Good Food & Good Fitness

Hi Friends!  Happy Father’s Day!  This week was full of working out and good food!  I actually was a morning runner three days this week, and loved it!  The heat is forcing me to run in the mornings. It is still a little tough to get started, but once my body wakes up, it’s great!   My time isn’t great on these morning runs, because it takes me a good half mile – mile to fully wake up.  But I’m getting it done and I love that it’s done first thing in the morning.  I’m going to keep this up and hopefully become a morning runner and improve my time!   more “Good Food & Good Fitness”

Randomness: Thinking Out Loud

Hi guys!  I decided that I wanted to start joining in on the Thinking Out Loud fun.  If you don’t know what this is, it’s a link up of posts from bloggers of random thoughts and stories.  I recently came across this link up, and I am in love with it!  So many times something random pops in my head (usually when I’m running) and I think, “that would make a great post!”  But then I can’t come up with any pictures or anything else to say about it.  Thinking out loud is the perfect way to get all of those random thoughts into one post!  You can join in the fun here.  Thanks Amanda for hosting!  more “Randomness: Thinking Out Loud”


Happy Wednesday – It’s my birthday!!  I keep seeing the WIAW (what I ate Wednesday) posts and thought I would join in the fun!  This will be my first ever WIAW post.  I love seeing what other people are eating, and also getting ideas for new meals.  I hope you can find some inspiration from mine, or just see that I’m normal and sometimes I don’t always eat healthy.  I do like to treat myself and indulge in something not-so-good for me every now and then.  I’m excited join in on this link up and share with you what I ate.  You can join in the fun too here or here.   more “WIAW #1”

Lost and Found on the Road

Hi Friends!   Today I am liking up with PattyErika, and Marcia for Tuesday’s on The Run, where we discuss all things running.  The topic today is random things you have seen on the road while out running.  I am really excited about this topic because I always see random items on the road.  It’s just stuff that I don’t understand what it’s doing there, or where it came from.  I’ve seen a lot of stuff, but I have only once picked something up.  more “Lost and Found on the Road”

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday Everyone!  I had such a great weekend, and I hope you did too! We didn’t do anything over the top exciting, but we were on the go the whole weekend.  We spent the majority of the time outside, and we ate a lot of Mexican food! I didn’t get much sleep, but that’s okay because it was fun!   more “Weekend Happenings”

My Life This Week

Hi Friends!  I can’t believe another week has already gone by!  It feels like I was just sitting down yesterday to write a weekly recap.  Summer is definitely here.  This week our temperatures heated up quickly!  I had to get up really early to run before the days got too hot.  And you know I am not a morning runner!  But, I got it done. I really didn’t do much this week besides eating and running!   more “My Life This Week”

#SummerStrong Giveaway

Summer is the season for smoothies and shakes!  As the temperatures start rising, I start craving cold and creamy drinks.   During the summer I’m out in the sun all day and then I don’t have much of an appetite or feel like eating heavy food.  Instead, I love to have an ice cold protein shake or smoothie and it will keep me feeling full and hydrated.  I will have them for breakfast, lunch, and a snack.  I love using fresh fruit and veggies in my smoothies, and there is always an abundance of them in the summer!  more “#SummerStrong Giveaway”

Running Gear Hoarder

Hi Friends!  Happy Tuesday!  Tuesdays on the Run linkup is happening today!  I am liking up with PattyErika, and Marcia for Tuesday’s on The Run. 


The topic this week is Race Gear: Hoarder or Minimalist?

Do you #buyallthethings or are you good about keeping your gear minimal? more “Running Gear Hoarder”

Weekend Food and Fitness

Hey Friends!  Happy Monday!  I can’t believe it’s already Monday.  This weekend felt like it flew by!  We had a relaxing weekend at home, and it was filled with food!  I feel like I need to go run a ton of miles this week to run off everything we ate this weekend. more “Weekend Food and Fitness”