#SummerStrong Update

Hi everyone!  Today I’m checking in and giving you an update on how I have used the Bob’s Red Mill protein powders this last month.  I have definitely fueled my awesomeness this month!  I’m also announcing the winner of my giveaway! 

First of all, I want to say that I absolutely love everything about these protein powders.  From the taste, to the smell, to how easily they mix, and of course how packed full of nutrients they are.  These protein powders are by far my favorite! 

#Summerstrong update - Bob's red Mill protein powder review Run and Live Happy

Since receiving these powders, I have incorporated them into my busy summer life.  They have been my go-to breakfast or lunch on the go.  I have also fixed a quick shake for an afternoon snack.  And of course, I’ve had shakes after all of my runs. 

I love my shaker bottle!
I love my shaker bottle!

Since the temperatures are hitting the upper 90’s and 100’s, I have no appetite after a run.  And, if I’m outside all day, I don’t have much of one either.  These protein powders have been the perfect fix for getting all the protein that my body needs, and also providing lots of other important nutrients that I need as well. 

#Summerstrong update - Bob's Red Mill protein powder review Run and LIve Happy

I thought today I would share some of my favorite ways that I have used these powders during the last month. 

The one that I have used the most is the chocolate protein powder.  I love it just mixed with almond milk.  It tastes like chocolate milk, with a little crunch from from the chia.  I also love making a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie.  I use 1 small frozen banana, 2 tablespoons of PB2, unsweetened almond milk, and a serving of the chocolate protein powder.  If you want it a little sweeter, add a drop or two of honey.  I used this one the most because I always have these ingredients handy. 

#Summerstrong update - Bob's Red Mill protein powder review Run and LIve Happy

My favorite of the powders is the chai.  I made the chai-na-na smoothie.  This came from the Bob’s Red Mill website.  It has 1 cup of coconut milk, 1 banana, ½ cup ice cubs, and a scoop of the chai protein powder.  It is heaven!! 

#Summerstrong update - Bob's Red Mill protein powder review Run and LIve Happy

I also used it in overnight oats.  I took the smoothie recipe off the Bob’s Red Mill website for the pumpkin spice smoothie, and I mixed those ingredients into oats.  It was so, so good!  It really tasted like pumpkin pie!  I will be making this A LOT in the fall.  It has a scoop of the chai powder, 1 cup of milk (I used almond milk), and ½ cup pumpkin puree.  I mixed that into ½ cup of oats and let it sit in the fridge all night.  Delicious! 

#Summerstrong update - Bob's Red Mill protein powder review Run and LIve Happy

Another way that I have loved using these is putting the vanilla or the booster powder in oatmeal.  I mix in a scoop of either of those when I cook the oatmeal, and then I top it with brown sugar and dried cranberries.  I have also made it with the vanilla and topped it with cinnamon. 

#Summerstrong update - Bob's Red Mill protein powder review Run and LIve Happy

I also used the vanilla to make a peach smoothie.  It had a scoop of vanilla, one peach, 1 packet of stevia, almond milk, and ice.  I loved the flavor, and I would use this same recipe with any other fruit. 

#Summerstrong update - Bob's Red Mill protein powder review Run and LIve Happy

To me, the vanilla is the easiest to incorporate into recipes.  I made baked oatmeal cups with the vanilla powder and chocolate chips.  

#Summerstrong update - Bob's Red Mill protein powder review Run and LIve Happy

I also made crepes using the vanilla powder.  Talk about a sweet treat!  You would have no idea that these were packed full of protein.  I used a scoop of the vanilla protein, one egg, and I started with a half cup of almond milk.  I had to add a little more to make the batter runny.  Once they were done, I filled them with bananas and mini dark chocolate chips.  The powder gave them a sweetness, so they didn’t need any sugar.  I dusted them to make them pretty for the picture.  They tasted good enough to eat by themselves without any filling!  

#Summerstrong update - Bob's Red Mill protein powder review Run and LIve Happy

I really like that these powders have the chia seeds already mixed in for you.  I always add chia to my smoothies, so it’s nice that it’s already there. 

I think my favorite part about these protein powders is how good they taste.  I have never been one to mix a powder with water and drink it.  I couldn’t stand the taste.  But, I can honestly say that these powders are so good, that now I can and I actually enjoy it.  If I’m in a hurry, I have no problem mixing any of the powders with water or almond milk.   This has helped me out so much on busy days.  It also fills me up and keeps me full for a long time.  But, I don’t feel miserably full.  My stomach feels good when I drink these powders. 

Make sure you pick up your coupon here and try them out.  You can use the store locator to find a store in your area.  If you like shakes, smoothies, and chia seeds, then I promise you will love these! 

And the winner of the giveaway is……

2016-06-30 07.39.08

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  1. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Ok… to be honest I was kind of “Meh” about yet another protein powder, but after hearing all the raving reviews of Bob’s Red Mill’s version, I’m going to have to check it out. I really love their other products!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      It’s great!! It really is my favorite that I have tried so far!

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