Running & Resting

Hi All!  I hope you all had a great 4 day work week!  I had a busy week, and I was exhausted after the holiday weekend.  This was not a good running/working out week.  I did get some runs and workouts in, but I also had to get a lot of rest.  Sometimes you just have to listen to your body before you get sick or hurt!  Here’s how my week went.   more “Running & Resting”

Tech Support?

Hi! Today I’m linking up for Thursday’s Thinking Out Loud.  This is when I get to throw all my random thoughts into one post for you to go through!  I usually have a ton of random thought, but, today I am focusing on technology.   more “Tech Support?”

WIAW: Fourth of July Weekend

Hi guys!  Today I’m linking up for another WIAW.  I’m doing this one a little bit different though.  My eats are coming from the holiday weekend.  I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and got to eat some awesome food!  I had a cheat weekend!  But, even though I ate not-so-healthy food, I tried not to eat a lot of it, just enough to enjoy it.  But, it was all so good, that it was worth it!   As much as I hated for the weekend to be over, I was ready to get back in the swing of working out and eating healthier.  I do so much better when I’m home and am fixing my own meals.  So, here’s a recap of my Fourth of July weekend and all the great food I had! more “WIAW: Fourth of July Weekend”

Running Fun

Hi!  This week was a great week running-wise.  I got in more miles than I have been, and had a lot of fun doing it.  I made a new running friend this week.  This is why I love the running community so much!  I ran into a stranger on the road and we bonded over running!  I didn’t do a lot of extra workouts, but I’m happy with my running mileage.   more “Running Fun”

Five Favorite Workouts

Hi Everyone!  Happy Friday!  I’m so excited for this holiday weekend.  We’re going to spend the weekend with some family.  I hope you have an exciting weekend planned and enjoy it!  Today’s Friday Five is all about fitness.  I decided to tell you about five workouts that I am loving this summer!  more “Five Favorite Workouts”