A Perfect Weekend Getaway

Good Afternoon!  I had the best weekend getaway!  It was such a busy and fun weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!  This weekend flew by way too fast!  I love weekends like this just as much as I love weekends where I get to stay around the house!   But, I especially love a weekend getaway. 

Jeremy was chosen to officiate the baseball state tournament, so we were headed to the Oklahoma City area Friday morning.  We got up early and dropped Jake off at my father-in-law’s.  Then we headed to Shawnee where Jeremy was calling the 3A semi-finals. 

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He had two games, and I was planning on getting a tan! 

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Jeremy’s aunt and uncle came to watch.  They were smart and brought umbrellas to stay out of the sun.  I love the sun, but it got super hot, and I ended up getting a little bit of a burn. 

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There was no shade in the ballpark!  The games were both exciting, but lasted forever! 

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When they were done, we headed to OKC to check in at our hotel.  The state athletic association always puts us up at a Double Tree.  It is really nice!  It was around 7:30 by the time we got there.  We went to the room and were getting ready to go to dinner when a weather warning popped up on the TV.  We looked out the window, and the sky looked really cool. 

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We were on our way down to walk next door to eat when a storm hit.  We were stuck in the lobby for a little while.  Some of the other umpires joined us in there, and we sat in there talking with them for about an hour until the rain stopped.  Actually, I just listened as they all told about their games earlier in the day.  Once the rain quit, we walked next door to the Frosted Mug Bar and Grill.  (I had my fingers crossed that it didn’t start raining while we were there.)  It is more of a bar atmosphere than a restaurant, but they do have a full menu and really good food, and it’s next door.  It’s also kind of a Hooters wannabe.  All of the people working were girls and they were dressed in practically nothing. 

This was the sign that greeted us at the door!
This was the sign that greeted us at the door!

Jeremy ordered a ribeye, baked potato, and a side salad.  I had a bite of his steak and it was cooked perfectly!  I ordered a grilled chicken breast, steamed veggies, and a side salad.  I loved the salad.  It had so many fresh vegetables in it!  

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This was the biggest chicken breast I have ever seen and it was so juicy and flavorful!  I could only eat half of it, so Jeremy finished off the rest of it. 

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Although the food was really good, the service was not at all!  Maybe if we would have been buying drinks it would have been better.  The people at the bar had lots of attention.  Or maybe it could have been because it was so late.  Either way, we only saw our waitress when she took our order and when she brought our check!

When we were finished eating, we walked back to the hotel and went to bed.  They have the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on.  It’s like laying on a cloud!  You just sink into it and it is so soft.  I was out as soon as I laid down! 

Saturday morning we got up around 9, and headed down to breakfast.  Breakfast is included with our room, and they have a really good selection.  They always have eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, biscuits, gravy, fresh fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, a variety of cereals, and a variety of pastries and breads. 

When we got down there, it was packed!  This was the busiest I have ever seen it!  We got the last open table.  I was not very hungry since we ate dinner so late.  I was going to eat some yogurt and fruit, but they were out.  So, I had some eggs and sausage.  I kept watching for them to refill the fruit, but they never did. 

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We had to check out at 11, and Jeremy’s game didn’t start until 2, so we had a little time to kill.  We went by the mall and walked through a few stores.  I found a dress at Gap that I wanted, but they didn’t have my size.  I thought I would just order it online, but it’s not on there!  We walked around there until it was time to go to the ballpark.  Jeremy had the championship game at Edmond.  It was a lot cooler outside than it was on Friday.  I’m glad I packed a jacket and some pants.  When we pulled into the parking lot, it started raining, but it didn’t last long. 

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I found a spot right behind home plate and surprisingly no one sat next to me.  It did end up warming up a little, so I wasn’t cold.  This game was a good one with a lot of scoring, but it took a really long time because both teams kept changing pitchers. 

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It did sprinkle on us a few times during the game, but the rain held off until it was over.  It was 5 o’clock when we pulled out of the parking lot.  We had talked about hanging around the city and shopping and eating dinner there, but we were both pretty tired and decided to head on home.  We have a new Mexican restaurant in our town, and we wanted to try it out.  I tried this new to me drink on the way home.  It was pretty good! 

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It took us a little over two hours to get home.  Once we unpacked, we headed to dinner.    The new place is a taco place.  They had a whole page of different specialty tacos on the menu.  They had good chips and salsa.  The salsa was pretty spicy.  I like spicy food, but it was a little too hot.  We ordered chicken and beef fajitas to share, and a couple of tacos.  It was all really good, and the portions were pretty big.  I was shocked at the amount of fajitas we got and they were only $10!  They are way more than that anywhere else! 

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Sunday was pretty low key.  We slept in late and then just hung around the house.  When we got up, I did some blogging and then headed out for a run.  I ran 4 miles and got chased again by the devil dog.  Jeremy had to stand on the side of the road to keep the dog away so I could finish my run. 

Once I got finished, we stood at our back fence for a long time visiting with our neighbors.  They have the little cougar cat, and were telling us all about it.  After we got done talking, we were in the backyard and the cat jumped the fence and came to visit!  I put it back in it’s yard, and it came right back over.  I love that cat!  It can come visit anytime! 

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Sunday evening we ran to pick up some groceries and then Jeremy and his dad worked on the fence.  Jake thought he needed to help.  

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Then Jeremy worked on the garden some more.  When he finally came in at dark, I fixed us some chicken quesadillas for dinner. 

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This weekend was so much fun and I wasn’t ready for it to end.  But, we’re all caught up on sleep and back to normal now until the next fun weekend!  I hope you all have a great week!


Do you like an overnight getaway, or would you rather stay for several nights? 

Do you like baseball?

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8 thoughts on “A Perfect Weekend Getaway

  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    I usually enjoy a longer getaway but one night can be very fun if that’s all of the time you have! Looks like a lovely weekend!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I like longer ones too, but it’s still fun to get away even if it’s a quick one!

  2. Jennifer

    I would take an overnight getaway any day! I don’t usually have a reason to stay overnight anywhere so the only time I do is on a vacation! My boyfriend and I are doing a long weekend in Duluth, MN in August and I’m excited!

    I’m more of a football kind of gal 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I love football too! Football was my favorite sport until I met my husband. I actually hated baseball but I really had no choice! Lol now I love it!

  3. Crystal Renaud

    Damn dog chasing you. I have had that happen a few times. It is so disruptive! Okay, so what is the story on that cat?! How did they get him. He is beautiful!!
    I like to take a couple nights when we actually go away. One night seems rushed. Anywhere between two and four feels just right!

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I agree on the number of nights. One is nice but you don’t even have time to unpack. I think my neighbors said the cat is an Abyssinian. The got it from a breeder somewhere 11 years ago!

  4. Karen

    Omg that cat! I am dying….too cute.
    I do like overnight getaways if the drive isn’t too long. We did one a few months ago and it about 6 hours, it was beautiful, but I didn’t want to get in the car the next day lol
    You had good food, but I hate when the service is bad, I need a drink refill please!
    That sign is really funny.

    1. Profile photo of Tara


      I love that cat! I saw it this morning, and he’s so sweet! I like overnight getaways too, but I’m never ready to come home!

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