Running Challenges

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for stopping by this week’s Tuesday’s on the Run discussion.  I’m linking up with Marcia from Marcia’s Healthy Slice to talk about the most challenging aspect of running right now.  So, let’s get to it. more “Running Challenges”

Weekend Festivities

Happy Monday Friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  We had a busy Saturday and a relaxing and rainy Sunday.  I had hoped on getting a run in on Sunday, but it rained and stormed all day.  So, I had to stay inside and do a circuit workout and some strength training.  Let’s start this weekend recap off with Friday night.  

more “Weekend Festivities”

Four Weeks In

Hi Guys!  How was your week?  I hope you are getting some cooler weather.  We are not!  We were actually in a heat advisory three days this week.  And, to be honest I was a little lazy this week.  I really have no good excuse except that it’s hot and I’ve been tired!  Right now it’s 5 pm on Saturday evening and I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open.  But, before I take a nap, let’s get to my week.  more “Four Weeks In”

A Different Side of Me

Hey Hey!!  Today I wanted to share a different perspective of myself with you.  I try to be transparent and real in my posts so you see that I am only human.  I don’t live a sparkly, perfect all the time life because I’m normal.  I have bad days and there are days that I don’t want to take pictures and fake a smile.  I know that while I do talk about the ups and downs in running, I don’t really share the downs in my personal life.  Most of us only post pictures or share the good moments in our lives.  I’m pretty sure I have never posted a bad picture from a bad day or bad moment and captioned it with something negative.  more “A Different Side of Me”

Banana Oat Monster Cookies

Monday night I had a huge sweet tooth!  I was craving cookies and I almost dove into the chocolate chip cookie dough that’s in the fridge.  But, I have been doing pretty well with my sugar intake, so I decided to make something healthier.  Plus, I had three extremely ripe bananas that needed to be used or trashed.  So, I threw together some healthy banana oat cookies.  more “Banana Oat Monster Cookies”

Best Running Advice

Hi Friends!  Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday’s on the Run.   I’m linking up today with Marcia of Marcia’s Healthy Slice to talk about the best running advice I ever received.  Of course we have all heard tons of good advice – get good shoes, fuel properly, make sure you strength train, etc.  And, while that is all great advice, the best advice I have ever received had nothing to do with the physical aspect of running, instead it was all mental.     more “Best Running Advice”

One Mile At A Time

Hi Friends!  Thanks for stopping by my weekly recap to see how my half marathon training is going.  This is kind of a long recap because I added in my weekend too.  I just completed week 3 and even though it didn’t go completely as planned, I’m feeling pretty good about it!  I lied last week when I said that fall was here.  It came for a couple of days and then went away.  The temperature was back up in the 90’s at the beginning of this week and it was humid!  But, I pushed through and got some workouts in.  more “One Mile At A Time”

Friday Five: Fall Favorites

It’s September, and it’s slowly beginning to feel like fall.  Now that summer is really over, I’m ready for fall to get here quickly.  As much as I love summer, and as sad as I am to see it go, I’m so happy that such an awesome season follows it.  If I had to choose, I would pick summer as my favorite season.  But, fall would come in a very, very close second.  So, if you’re like me and sad that summer is over, look at the many great and beautiful things that fall has to offer.  And, since fall is upon us, I want to share some of the reasons why I love it.  more “Friday Five: Fall Favorites”

The Perfect Weekend

Fall came this weekend and all I wanted to do was be outside. The temps dropped from the upper 90s to the lower 70s and it was perfect!  I can’t stand to be cooped up inside when it’s so pretty outside.  We had a pretty low key weekend – just the kind I like!  more “The Perfect Weekend”

It Feels Like Fall

Hi Friends!  Happy Weekend!  I hope you are all having a great one!  I think I did better this week than last week as far as training goes.  Again I had to move things around because of the weather, but this weekend it has finally gotten cooler.  I’m so excited for this next week’s runs.  Saturday it was 68 when I went to run.  I enjoyed every minute of it!  It was so much better than pushing through a miserable run in the heat and humidity.  I’m glad it’s finally feeling like fall!   more “It Feels Like Fall”