Four Weeks In

Hi Guys!  How was your week?  I hope you are getting some cooler weather.  We are not!  We were actually in a heat advisory three days this week.  And, to be honest I was a little lazy this week.  I really have no good excuse except that it’s hot and I’ve been tired!  Right now it’s 5 pm on Saturday evening and I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open.  But, before I take a nap, let’s get to my week. 

                      Week 4 of half marathon training

                Planned                                                                     Actual

Mon.:  40 minutes cross training                                               30 mins

Tues:  3.5 miles                                                                              Circuit and abs

Wed:  5 miles                                                                                   5 miles

Thurs:  3.5 miles                                                                             2 miles

Fri:  Rest                                                                                            7 miles

Sat:  3 miles                                                                                       Rest

Sun:  7 miles                                                                                     3.5 miles

Monday – Today started my week long exhaustion!  I blame the heat, it made me lazy!  Today was supposed to be 40 minutes of cross training…I only did 30.  I did some strength training and then I worked on some blogging.  I didn’t even take Jake for a walk because it was too hot.  Since he didn’t get to walk, he tore up his toys!  🙂  



I meal prepped on Sunday and I had an awesome lunch today!  (ground turkey, rice, avocado)


I had a good mail day today!  Two weeks ago there was a 5K in Tulsa that I really wanted to run, but it didn’t fit in our schedule.  So, I did the virtual run and my shirt and medal came in the mail today.


Monday night my sweet tooth was out of control!  I made some healthy banana oat cookies and I may or may not have eaten half of them!  You can find that recipe here.  

Banana Oat Monster Cookies Healthy

Tuesday – I did a little better today, except I didn’t run.  I had 3.5 miles scheduled, but we were in a heat advisory and the temperature was 101. 


Since I couldn’t run, I did a circuit workout, some strength training, and then an ab workout.  I did take Jake on a quick walk right before dark, but it was still really hot!  My muscles were so tired, and my legs and abs were actually still sore on Thursday!


Jake went to the groomer today, and she sent me this picture.  He lays in her recliner all day and watches tv! 


Wednesday – I tried a new to me breakfast today and it was delicious!  But, it did not fill me up. 🙁


I had 5 miles scheduled today and I did it!  It was around 91, so it was a little hot, but I knew I had to get it done.  I turned on a podcast and ran.  (I’m still needing some suggestions for true crime podcasts…if you know of any good ones, leave me a comment please!)  I was about 8 minutes slower than what I normally run.  I’ll blame the heat.  


When I was finished, I stretched for a while and foam rolled.  That run seemed to give me a second wind. I had a ton of energy so we were up late watching TV and I could not wind down.  I think it was around midnight before I went to bed, and then I didn’t sleep well at all. 

Thursday – I woke up tired today, which was pretty much how I woke up every day this week.  I had 3.5 miles on the schedule today and it was a tough day.  It was hot, I was tired, and I guess I didn’t get enough sleep on Wednesday night.  My legs were tired and my body just did not want to cooperate.  I made it two miles and I called it quits.  Then I took Jake on a mile walk.  I was asleep on the couch before 9! 


Someone decorated the bathroom at work today!  Made me smile and I love it! 

Four Weeks In

Friday – Today was actually a rest day, but we had some things going on this weekend and there was rain in the forecast.  So, I decided to go ahead and do my 7 mile run.  It was so, so hot!!  I headed out around 4:30 and my neighbor stopped me to warn me about how hot it was and how dangerous it is to be running in it.  The sun, the humidity, and the pollen were all out in full force!  It was cloudy and breezy off and on, so that was nice.  I was slower than my normal time, but pace goes out the window in this heat!  After I finished my run, I walked for another half mile and then I stretched my tired legs! 


I had another good mail day today! I got some more Spark! I love this stuff! You can get yours here.  


Saturday – I rested today!  We had a busy day and were on the go all day long! 

Sunday – As of right now, it is noon on Sunday and it is raining.  (I was too tired last night to finish this post)  It’s been raining and storming off and on since about 2 this morning.  The temperature is a lot cooler – it’s 73!  I am planning on running 3.5 miles later, as long as it’s not storming.  I’ll fill you in on what all we did this weekend on my weekend recap tomorrow! 

And, in case you were wondering – the pollen count has still been up high all week, and it has still been very hard for me to run.  Monday is supposed to be the best day this week for the pollen count, so I am going to plan on a run then instead of cross training.  Tuesday will be be two weeks that I have been using the new inhaler, so it’s supposed to be working by now.  I can tell a little difference, so hopefully it will continue to get better.  

For this weekly update I’m linking up with Holly of HoHo Runs and Tricia of MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 

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How was your week?  Are you still in a heat wave?



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24 thoughts on “Four Weeks In

  1. Sonia

    Cookies look delicious! I indulged my sweet tooth too!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      They are so good! I love making them because I don’t feel guilty eating them.

  2. Coco

    Wow that heat and pollen count look brutal. My dog is never happy when we miss her walk. She stalks us until she gives up and then she looks so sad! Usually the guilt is enough to get me out the door, but not if it’s too hot or rainy.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL the guilt is awful! Jake will lay in front of me and just stare at me. It makes me feel awful! 🙂

  3. Teresa

    Oh my goodness, those cookies look wonderful…can’t wait to try them! Yes to the heat issue…still unrelentlessly hot here too! It just sucks the joy right out of running. I have a black lab, so I’m loving your “Jake” pictures! 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Labs are so fun! Jake brings us such joy!

  4. Meranda@Fairytalesandfitness

    I can totally related to the heat and exhaustion. Even if my run was the only thing I did each day I felt completely exhausted. The sun really does a number on ya! Jake looks so cute in his groomer picture. When we shave our labs they look so much younger! It’s too cute!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Exactly!! I only like the sun if I’m laying in the pool! We have thought about shaving Jake, but the groomer told us that there is a chance that his hair could grow back in patches. I know he would be so much cooler, but I don’t want him to look funny when it grows back. Does your lab shed like crazy?

  5. Kristen

    That virtual run had the cutest swag! Congrats on a good week of workouts despite the heat and the crazy pollen count. I hope it gets better next week!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thank you! It’s super nice weather today…I’m crossing my fingers that it stays this way!

  6. HoHo Runs

    Look at Jake acting out. He really wanted to go outside. The Diva shirt and medal are too cute! I agree the heat and humidity just sucks the energy from you. That on top of your allergies/asthma must be pretty brutal. I hope the pollen count will be lower for you this week. Those monster cookies look delicious. I love anything with coconut…and pecans, and chocolate, and oatmeal…! Thanks for linking, Tara.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      The cookies are awesome! Jake is a mess and usually new toys last about 2 minutes! Lol

  7. San

    Oh those nature valley cookies look delicious. I haven’t seen them with almond butter, must try! 😉

    sounds like a solid week, despite the awful pollen. Hopefully the weather will cool down soon.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      The cookies are awesome! The weather is cooling down!! Finally!!

  8. Ilka

    Is this heat ever going to end Tara? Congrats on a great running week – double pints for running in this weather!
    Jake is funny – why do they always like the stuffing??
    Have a great running week Tara! Hope the pollen count isn’t too bad for you in the next coming days!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thanks!! The pollen count finally dropped some!! Yay! Jake always tries to tear out the squeaker. Lol

  9. Tricia Vaughn

    Wow I like that Diva tshirt and medal! It is so great this race does allow the option of a virtual run. I think if more around me did I’d do more. They just simply don’t happen when it’s good for me.
    Oh I need to look for these NV Biscuits and with Almond Butter!!! This would be good for a shorter run when you would need some fuel but not to hold you over til lunch.
    Great job on switching up your runs but getting them in!
    Spoiler alert today was the first day it has felt like Fall. 61 degrees this morning. It was still in the upper 90’s this past weekend too. I hope yall will start feeling it cool down too!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I wish more races offered the virtual run too! I would definitely do a lot more. It has cooled down here and it’s so nice! I just hope it stays like this!

  10. Annmarie

    Those monster cookies look so good!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thanks! They are and I don’t feel guilty eating them!

  11. Angela

    Great Job on being 4 weeks in to training! Love that Jake…our dog Walter does the same thing with his toys! I have bought him toys that say “indestructible” and within 5 minutes, the stuffing is out!!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL Those indestructible toys don’t stand a chance! I usually just buy some cheap ones from Walmart since they won’t last long.

  12. Ange // Cowgirl Runs

    I’m subbing in for Jen on Wild Workout Wednesday today 🙂

    Sadly, the weather here is already TOO COLD. I wish it was just a touch warmer.
    Those Nature Valley snacks look good – I need to find them.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Hi! I love the in between weather. Those Nature Valley snacks are delicious! I love them!

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