Labor Day Weekend Fun and Food

Hi Friends!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  I had an awesome one and as always, it was hard to come home and get back to work.  We spent our weekend with family at the lake enjoying the last few days of summer.  I’m so sad!  When I left you, it was Friday evening, and I had just finished running.  So, we’ll pick up there!    more “Labor Day Weekend Fun and Food”

A Few Bumps in the Road

Hi Guys!  Happy Labor Day weekend!  I hope you are all enjoying a fun and relaxing holiday weekend.  I just finished my first week of half marathon training, and as expected, I ran into a few bumps.  But, overall I’m pretty happy with how it went and I’m excited to keep going.   more “A Few Bumps in the Road”

Word of the Week

Hi Everyone!  Today I’m linking up with Amanda for this week’s Thinking Out Loud link up.  This week’s post is probably more for me than for you.  Because sometimes we just need to get it out to make sense of it all.  Right? But, even sitting down to write this, I’m having a hard time articulating what I’m feeling.  Let’s think out loud.   more “Word of the Week”