Weekend Celebration

Happy Monday Everybody!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I sure did!  It was full of family time – which is the best!  I got to celebrate my dad and grandpa.  Who are also the best!   Before we get to Father’s Day, let’s start with Friday.  

Friday afternoon around four, sleepiness hit me hard!  I could not keep my eyes open!  I thought I would lay down for a minute while I watched TV.  I went right to sleep and slept for an hour.  Jeremy was umpiring, so I woke up when he called to see if I needed him to pick me up anything on his way home.  Jake and I sat on the porch until he got home, and then we got ready to go to dinner. 

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We went to Chili’s because we wanted to eat something other than Mexican, and we hadn’t been there in a long time.  They were having a rib dinner special, so we ordered that to share.  It came with two slabs of ribs, salad, and fries.  They were okay, but didn’t have much meat on them.  

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After dinner, we went home and visited with my father-in-law for a while before we went home and went to bed. 

Saturday morning we got up really early.  We were supposed to visit some family, and then that fell through right as we were walking out the door.  So, we went ahead and went to town to run some errands.  I called my hair girl to see if she could get me in for a trim, and she could!  Then, Jeremy decided he needed a haircut too.  So, we both went to get our hair cut.  My girl curled my hair too.  I loved it!  I can never get it to look like that. 

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Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning the house and blogging.  Jake didn’t leave my side.  

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Jeremy mowed and worked in the garden, but it was way too hot for me outside.  The tops of his feet got so sunburned! 

Saturday night we went to dinner at our new favorite Mexican restaurant.  They know who we are now, and are really friendly.  When they brought our chips out, Jeremy got some hot sauce off of another table to try it, and the manager came over and asked if he liked hot sauce.  When we said yes, he brought us a small bowl of their homemade hot sauce.  We both tried it, and it had a really good flavor but wasn’t that hot.  He couldn’t believe that I tried it!  Since we didn’t think it was that hot, he said he’d be right back.  Jeremy could see him in the kitchen and he was having the cook cut up some peppers.  Then he came out stirring what he was calling barbeque sauce.  He also had some of the wait staff come over and watch me try it.  He just could not believe that I liked hot stuff.  This one was pretty hot.  Not at first, but after a minute the back of my throat was burning.  But, I really liked it.  He said one of the waitresses tried it and cried.  After that, he stood there talking to us forever!  (We ate late, so we were the only table in this side of the restaurant.)  He was telling us the best way to cook chicken.  He said to marinate it in Dos Equis beer and squeeze a couple of limes on it.  Then he told us if we didn’t want to buy a whole pack of beer, to just bring a cup in and he would fill it up for us.  LOL  We had a fun time visiting while we ate. 

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When we were finished, I had them put the rest of the “barbeque sauce” in a cup so I could take it to my dad.  We went over to my parents to deliver it.  He tried it, and immediately started sweating.  But, he liked it too!  We stayed over there visiting until almost 11, and then we headed home to let Jake out.  We stayed up playing with him for a while. 

When we got up Sunday morning, we took Jake for a walk. 

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Then we got ready to go to lunch with my family.  We met them at Rib Crib.  They are usually pretty good about the Sunday crowd, but today was a complete disaster!  We had to wait for almost an hour for a table.  Then, our waitress was awful!  I waited tables in college, and I hate to complain about the service.  So if I am, it was really bad!   I realize there were 8 of us, but she only had us and one other table.  She took our drink order and then brought them out two at a time.  Then my mom ordered some chips and queso.  She brought out chips and salsa and said the queso was cooking.  My dad asked for some plates and silverware.  She brought five plates, and then made another trip to bring silverware.  By the time she brought the queso, the chips were gone.  So, she had to go ask if she could give us more chips.  Then, she brought out my sister’s salad, but not mine or my grandma’s.  So, we had to wait on her to come back to ask for those.  After a while, she brought out my dressing, but no salad.  I did finally get my salad before the food came.  Then the food came and she brought it out two plates at a time.  Why she didn’t bring it on a tray, I don’t know.  Everyone got their food except my grandma.  She sat for a while waiting on her salad.  She finally got it, and we ate.  Then, she came back to see who had what so she could split the checks.  We had to wait at least 20 minutes, but I’m leaning closer to 30 minutes for our checks.  When she finally brought them, ours was completely wrong.  So, we had to send it back and wait another 10 minutes on her to have her manager fix it.  We were in there 2 and half hours!  It was a complete disaster! 

After we ate, we went out and let my grandpa open his gift.  We got him a huge wind chime.  He loves wind chimes, and his broke recently.  He was really excited about it! 

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When we left there, I rode with Jeremy to look at a new job, and then we went home and worked in the garden.  Then, I cooked dinner for Jeremy and his dad for Father’s Day.   I fixed a Campbell’s taco casserole.  It’s one of Jeremy’s favorite meals.    I also made some cookies for dessert! 

2016-06-19 21.48.41

And, Jake got Jeremy a Father’s Day card!

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We had a great weekend and enjoyed spending a lot of time with family. 

How was your weekend? 


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6 thoughts on “Weekend Celebration

  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Sounds like a lovely weekend! Hope your week is off to a great start too! I celebrated with my dad for lunch and my father in law for dinner! haha

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Lol! I hope you had fun celebrations!

  2. Amanda

    What a great weekend! I had a nice weekend with family as well. I told my husband Happy Father’s day for being a dad to a furchild. He laughed at me and I told him he’s a great dad for our fur baby. Then he called himself a “Faddy” for Fur-baby daddy! Lol maybe next year I’ll go the card route 😉

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL faddy! I think that’s great! Jeremy liked his card. I actually traced one of Jakes paws inside of it. (When he quit trying to chew it up!)

  3. Jordan

    Looks like you had a great weekend full of sweet family time! I also had a lovely weekend full of family with some relaxation…one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      That’s great! I love relaxing weekends!

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