Runfessions for May

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Today is the last Friday in May!  Where did the month go?  I can’t believe it’s already over, but that means that it’s June.  June is my favorite month because 1.  It’s summer, and 2.  It’s my birthday month!   But, before we get to June and since this is the last Friday in May, that means it’s time for Runfessions.  Sometimes you just need to get some things off your chest!  So, here we go. 

I runfess that since my marathon at the end of APRIL the longest run I have done is 6 miles. 

Runfessions May

I also runfess that I’m okay with that!  I do want to get in half marathon shape and stay that way until I decide for sure if I’m going to train for another marathon in November, but I just haven’t yet! 

I runfess that I have my eye on a half marathon in two weeks, and I probably won’t be ready.  If I can work it into our schedule, I am planning on doing it.  I may have to walk some of it since I’m obviously not running long runs right now! 

I runfess that I ran in the pouring rain for the very first time this month and I LOVED it!  Once I was already soaked, it was pretty fun to keep going.  I’m sure all the cars driving by thought I was nuts, but oh well! 

Rainy Day Runs and Workouts (12)

I runfess that for the first time EVER, I have a black toenail!!  I’m really hoping it doesn’t fall off.  (I painted it, so you don’t have to see it!)

Runfessions May

Okay, now that I got all that off my chest, I do feel so much better!!  That’s all the runfessions I have for May.  Come back at the end of June for more!

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What are your runfessions for May?

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13 thoughts on “Runfessions for May

  1. Marcia

    Black toenails are badass. Just saying. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      LOL! Thanks!

  2. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    How are your toes so pretty??? Mine look like a crime scene from all my running lol!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Thanks! I just painted them because I wanted to wear sandals to work. Lol usually they don’t look like that!

  3. lacey@fairytalesandfitness

    I hate running in the rain…Yuck! I have had black toes nails before and they have fallen off. Just paint that, no one will notice. I have done that before…haha

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      Lol I will if it falls off!

  4. Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home

    You will never know if I have a black toenail. Only the nail technician knows…

    Doesn’t it feel great to just run?

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      🙂 yes it does feel awesome to just run!

  5. Sherry

    Running in the rain isn’t so bad! Way to go!

  6. Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy

    Heck, my longest run since my half has been 3 miles & I’m totally ok with it. But I can’t go into a half without being trained up — too injury prone.

    I like running in the rain when it’s warm , but a cold rain sucks. Which is exactly what I’m facing this morning.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I would hate a cold rain! I can’t stand to be cold!! I’m just enjoying not training for anything. So as long as I’m getting to run I’m ok with short runs. Good luck on your rainy run! 🙂

  7. HoHo Runs

    Your toes look so pretty. You definitely can’t see your black toenail. I’ve never had one, but never say never. I don’t mind running in the rain. It’s hard to go out if it’s already raining, but if it starts after I’m already out — bring it on.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I got my toes done yesterday and the technician kept looking at it. Lol I loved running in the rain and with our forecast for the next week I’ll probably get to do it again.

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