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What’s Up?!  How was your weekend?  Are you feeling the heat as much as I am?  It’s definitely summer, and I’m loving it!  The first thing I do every morning when I get up is open the blinds and let the sun in!  I tried to stay indoors and out of the heat most of the weekend, but I can’t stand being cooped up when it’s so pretty outside.  So, I did get out during the cooler parts of the day.  Just because it was the weekend didn’t mean that I slacked off.  Since I’m not running everyday like I was, I am really trying to add in more strength training and different kinds of workouts.  Plus, I think doing these extra workouts helps with my running.  

Let’s start with Friday night! (You can read about my run and workout for Friday here.)  We decided to stay in on Friday.  Jeremy had to umpire most of the day, and when he was finished he had to handle some work stuff.  He picked me up and I rode with him to check on a job.  His crew was supposed to be finishing it up.  They weren’t done yet, so we didn’t hang around.  While we were out, we picked up a couple of movies to watch.  We also went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries for the week so we didn’t have to during the weekend.  When we got home, we worked in the garden for a little while, and Jeremy built a scarecrow.  

Jake didn't know what to think about it
Jake didn’t know what to think about it

Then my grandparents came over to look at the garden and visit for a little bit.  I am so excited about all of the okra.  I can’t wait until we can pick it!  We did get a couple of banana peppers this weekend and they were really good!  

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Later that evening, we ordered pizza and had to go pick it up.  (I wish everyone delivered – we only live like 3 miles out of city limits!)  We ordered from an Italian place that we haven’t eaten at in a really long time!  Their pizza is so good!  We ate it while we watched How to be Single.  It was pretty funny.  Definitely not a movie for the family, but we laughed a lot!  We really enjoyed a relaxing night in!  

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Saturday morning we got up early to go to an auction.  It wasn’t a big one, so I agreed to go since it was only supposed to last a couple of hours and it wouldn’t be too hot yet.  I sat in the shade while they auctioned off all the little junk. 

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Jeremy and his dad bought a few things.  Then, they auctioned a mower and a tractor.  That was what we came for.  Jeremy’s dad wanted the mower, but our neighbor was there and was trying to buy it for his mom, so they let him have it.  Then the tractor came up.  Jeremy and three other guys bid on it, and it was going pretty cheap.  Once a couple of the guys dropped out, one of the auctioneers started bidding on it for someone on his phone.  He ended up winning it.  When it was over, he apparently told someone that he bought it for his boss.  Well, his boss’s wife is one of my good friends, and I knew they wouldn’t be buying a tractor, so I texted her and asked.  She said it belonged to the auctioneer and told me how much he was wanting to sell it for.  That was really deceitful!  He wasn’t bidding for anyone on the phone.  He was trying to up the bid so he could get what he wanted out of it.  It didn’t get anywhere close to what he wanted.  So, he “won” his own tractor.  I didn’t think that was right at all!  We also found out later that he did that with a few other items that he had brought.  He would try to raise the bidding, and if it wasn’t going to go for what he wanted, he would just stop the bidding.  Shady! 

Anyways, after that we stopped at Burger King to grab a snack.  Jeremy and I shared some chicken nuggets.  Then we headed over to look at the job that was supposed to be done on Friday.  Jeremy’s crew said they were done, but when we got there, we couldn’t figure out what they had even done!  It was a huge mess.  But, Jeremy had to go umpire all afternoon, so his dad said he’d take care of it. 

While he umpired, I worked out.  I did a few workouts off of Pinterest.  This one kept my heart rate up!  I did it 2 times through.  

I worked out for a little over an hour. 

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Jake was wanting to play so bad!  

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So once it cooled off a little I took him for a walk.  We didn’t stay out very long because it was still too hot for him. 

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When Jeremy got done umpiring, we decided to go out to dinner.  We headed to our new favorite Mexican place.  It’s so awesome now that they know us.  They give us the absolute best service and they don’t always charge us for everything either!  I ordered the fajita chicken with grilled onions, and I had them put the cheese sauce on the side. 

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This was the best way to eat it!  The cheese sauce is okay, but it is a little thick and I’m not a huge fan of cheese.  I couldn’t even eat a quarter of it.  Jeremy ordered a little steak burrito and then he ended up finishing off my chicken.  Not only is the food great, but it’s super cheap too.  We ate two meals for under $20!

After dinner, we took Jake over to my father-in-law’s to visit and he ended up staying the night. 

Sunday morning we slept in a little bit.  I woke up to no water!  I had to use a bottle of water to brush my teeth!

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Jeremy went next door and tried our neighbor’s spigot, and they had none.  We went over to my father-in-law’s and he didn’t have any either.   So annoying!  He said that he saw them working down the road on a water line.  Luckily it was only off for a few hours.  Jeremy had to go work, so I spent the day cleaning the house (once the water was on) and working out. 

I did a Jillian Michaels ab workout on youtube.  It was killer!  Then I stretched for a long time.  That is something that I am not doing enough of. 

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I had to run to town for a minute.  Check out this temp!  

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I was planning on running right before dark when it cooled off.  Around 6 I heard it thunder and looked out.  It was still sunny, so I didn’t think much of it.  I went out to help Jeremy in the garden andit started thundering a lot!  One side of the sky was sunny, and the other side was getting darker by the minute.  I took Jake and we went in the house, and then it started lightning bad.  My weather app wasn’t showing any storms.  I kept hoping it would pass.  But, the lightning just kept getting worse.  I waited until 8, and it was still lightning, so I gave up and went ahead and showered.   

snapchat - runandlivehappy
snapchat – runandlivehappy

I fixed us some chicken sandwiches for dinner, and we watched Ride Along 2.  It wasn’t as good as the first one, but it was still pretty funny!  

I had a great weekend, and I hope you did to!  Next weekend is a holiday.  Do you have any plans?


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  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    How do you like those Jillian michaels videos? Is it a service you pay for? I have one of her workout dvds and i really like it.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I love them! I always feel it the next day! I just look them up on YouTube and it’s free. 🙂

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