One Tough Week

Hi Friends!  This week was pretty rough and there wasn’t a lot of running.  Coming back from vacation really caught up with me and I was TIRED and sore.  The soreness in my legs set in on Monday night and it was still there on Thursday! No matter how much stretching, foam rolling, or hydrating I did, they were so sore! (I had a hard time getting in and out of my car, and also just sitting down in a chair!)  Also, my back was pretty sore, and towards the end of the week it changed from soreness to just pain.  Overall, it was a rough week.  Thankfully, it was a “rest” week on my schedule, so I took it easy and tried to rest as much as I could.  Even on the runs that I did, I took frequent walk breaks and didn’t push too hard.  (It also probably didn’t help that the heat and humidity were in full force this week again.  Seriously, it’s almost November, when is the temp going to drop below 85-90??)

Resting is something that I struggle with.  I listen to my body, but I don’t always do what it tells me to.  I feel guilty when I need/want to be running and instead I’m resting.  I always have to remind myself that resting is better than getting hurt and then being forced to rest.  But, I still have a hard time with it, and this week is proof of that.  No matter how loudly my body screamed at me to let it rest, I still continued to at least attempt to run or exercise.  And, even though it wasn’t a lot, I still probably should have rested at the beginning of the week to catch up from my trip to Vegas.  But, instead I ran 10 miles on Sunday and then continued to try to work out during the week.  I’m hoping that with what rest I got this week, I’ll be rested up for this coming week’s training.    

Here was my training plan for the week.

            Plan                             Actual
Mon:  60 mins cross               Strength Training

Tues:  5 mi                                Walk    

Wed:  8 mi                                Rest

Thurs:  5 mi                               5 mi

Fri:  Rest                                   Bike Ride

Sat:  Rest                                   6 miles

Sun:  10k race or 6 miles        Walk

Monday – I tried a new to me yogurt for breakfast today.  It was really good!  It tastes like blueberry muffin batter.  I like it because it is very blueberry-y.  I also like that it is dairy free.  I love yogurt, but my stomach does not like regular yogurt.  So, I’m really excited that Wal-mart is now selling these.  My store only has blueberry and vanilla, but hopefully they will get some more flavors soon.  The only thing I didn’t like about it is that it has less than one gram of protein in it. 

half marathon training

I did the quickest and easiest meal prep on Sunday afternoon.  I was tired from coming back from Vegas and I didn’t feel like messing with it.  So I just threw together some spinach and prepackaged grilled chicken strips to have salads all week.  (it wasn’t that great, but it did it’s job.)

half marathon training

Monday afternoon the weekend finally caught up with me.  I was so tired and my body felt so sore.  When I got home from work, all I wanted to do was crawl in bed.  But, I decided to at least stretch because my legs were sore.  Then, the stretching turned into some squats, pushups, and crunches.  I don’t think I actually spent an hour doing it, but it was pretty close. 

half marathon training

Tuesday – I had some rice cakes with chocolate PB 2 and a banana for breakfast today.  I had 5 miles scheduled, but I still felt so worn out.  I had a meeting run late at work, and by the time I got home I had no energy.  I could have had a Spark, but I felt like my body really needed the rest.  My legs were still so sore that it hurt to get up and down out of a chair.  So, instead of running I took Jake on a 45 minute walk and then I stretched some more.  I also did a quick ab workout and then crashed on the couch for the night and watched the World Series.

half marathon training

Wednesday – I did nothing today except for some squats.  I had the same breakfast and lunch as I did on Tuesday.  I’m already tired of this lunch.  Next week I’m going to plan and prep something good!  I had every intention of running 8 miles today.  I had a granola bar and some Spark about an hour before I got off work.  I was planning on running as soon as I got home.  But, before I could leave a random storm blew in and it was raining hard and hailing.  I had to wait about 30 minutes for it to let up before I could even leave.  By the time I got home it had quit, but there was another one coming right behind it.  So, Jake and I just sat and watched the storms all afternoon. 

One Tough Week - New Blog Post - Run and Live Happy

I used this opportunity to actually rest.  My legs were still very sore.  I don’t know why because they never stay sore this long.  I have been drinking a ton of water and stretching, but they are still sore.  I curled up with a blanket in the recliner and caught up on some shows on my DVR.  We did go out when and walk around the back yard in between rain showers.  Jake loves getting wet!

half marathon training

When Jeremy got home, he wanted breakfast burritos.  We ate those while we watched the World Series and then Married at First Sight. I was so glad both couples stayed together.  I hope they stay together to do a first year show. 

Thursday – I had the same breakfast and lunch as I did the rest of the week.  (I love meal prepping, although still not loving lunch this week – but it’s better than fast food! )  After work, I set out for 5 miles.  I had 5 in mind, but I thought if I felt like it I would do 8.  I didn’t make it 8, but I did make 5.  I was actually ready to quit about 3.5, but I went and got Jake and he kept me going.  It was humid after the rain on Wednesday, but it was a little cooler.  Jake loves the cool weather and he ran at full speed for a mile and a half.  Then we walked for a little bit before going home.  I was so tired and still so sore, so I stretched when we got home and Jake had to lay right near me and chew on his bone.   

half marathon training

Friday – I didn’t run today, but not by choice.  My back was killing me, so I decided to try and rest it so I could get some longer runs in this weekend.   I rode my bike for about 30 minutes before I headed in to clean up for dinner and a football game.  

half marathon training

We went to our favorite taco joint and I ordered the fajita chicken plate.  I haven’t had it in awhile and I don’t know why.  I love it! 

half marathon training

After dinner we stopped by the high school football game to watch the last quarter.  Then we stopped at Walmart to get all of our groceries for the week before heading home.  

Saturday – I attempted an 8 mile run today.  Sadly, I didn’t make it.  My mind was in it, and I was determined to do it, but my body just would not cooperate.  I started out strong, but I think I hit a wall at mile 2.5.  I don’t even know if that’s possible that early on, but my body just quit working.  Everything about this run was wrong.  The temperature was around 90, the wind was blowing hard, and I was running into it going uphill.  Every part of my body hurt and it felt like I was dragging bricks on my legs.  I had decided to run a route that goes 2 miles away from my house instead of the side road right near it.  So, I had no choice but to keep going because I had to get back home.  Plus, I really wanted to get 8 in.  But, by the time I got back to my house, I just could not run 2 more. 

half marathon training

So, I decided to quit and go stretch and rest up and then I could attempt 8 on Sunday.  Brook watched me the whole time I ran for as long as she could see me.  

half marathon training

Later in the afternoon I took Jake for a long walk.  He loves being outside and visiting all of the mailboxes on the road.  🙂  

half marathon training

Sunday – I started today thinking that I would run 8 miles.  As the day went on, I figured out that probably wasn’t the best idea.  My back is still hurting today.  It’s much better than it’s been the last few days, so I debated on running and possibly irritating it, or resting and hoping that it will feel better for this next week of training.  (That should be a no brainer..but if you’re as stubborn as me, you know it’s a debate!)  After I looked at my training plan for the next week, rest won.  I have a rest day on Monday, and then I have a total of 34 miles to run next week.  I did go on two short walks with Jake, but other than that I took it really easy all day.  

Half marathon training

I hope you had a great week and weekend!  And Happy November to you!  I can’t believe it’s already here!  

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14 thoughts on “One Tough Week

  1. Ilka

    I have a hard time with resting, too Tara! Even when I know that my body needs a break I still need to move anyway. I’m always a body in motion. When I didn’t run for 3 days I think I’m not a runner anymore…
    I really need to get into meal prepping, too. I keep reading so many posts about meal planning. It really makes your life more organized and easier.
    Jake by the door watching the storm is too adorable:)
    Have a great Running week Tara! Hope your back feels better soon!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL I’m the exact same way. If I have to take a day or two off, I am always so afraid that I’m going to be so out of shape! It’s frustrating, but at the same time it’s actually funny that I have such ridiculous thoughts! I am always in motion too, so when I’m not I know I’m tired. Meal prepping is a life saver. If I didn’t do it, I would probably be eating all kinds of junk. Jake was mad at that storm. He wanted to be outside!

  2. Kimberly Hatting

    I had a tough run on Friday, it sounds similar to the one you described. It was hot, windy, and just miserable. I was able to stick it out and finish, but I had a tough time hitting my paces…that wind is a beast to fight! It sounds like your body is in need of some down-time….I hope you’re feeling better soon!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      The wind is a killer! LOL I’m glad you were able to get through it!

  3. Sonia

    Definitely sounded like you needed rest this week. I’ve had runs like that and it’s always best to listen to your body rather than push through. Hope your back pain and soreness go away!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I’m doing much better with listening that I used too. Probably not as good as I should, but better! 🙂 I’m feeling much better today and was able to get a run in!

  4. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

    Try not to be so hard on yourself! Sometimes our body just needs us to rest so we can get back on your feet. It’s tough because you feel like you’re missing out or falling behind, but in the long run…it’s better to take it easy so you can recover more quickly! Hope you’re feeling better!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I am feeling better! Thanks for the words of encouragement. I do know that, but sometimes it’s good to hear it from others! 🙂

  5. Lacey@fairytalesandfitness

    Sorry to hear you were having a rough week! Hopefully next week will go better for you. Those pics that you post of Jake just puts a smile on my face. He is just so darn cute. Of course he loves the rain. I never met a lab that didn’t love water. Ours do too!

  6. HoHo Runs

    Vacations are wonderful but travel just seems to zap all of the energy out of me. It’s wise you listened to your body and opted for extra rest. Hopefully, you are re-energized now and can nail that high mileage week on your plan! Cooler weather would help a lot too! Thanks for linking, Tara!

  7. Tricia Vaughn

    I’m with you coming back from a fun filled vacation or weekend. I do this often and you would think I could recover better but I find it all seems to catch up with me the day after I get back!
    I’m also wondering if Fall is ever going to get here during the day!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I keep wondering about fall! It’s November, and the temps are still so high. It’s crazy! But, I’m not going to complain!

  8. San

    Sometimes, we need to rest… and no wonder your legs were tired after all the walking you did in Vegas 😉 Hope next week will be better again.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL All that walking caught up to me! But, it was so much fun!

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