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Do you need someone to walk your dogs?  I guess I’m available.  You might as well call me the dog whisperer.  Or better yet, I’m going to add professional dog walker to my resume.  I’m linking up for this week’s Thinking Out Loud to discuss my new unexpected profession.

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Every day for the last two weeks I’ve had some uninvited four legged companions join me on my runs.  (And on Jake’s runs too.)  I probably wouldn’t mind it if I was being paid to exercise them.   But I’m not getting paid.  And, it would be nice if I had leashes to control them.  I spend the first mile trying to keep them from jumping on me or tripping me.  Then, I try to keep them out of traffic and get them back home safely.  They cross a busy road to join me so I try to take them home but they just won’t stay.   They keep following me. 

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One of them is a little unpredictable. He’s big and barks.  But most of the time he will tuck his tail and run if I come near him.  This week he’s gotten a little friendlier and tries to jump on me while we’re running.  (I told you – dog whisperer!)  I think he’s playing but he’s so skittish that I’m nervous he might turn aggressive because he’s scared.  

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His friend is just a big puppy so he tries to jump and bite my shorts.

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At first it was just the two of them.  Then this little guy (or girl – I’m not sure) joined us too. 

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After a couple of days, two more dogs started running with us.  They are all cute, and I don’t always mind the company.  But, I don’t want them to get run over and I don’t want to trip over them and hurt myself.  So, it is starting to annoy me that I feel like I am responsible for their well-being instead of being able to concentrate on my runs.  Shouldn’t I be getting paid for exercising them daily? 

New Job Title Thinking Out Loud New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (4)

I’m not really starting a dog walking business, but I guess I know if I ever need a new profession I always have that going for me. 

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3 thoughts on “New Job Title

  1. Meranda@Fairytalesandfitness

    Hmm, it bothers me that the owners of these dogs probably don’t even know their where abouts! I would never just let my dog run out of our yard like that. You are very kind to worry about their well being but I can see where that would be burdensome when all you want to do is concentrate on your run.

    I had a little Jack Russel dog run with me for a few miles on a rail trail once ( I believe he lived in one of the farm house along the trail). Even though he was only a little thing he made me nervous cuse he would weave in and out of my legs and bark. I though he might bite me on the

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Lol I hate when little dogs run around your feet! I’m always afraid I will step in it or trip! None of these dogs have a fenced yard. They all just roam freely.

  2. Jack

    I’m wondering who are the owners of these dogs and why didn’t they take care of their pets?

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