30! I guess I really needed some sleep. I am usually a light sleeper and every little sound wakes me up. I am also usually wide awake by 8 on the weekends, but not Saturday! When I woke up, I laid in bed and checked the weather. It was beautiful out, so I decided that I would get dressed and go for a run since I hadn’t been able to for several days. But, that plan was over before it even started. My back hurt so bad when I tried to stand up that there was no way I was going to run or walk. I stretched and stretched and that helped a tiny bit. Since I knew I wouldn’t be running, I decided to make the most of being cooped up inside. I cleaned my house, and it took me a lot longer than usual since I was moving around slowly. But, I got it done and I love having a clean house! Now if I could just figure out how to make it stay that way! LOL 

Saturday afternoon, Jeremy and I decided to go hunting. The season opened October 1st, and we haven’t been at all. Before we left I shot my bow in the back yard. My shot was a little off because it was hard for me to pull it back with my back hurting. But it was close enough that if I had to shoot it I could. Jeremy drove me to my blind and dropped me off so I didn’t have to walk.



We got there about two hours before the feeders were supposed to go off and I read a book while I waited. It turns out that the battery on my feeder was dead, so it never went off. I didn’t see anything except for some birds and squirrels. Jeremy saw a bunch, but the guy that owns the property that joins our lease seems to think that he owns the deer. So, almost every time we are hunting, he is driving the fence line and making lots of noise. The guy was able to see Jeremy up in his stand, so he intentionally made more noise and kept driving by. When the deer started coming in, he drove down the fence honking and yelling at them to run away. Jeremy was pretty mad! I can’t figure out what that guy’s problem is. He does this every year. None of our stands face his property, and the one that Jeremy was sitting in isn’t even close to the fence. There has got to be some kind of code of ethics for hunters. I’m going to look that up! 


After all the deer were scared off, Jeremy texted and said he was coming to get me. We left early because there was no point in sitting there until dark. We went home and got ready to go to dinner. We went to our taco joint. We went about an hour before closing, but we were the only ones in there. We got our favorite waiter, so we got excellent service! He recommended some new dishes to us so we tried one. While we were waiting, he also brought us out a new dip. It was some kind of avocado dip. I asked him what was in it and he said it had avocado and jalapenos blended together and then some secret ingredient that the cook’s wouldn’t tell him. I think it was sour cream. It was really good, and had just the right amount of spice!


When he brought out our plates, he said, “muy caliente.”  Jeremy was impressed that I knew what that meant. I told him that we need to eat there more often so I can learn Spanish from the waiter. I really want to be able to speak Spanish fluently, but it’s hard to learn when you don’t have anyone to practice it with. We tried a different kind of fajitas that the waiter recommended. They had steak, chicken, bacon, tomatoes, peppers, and onions. On the menu it says it comes with the cheese sauce on the top. I figured I would pick around the sauce, but ours came out with a little bit of shredded cheese on it. The waiter said he had them make it special for me. He remembered that I always order my food without the cheese sauce on it! It was really good and it was a ton of food! We couldn’t finish it. I think that might be my new favorite dish there. 


After dinner, we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up our groceries. Which we didn’t do a very good job of because I had to go back on Sunday. When we got home, we went over to visit Jake at my father-in-law’s. We stayed there until I could not keep my eyes open anymore and then we headed home and went to bed. 

Sunday morning we woke up pretty early. We got ready and headed to town. Jeremy had some errands to run for work, and I needed to go to Aldi and back to Wal-Mart. We also had to go to the dollar store to get Jake some presents for his birthday. When we got home, Jeremy wanted to go hunting. I didn’t want to go, I wanted to try and get a run in. I wrapped Jake’s presents and then headed out for a run. It had only been a few days since I had run, but I needed a good run. I thought I would just take it really slow and see what happened. I ran 4 miles and didn’t have a lot of pain.

There's always a silver lining run and live happy

Once I was done, I stretched and then showered and hung around the house all afternoon. It was the perfect day! I spent the afternoon working on some blog stuff and then I cooked some chicken for my lunches for the week. 

When Jeremy got home from hunting, I started on dinner. I made chicken enchiladas with a sour cream cheese sauce. Not healthy at all, but they were delicious! And I made some lemon bars for dessert. 


After dinner, we had Jake’s party. He turned 7! He got to open his presents. He loves doing that. He will open them just enough to see what’s in it and then he’ll move on to the next one. When he got to his new bone, he was done opening them. 


Then he got to have his birthday cookie. Our local pet store sells homemade dog treats. I usually get him a “pupcake” but this cookie was cute. 


He ate every bit of it and licked the plate clean. 


He then played with every one of his toys


before he finally wore himself out. 


And when he did, we went to bed too! 

This weekend was fun and relaxing and I enjoyed it a lot! I was not ready for Monday at all. I just really love being at home!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jake! (Weekend Recap)

  1. Brooklyn Murtaugh

    Happy Birthday Jake!!!!

    That guy you share the property line with sounds like a total ass.

    Your waiter seems so nice. How sweet that he remembers so much about you guys 🙂


    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL That he is! Our waiter is awesome! It really makes us enjoy eating there! (Plus the food is really good too!)

  2. Mackenzie

    I’m so sorry about your injury!!! You are being so positive though about it all and mannnn that cheese!!!!!!!!! Was that the top of the enchilada dish? It looked amazing!! Happy birthday to Jake! So cute. After this post I am hard core craving some good mexican. Have a good week, Tara!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      That was the top of the enchiladas!! It was a sour cream sauce with Monterrey jack cheese on top. They were so good! I can’t wait to make them again!

  3. San

    Happy birthday, Jake 🙂

    That Mexican food looks soooo good!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      He enjoyed his birthday a lot! 🙂 And I always love Mexican food!

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