Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday Everyone!  I had such a great weekend, and I hope you did too! We didn’t do anything over the top exciting, but we were on the go the whole weekend.  We spent the majority of the time outside, and we ate a lot of Mexican food! I didn’t get much sleep, but that’s okay because it was fun!  

Friday night we went to my all time favorite restaurant. It’s just a locally owned Mexican place, and I have been eating here my whole life. I have never found another place that can even compare to this one! (Although I am liking our new Mexican place, but it’s a different type of food).

We started off with queso fundido. I ate a little bit on a corn tortilla. (I really could probably eat the whole plate…but I had some self control….. and self respect!)

Weekend Happenings New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

For my dinner, I ordered one tacos al pastor. It’s pork meat with cilantro, onions, and an adobo sauce. It’s one of my favorites, but this time I was pretty disappointed. The meat had almost a soupy texture, and the tortilla was sitting in grease. It was inedible. But that was okay because I was already getting full.  I ate a little of Jeremy’s rice and a bite of his enchilada. So good!

2016-06-10 20.56.10

After dinner we made our weekly trip to Walmart to get groceries.  I was so frustrated!  They were out of everything!  I couldn’t get half of what was on my list.

Weekend Happenings New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

I did however pick up some flea and tick medicine for Charlie. 

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Saturday we woke up early. Or I guess I should say Jeremy woke up early and woke me up. I wanted to sleep in so badly but he was wanting to go work on some stuff on our hunting land. So I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed and rode out there with him.

We worked out there for most of the afternoon moving stands and setting them up. It was hot, but luckily it was cloudy and a breeze was blowing.

2016-06-11 12.38.52


When we got home, I was covered in ticks!! Literally!  I picked off 9 ticks and 2 more washed off in the shower!  I hate ticks with a passion and I don’t know how I had so many. I practically bathed in OFF! 

Weekend Happenings New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

I showered and rid myself of all the ticks. Then I cut up a pineapple for a snack! There really is nothing better than fresh fruit in the summer!

Weekend Happenings New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

I heard Jeremy come in the garage and he was talking. I looked out the door and he was feeding Charlie! He got him to come in the garage so I could put the tick medicine on his back. He still says we can’t keep him, but he’s not running him off when he comes over. Maybe Charlie’s starting to wear on him!  (Side note:   We both kind of think our neighbors have somewhat taken him in.  He stays on their porch and in their front yard, except when he comes over to see me.  Jeremy said he’s seen them let him in the house.  And I noticed that someone has been picking ticks off of him.  I really hope that they are giving him a home!)  

Later that evening, we went out to dinner again. (If you haven’t figured it out by now, we don’t usually cook on the weekends, and we don’t usually eat out during the week. So the weekends is when we go.)  Jeremy wanted to go to the new Mexican place. I love Mexican food so I was on board with that!  Plus I am really loving the atmosphere at this new restaurant. You walk in to the lobby and there is a window into the kitchen.  There are dining rooms on either side of the lobby.  One room is quiet and the other is more of a sports bar. When it’s just the two of us, they always sit us in the sports bar. There are a ton of tvs, music playing, and the waiters and bar tenders are so entertaining. It’s just a fun place to eat! 

I ordered a chicken dish. I think it was called fajita chicken. It was grilled chicken and grilled onions served on top of rice with cheese sauce. The portion was huge!! (And it’s the lunch portion.) Jeremy and I both could not finish that plate. It was delicious! The chicken is absolutely perfection!  I have never had chicken that is cooked like that and is so flavor and juicy.  I found my new favorite dish there. 

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On the way home, we stopped by Walmart again to see if they had what we needed. So annoying. They had a few things, but not much.  I just don’t get how when you are the main grocery store, and the only home and personal care store in town, you leave your shelves empty?  It just baffles me! 

We got home around 11, but went across the street to my father in law’s to visit with him and Jake.  (Jake stays most weekends with him.) We were there until midnight.

Sunday morning we woke up early to a storm. So we slept a little longer and ended up getting up around 10:30. We sat around the house until the rain let up and then we headed back out to our hunting land. Jeremy had to fix a couple of things that he didn’t have the tools with us to do on Saturday. This time I sat in the truck so I didn’t get any ticks.

Weekend Happenings New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

Literally as soon as we pulled in and Jeremy got out, an armadillo came running across the pasture at us!  Jeremy started walking towards it and it turned and ran away.  Those suckers are fast!  I’ve only ever seen one before when Jake had it cornered.  But it just rolled up into a ball.  

Weekend Happenings New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

After being out there for most of the afternoon, we headed back home to take Jake for a walk.  After his walk, I decided to run a little bit.  I needed to move my legs after sitting in the truck for a few hours.  I ran a little over 2 miles, but it was so humid so I went back home.  While I was running, one of my neighbors stopped to tell me that he mowed the ditches for me so no snakes would jump out at me.  That was so thoughtful of him.  (I’m sure it wasn’t just for me.  Him and his wife walk every night.)  They are great neighbors.  They’re super friendly and always talk to me and Jeremy.  I also feel safe when I’m running on that road because he’s always outside, so I know he’s watching out for me.  

Weekend Happenings New Blog Post Run and Live Happy

When I got home, I immediately headed for the shower.  I was dripping with sweat from running!  I cleaned up and then fixed breakfast for dinner!  (Also one of my favorite meals!)  Then we watched tv until late and I fell asleep! It was a great weekend!  

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Do you have any type of food that you eat over and over?  

Do you have nice neighbors?

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