Fun Fitness Activities for a Day out with Friends (Or Significant Other!)

Hey Guys!  Today I’m linking up with Marcia from Marcia’s Healthy Slice for Tuesday’s on the Run. Usually I talk all about running on Tuesdays, but today I have a special treat for you.  I have a guest post from Rachel Stires.  She is talking all about fun fitness activities that you can do with friends or even for a date.     more “Fun Fitness Activities for a Day out with Friends (Or Significant Other!)”

Thanksgiving Week

Hi Friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to celebrate with friends and family!  We had a great Thanksgiving and I enjoyed way too many sweets and am looking forward to getting back on track this week.  It was a busy week getting ready for the holiday, but I did get in several runs.  This is going to be a long recap, but a good one!  Here’s what happened in my life last week. more “Thanksgiving Week”

Sick and Tired, Literally

Hi Guys!  I hope you have had a great week!  Mine was okay…alright, it actually totally sucked!  I have literally been sick and tired all week.  I feel like I’ve been a huge downer lately because of my back, and then this week I got sick.  But, what do you do?  🙂  I did get to watch a ton of Netflix.  I won’t complain about that!  I was sick all week long and completely worn out.  All I wanted to do was sleep, which just made me mad that I couldn’t run.  But I’m finally starting to feel better and I got in a run yesterday and another one today.  I did take Jake on a walk each day so I could meet my Pile on the Miles goal.  Plus, he didn’t care if I felt good or not.  He just wanted to play!  more “Sick and Tired, Literally”

Running, Sleeping, Repeating – Weekend Recap

Hi guys!  Happy Tuesday!  I’m a little late getting this weekend recap out.  I have a good excuse though.  I caught a stomach bug, so I’ve been in bed.  But, I’m feeling better today, so I’m up and getting some work done!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I had a great one, and am already looking forward to this coming weekend!  I seriously live for the weekends! I got some sleep, got in a couple of runs, and we had some good food!  What can be better than that?  I also finally felt like my back was doing better.  I was able to run further than I have in a couple of weeks with not a lot of pain.  And, the weather finally cooled off and it feels like fall!  It’s gorgeous outside and all I want to do is sit outside!  more “Running, Sleeping, Repeating – Weekend Recap”

My Weekly Recap

Hi Guys!  I hope you all had a great week!  Mine was really good.  I had a little unexpected, but very much needed break during the middle of the week and it was awesome!  I didn’t get a lot of running in, but I did better.  My back is finally starting to feel better!  It’s not 100%, but it’s really close.  Maybe 96%!  So, I took more rest days than run days this week just to help it feel better.  I did do a lot of yoga and that really helped my back.  I didn’t really feel like I trained that much this week, but I did make sure to meet my Pile on the Miles goal every day.  (Walk or run 30 minutes each day)  I’ll share with you what I did do.  more “My Weekly Recap”

Always Changing

Hi Friends!  It’s Tuesday!!  That means it’s time to link up with Marcia for Tuesday’s on the Run.  I love talking about all things running, but this week is a little different.  I’m not discussing running, instead we are talking about how we are different from when we first started blogging.  My thoughts on this are a little bit deep, so here we go.  more “Always Changing”

There’s Always a Silver Lining

Hi Friends!  I hope you all had a great first week of November.  It still does not feel like November.  Our temperatures have stayed up in the upper 80’s and the sun is hot!  I’m not complaining at all, because I would rather have this than cold weather.  But, it doesn’t really feel like fall yet.  more “There’s Always a Silver Lining”

Pile on the Miles 2016

Hi Everyone!  Happy November 1st!  Can you believe it’s already November?  Where has this year gone?  I’m excited today because number 1 it’s Tuesday, which means I’m linking up with Marcia to talk about all things running, and number 2, it’s the first day of the 2016 Pile on the Miles Challenge.   more “Pile on the Miles 2016”