Summertime Favorites

Summer is my favorite time of year, and it always has been!  I love everything about it!  When the weather starts changing, I start getting really happy!  There are so many things that I love about the summertime, but today I am sharing my top five favorites with you! Today for the Friday Five I’m linking up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?!, and Mar from Mar on the Run!.  


My Birthday & Anniversary & Other Holidays – This is a lot thrown into one category!  My birthday is in June.  (It was Wednesday)  So, of course I love celebrating.  Growing up, that always meant pool parties or parties at the park while cooking out.  Now, that means that I hang out in my parent’s pool all day, and then my mom fixes me a cake and homemade ice cream. 

Friday Five: Five SUmmertime Favorites

My anniversary is also in the summer.  It’s in July, so we celebrate then too!  We usually celebrate by going on a beach vacation in the Caribbean, which is the BEST!  Last year we went to Jamaica for a week and then flew to LA for a week. 

(You can read about those here -> Jamaica part 1, Jamaica part 2, Jamaica part 3, LA part 1, LA part 2)

Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Ocho Rios, Jamaica

I also love Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.  We go to the lake and hang out with family and eat so much food!  My dad and I usually run a race on the fourth together.  It’s a lot of celebrating!

Friday Favorites Summertime Edition

Warm weather – I can’t stand to be cold.  I am all about warm weather.  The hotter the better (as long as I have a pool to lay in).  I would love to live somewhere tropical so it’s warm all year.  I look forward to the warm weather all year long, and I’m sad when it’s gone.  The winter months make me want to stay inside and be lazy.  I just want to wrap up in a blanket and not move off of my couch.  But, when the weather is warm and it’s daylight until 9 pm, I don’t want to be inside at all. 


In fact, since it’s warmed up, I’ve been doing a lot of my blogging on my patio!  Jake and I sit out there every morning, and Jeremy, Jake and I sit out there every night.  I also love warm summer nights.  I just don’t ever want to be inside during the summer! (I will say that the heat in the middle of the day forces me to be inside.  But, some days Jake and I will sit on the front porch when it’s shaded in the afternoon.)

An Eventful Week - Weekly Recap New Blog Post Run and Live Happy (4)

Pool – Relaxing in a pool is my absolute favorite thing to do in the summer!  Growing up, we always had a pool, and I learned to swim as soon as I could walk.  (Maybe not that early, but I was really young.)  I remember staying in the pool all day and even into the night.  My mom is the same way about the pool as I am.  I guess that’s why we’ve always had one.  In college, I was a lifeguard and spent every day at a pool.  It has always been my favorite place to hang out.  It’s fun to get friends together and spend the day lounging and talking.  Even without other people there, I love the quietness of it.  I can lay on a float or hang out in the pool by myself for hours! 

Summertime Running New Blog Post Run and Live Happy(18)

Beach – I know it doesn’t have to be summer to go to the beach, but that’s when we always go.  The closest beach to where we live is 8 hours away, so it’s not like we can drive to one for a day.  Every summer for our anniversary, we head off to a beach.  Someday we’re going to live on one.  This is the happiest place in the world to me.  I love laying on the sand and listening to the waves as I soak up the sun.  It’s so peaceful!  I look forward to this trip year round, and I am usually researching and planning our next trip during the winter months. 

What Makes Me Happiest New Blog Post

Cookouts – I love being able to get together with friends and family and cook out.  It seems like during the summer months, people are more likely to get together.  Our family cooks out for the holidays, and our friends always seem to be throwing together last minute get togethers.  I also love that we can grill outside and eat on the patio and not freeze.

The Best Labor Day Weekend Ever

There is so much about the summer that I love!  These are my top five favorites!  

What are your favorite things to do in the summer?


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4 thoughts on “Summertime Favorites

  1. Lissy

    That beach looks amazing and the pool also looks good. I’m staring out into rainy, grey skies and it’s difficult to believe it’s summer. I love barbecues and swimming outdoors and just being outside and feeling the sun on my face and arms! We are also about as far away from the beach as it’s possible to be. Where are you going this summer? We are trying to decide where to go at the moment 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      My summer started out with weeks of rain! It did not feel like summer at all! I’m the same way about being outside! It just makes me happy to feel the sun!

  2. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Happy Birthday! I’m a summer baby too (July 15th), so I love celebrating all summer. I basically declare the whole month of July my birthday. 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Lol I do that too for June!! It’s probably why I like this month so much! Happy early birthday!

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