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Hi Friends!  Happy Tuesday!  Tuesdays on the Run linkup is happening today!  I am liking up with PattyErika, and Marcia for Tuesday’s on The Run. 


The topic this week is Race Gear: Hoarder or Minimalist?

Do you #buyallthethings or are you good about keeping your gear minimal?

I confess…I am a hoarder.  But, only when it comes to running gear.  My problem is that there are no stores in my city that sell any kind of running gear. (belt, gels, gummies, arm bands…)  So my solution is to grab anything I think I need or might need when we are shopping somewhere that sells it.  Or, just when I see something that I like!  I also like to find deals at expos and stock up then. 

Some of the things I bought at my last expo
Some of the things I bought at my last expo

I used to have just a small space in one drawer for everything that I owned.  Now, I have two full drawers and two shelves in my closet.  Another drawer in the bathroom that is full of headbands.  Which I rarely wear, but bought specifically to wear when running.  I also have a section in my closet for my jackets, and a drawer in my kitchen for all of my Nuun.  And, I have a bag that I carry specifically for running gear only, and it stays full.  Basically, you can look in my room at any given time and find some piece of running gear or clothes lying around. 

I own:

  • A drawer full of gels and gummies
  • 3 running belts
  • 7 pairs of earbuds
  • 3 armbands
  • 2 hand held water bottles
  • 4 rolls of KT tape
  • 3 knee braces
  • 22 pairs of socks
  • 8 sports bras
  • a drawer full of headbands
  • and tons and tons of clothes for every type of weather!!

I’m also bad about keeping all of my old running shoes. (11 pairs total)  When I get finished with them, I will save them and wear them around the house.  I will confess that I actually have every pair of running shoes that I have ever worn.    These take up a lot of space in my closet too.  (And in the garage!)


I have a few more pairs in the garage, and one brand new pair in a box!
I have a few more pairs in the garage, and one brand new pair in a box!

I love running gear, and I find myself buying anything to do with running more than I buy regular clothes and shoes.  I even go shopping for regular clothes and will come home with more running clothes. 

So yes, I am a hoarder of running clothes, gear, and supplies. 

Tuesday's on the Run

Do you hoard anything specific?

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9 thoughts on “Running Gear Hoarder

  1. Marcia

    I’m smiling because I can totally relate. One simply cannot have too much running gear IMO. The one thing I’m pretty good about getting rid of is shoes. I’ll keep an old pair or 2 for regular wear or working in the garden but the rest get donated.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I need to donate a bunch of mine. I only have a couple of pairs that I actually wear.

  2. patty

    Get out of my head! LOL You sound just like me. Seriously!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Lol! Good to know I’m not the only one!

  3. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    hahaha thats so funny! Maybe you could order on amazon when you need them since there are no stores?

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Yeah I do that too! Lol I think it’s kind of an addiction!

  4. tamieka

    The amount of running gear that I have is RIDICULOUS!!! I keep saying…’if I buy another workout outfit’…as I try one on or purchase it!! #shameful!!

    Hi my name is Tamieka and I hoard workout clothes!!!

  5. Rachel @

    Well, at least you can’t use the excuse that you don’t have anything to wear to go running in! Haha Love the shoe selection!!!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Lol that’s a good point! I just always say I don’t have any normal clothes to wear!

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