A Lot of Running!

Hello Everyone!  It has been a week.  It’s not been bad, it’s just been busy, busy, busy (!!) and next week is even more busy!  But, I’m still managing to get in some good runs and hopefully next week I will be able to as well.  But, let’s talk about this week.  I hope you all had a great week and let’s get you caught up on what’s been going on in my life! 

Here was my training plan for the week.

            Plan                             Actual
Mon:  Rest                                 Rest

Tues:  4.5 mi                             5 mi     

Wed:  7 mi                                9 mi

Thurs:  4.5 mi                          2 mi

Fri:  Rest                                   2.5 mi

Sat:  4 mi                                  7.3 mi

Sun:  9 mi                                 Bike Ride

Monday – I started this week off much better than I did last week!  (No migraine!)  I had a rice cake with chocolate PB2 and half a banana on top for breakfast. (My friend snapchatted me and asked if it was a banana pizza. LOL)
Lots and Lots of Running New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

I took some yogurt to work with me in case I got hungry, but I never did.  For lunch I had a salad with spinach, rotisserie chicken, and Olive Garden dressing. 

Today was a rest day from running.  I really wanted to run though, but I didn’t want to overdo it.  I really struggle with this a lot.  Whenever I take a rest day, I always feel guilty about it.  But I really I needed it.  So instead of running, I took Jake on two long walks and did some stretching. 

Lots and Lots of Running New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

Monday night I made some sweet potato fries.  (Recipe from Ilka’s blog – get it here.)  They were delicious!  

Lots and Lots of Running New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

Tuesday – I had a follow up with my doctor today about my new inhaler.  We discussed how it and the new allergy medicine are working.  Since I’m still using my rescue inhaler almost every day, she upped the dosage of the steroid inhaler.  She is also changing up my allergy medicine because the new one gave me really bad headaches, and even a rash so I couldn’t use it every day.  She said it’s just a process to see which combination will work best together.  So, we’re going to try this new stuff for a month and see how it goes.   Overall, I’m happy with it so far because usually by now I already have been really sick and have respiratory infections that I can’t get rid of until spring!  And, since you probably don’t care about any of that, I’m going to pass along a tip that she shared with me.  She said that she recently found out that new studies are showing that people who have asthma or are prone to respiratory infections need to take a probiotic because it has been shown to help prevent the infections.  She said having a healthy gut means there’s not unhealthy bacteria inside, so it keeps sickness away!  I was excited because I already take one!  It’s from Advocare and it works! (you can get one here if you want to try it.)

After my appointment, I went home and got ready to run.  I had 4.5 miles scheduled, but I rounded up and did 5.  It was nice out and I was enjoying being outside.  Plus, Jeremy took Jake to work with him, so I didn’t need to walk him which meant that I had more time to myself. 

Lots and Lots of Running New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

After I ran, I walked for a while before going home.  When Jeremy and Jake got home, we watched Married at First Sight while we ate dinner and then played with Jake until he was too sleepy to play anymore.  He’s so sweet when he goes to bed. 

Wednesday – Today I was like a bottomless pit!  I have no idea why, but my stomach growled all day!  I ate the same breakfast that I did on Monday and Tuesday (and it filled me up then).  But today within 30 minutes or any meal or snack my stomach was growling.  

I had 7 miles scheduled, but I decided to run 9.  I had 9 scheduled for my long run on Sunday, but we were planning on being out of town with family.  I didn’t want to have try and do it while we were all hanging out, so I thought I would get it done today.

Lots and Lots of Running New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

When I started, it was 77 degrees, but when I finished a cold front had blown in!  It was cold!  I ran 3 miles by myself, and then Shannon met me and we ran 4 miles together.  Then I left her at her house and ran another 2 miles by myself.  It was nice to have some company! 

Lots and Lots of Running New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

After my run, I rode a couple of miles on my bike.  (After I put on some warmer clothes!)

Lots and Lots of Running New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

Thursday – I had a busy day today.  So, that called for lots of Spark!  I had some oatmeal for breakfast.  With a side of Spark! 

Lots and Lots of Running New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

I worked until around 3:45, and as soon as I could get out the door I did.  I headed home and quickly ran a light 2 miles. 

Lots and Lots of Running New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

I got finished a little before 5, and I had to be back at work by 5:30!  I took a super fast shower, because I’m sure all my co-workers would appreciate that, and I headed back to work.  We worked until 8:30 and then I headed back home to eat dinner.  I was starving and all that sounded good was a grilled cheese.   

Friday – Today felt like the longest day ever!  I had a really long and busy day at work and when I got home I headed out for a run.  I had thought about running 7 miles since I still needed to get that in this week.  I had some Spark and headed out,  I even had plans to meet up with Shannon.  But I had to bail after 2.5 miles.  It was warm and very humid and I couldn’t breathe.  So, I headed home and got ready for the weekend.  

Saturday – I slept in a little and then we I headed out for 7 miles.  It was hot and extremely windy!  The first 2 miles were uphill into the strong wind.  It was hard!  I was so bored.  I could not get my head into it.  I ran the route that Shannon and I do, but I have never run it by myself.  Jeremy came to check on me a few times and I almost just quit and let him drive me home, but I knew I would regret it.  So, I finished my run and then went home and cleaned up.  Our plans changed, and we weren’t going out of town, so I unpacked all my stuff and we made other plans.  

Lots and Lots of running new blog post run and live happy

Sunday – As I’m sitting here write this post today, I’m thinking about running 4 miles.  But, my back is bothering me a little bit and I don’t want to overtrain and get hurt.  So I’m thinking about riding my bike for a little bit.  As of now, I don’t have anything planned for today other than cleaning my house and spending some time outside because the weather is beautiful!  Follow me on insta and snapchat if you’re curious what I’m up too.  username: runandlivehappy

I hope you all are having a fun weekend!

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16 thoughts on “A Lot of Running!

  1. Ilka

    Congrats on a great training week and awesome mileage, you did even better than first planned! That’s always a good feeling, isn’t it?
    Thanks for featuring my sweet potato fries!!! I have a picture that looks exactly the same and when I saw your post popping up on IG I was so confused at first…so funny! I hope you enjoyed them!
    I hope the new inhaler is working out great for you. Thanks for the tip about the probiotics – I get respiratory infection every October (I just started getting one this morning) and I definitely will give probiotics a try. It makes all the sense in the world! Thanks for sharing this helpful info in your post. So motivating to read that you pushed through your run on Saturday even though you felt like quitting. I always think it’s those runs that make us runners. When we learn to continue running even when we don’t feel like it. It eventually only makes you stronger, which is a great thing! Have a great week Tara! Happy Running!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Your sweet potato fries were amazing! That was actually the first time I’d ever made sweet potato fries and now that will be the only recipe I use! I loved them! I’m so glad you read about the probiotic in time! I hope it works for you. I agree with you about those hard runs. It is what makes us stronger and better!

  2. Brooklyn Murtaugh

    I’ve been having a lot of problems with my asthma and needing my rescue inhaler a lot also. I think for me it’s the change in weather. There is no way I could run right now with my asthma. I hope this new inhaler works better for you!

    I have been a bottomless pit all day today, like you were Wednesday! It’s just after 9 pm and I am SO hungry, I have no idea why!

    I hope you have a great week!


    1. Profile photo of Tara


      That’s how my asthma has been for a while, so that’s why we’re trying the steroid inhaler. I can definitely tell a difference! The weather change is usually what triggers it for me too and I will get sick and stay that way until spring or summer. I’m hoping this new inhaler keeps the sickness away. Maybe one would help you too. I put it off for a couple of years because I was afraid to try it. But my doctor kept pushing me and I finally gave in and now I wish I would have done it sooner. It doesn’t make me feel shaky or light headed at all. I just feel better!

  3. Mackenzie

    Girl- you are truly inspirational. I hope your back feels better- that’s always a scary thing to face when training 🙁 Hopefully a couple days of rest can do the trick! Do you like spark? I have a few samples in my pantry but have never tried it! I always just reach for coffee instead. Have a wonderful week! xo

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you for your kind words! That just made my day! 🙂 I love Spark! It works so well and gives me so much energy! You should try one. I really like the fruit punch and limeade flavors. I have never been a coffee drinker, but I used to drink diet coke and it gives me so much more energy than that did.

  4. Lesley

    What a great week of running. I also do long runs on Friday if I know I’m not going to have time to get it done during the weekend. I’d rather enjoy myself on the weekend instead of worrying about missing a day.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      That’s exactly how I feel about my long runs. I also like having the weekend off to enjoy myself!

  5. Lacey@fairytalesandfitness

    Congrats n your week of training! Sounds like a long of running!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you! It was a lot of running! But, they were good runs!

  6. caitlin @ candyfloss & persie

    Get it girl! You look so happy running!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thanks! And thanks for reading! I just checked out your blog and I love it! I’ll definitely be stopping by more!

  7. Tricia Vaughn

    I love sweet potato fries! They are the best! Have you ever spiralized a sweet potato? I can eat it raw like this.
    You did do a lot of running, I can eat the same thing one day and the next it is like this is not enough!!!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I’ve never spiralized a potato before but that sounds awesome!

  8. HoHo Runs

    I’ve been a big believer of eating yogurt with probiotics for many years now. Plus, you get the extra protein and calcium too! You had a solid week of training. I hope your new inhaler does its job and you can continue with your training with no issues. I often splurge on sweet potato fries when I carbo load for a race. So yummy! Thanks for linking, Tara.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I go thru phases with yogurt. I’ll love it and eat it everyday for a couple of weeks and then I’ll not want it for awhile. But I like the protein in it. I’m crossing my fingers that the inhaler keeps working! So far so good!!

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